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TF Regeneration One #83 retro cover

Here's another "retro" cover I did for the Transformers Regeneration One series (a direct continuation of the old Marvel series from the '80, with the same Writer,penciler, inker from the last run)

Inks on A3 bristol
Digital Colors

Transformers Regeneration One #83 (due September 2012)
by (w)Simon Furman, (p)Andrew Wildman, (i)Stephen Baskerville and (c)John-Paul Bove

Image property of IDW Publishing
Transformers © Hasbro, Takaratomy
do not use without permission
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© 2012 - 2021 GuidoGuidi
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I do want kup to die!!! I love kup
leangreen76's avatar
Simply stunning!
tsilvers's avatar
I love these retro covers. Awesome!
Grimbot's avatar
How comics should look like! This is it! Simple colors, easy for the eyes, don't obscure the masterful inking work! :)
GuidoGuidi's avatar
yeah, and that limited colors palette forced me to rediscover the symbolism and graphic convention of colors too!
Grimbot's avatar
LOL! I just noticed that I already commented this. XD
GalvaTRION's avatar
tommasorenieri's avatar
Moolto fico, poi a destra c'è anche il pappagiano oscuro!
Toxitron's avatar
two thumbs up. Looks just like the original marvel prints.
Phenometron's avatar
An excellent retro cover!
nibcrom's avatar
THAT'S what a comic book cover should look like.
multi-comics's avatar
oh my, astrotrain is pissed at kup, awesome. beautiful facialexpression.
ZhoraTheWolverbabe's avatar
Augh, retro colors, too! Augh! *hides from the blinding 4 colors!*

wordmongerer's avatar
Hey Guido, this is definitely my favourite so far. Absolutely beautiful.
JohnnyFive81's avatar
Great work, really reminds me of Wildman and Baskerville!
ksmarke's avatar
The only thing not 'retro' is the price. good job though.
Doctordid's avatar
astrotrain wow
Cyber-Kun's avatar
These retro covers are fantastic, I'd love to have a poster of this.
fedupN's avatar
When might this bit of glory be available and where?
GuidoGuidi's avatar
September, in US comics stores and at
Androiddxx's avatar

Oh gosh, furmanisms.
Grimbot's avatar
Drawgasm-Designs's avatar
They really should have gotten you to do this series, Guido. Wildman's off his game and your visuals would be able to carry Furman's bloated dialogue a lot better.
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