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IDW TF Regeneration 1 #81 - Cover B

As usual, since it has been revealed via an online comic store preorder, I thought it was ok to post the art on my gallery as well... this is the original version, without the written stuff.

Medium: pencils/inks on A3 bristol, digital colors.
Done in the '80 retro style, as homage to the original series.

Transformers Regeneration 1:
Written by Simon Furman
Art by Andrew Wildman, Stephen Baskervill
Colours by John-Paul Bove

The Transformers © Hasbro
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© 2012 - 2021 GuidoGuidi
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Looks like a page from Transformers: The Movie the comic book from Marvel back in the day! I love it man, excellent rendition....although I don't remember it looking QUITE that good. ;)
GundamSpear's avatar
Someone play The Touch RIGHT NOW!
NightofRome's avatar
Ultra magnus was useless, The dinobots loved Kup and Rodimus was a show off, Welome to G2!
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Gente, questa copertina è favolosa, ora che ce l'ho sotto gli occhi posso davvero apprezzarla. L'inchiostratura ha davvero il sapore classico alla Akin & Gavey (ad esempio la sfumatura in tratteggio in basso, tra le gambe di Hot Rod...), questa è vera e propria rievocazione storica!
Vedendo come interpreti i classicissimi model sheet di Floro Dheri, mi chiedo quale versione ti faccia divertire di più, se questa o quella iper dettagliata toy-accurate che hai fatto per le cover di infiltration...
Mr-Alexander's avatar
Fantastic work Guido! I think you're easily one of the best Transformers artist around at the moment, I love the fact that you can adapt your style so well from the more modern style of the IDW universe to classic retro Marvel and yet it still is easily recognisable as Guido work. Brilliant!
Sword-of-Grayskull's avatar
My three favorite characters from G1 beautifully randered. Faved. Guido, you have always been and always will be my favorite Transformers artist.
Phenometron's avatar
Hot Rod, Ultra Magnus, and Kup -- all terrific Autobots.
Neoconvoy's avatar
BonnieBlueFlag's avatar
I love this retro style!
Grimbot's avatar
This goes straight into faves. :)
itswalky's avatar
Mmmmm, magenta-y.
Natephoenix's avatar
Incredible. Absoultely incredible.
danbrenus's avatar
Accidenti Guido, con te sembra sempre di avere 9 anni! Se non la smetti con questo sublime gusto retrò mi mettterò a piangere.
coreylandis's avatar
If this doesn't give you a full on robot chubby, there just isn't any hope for you.

Seriously, this picture makes me happy. :)
Somvold's avatar
Really like the rather old school feel to it.
TRice01's avatar
That is so awesome! I'm a huge Hot Rod fan, so when I go to get my copy of Regeneration 1 when it comes out, I hope I can get that cover.
I never understood the magenta color scheme, but it was present in his G2 incarnation and in most of his G1 comic time, so I don't question too much.
JohnnyFive81's avatar
Now THAT is old school!
Simon-Williams-Art's avatar
Best Transformers cover in YEARS! Well done Guido... love the Marvel G1 colours on Hot Rod! :)
welcometothedarksyde's avatar
can't wait for it to come out
Drancron's avatar
Fantastic Baskerville/Akin/Garvey inking.
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6alataSarayın ipnemsi formasını giymiş bi transformers :D
Optimutt's avatar
I already mentioned this on the website, but still, it's worth repeating. Your ability to mimic other artists' styles is amazing. I'm especially impressed with how well you were able to channel Mr.'s Atkins and Garvey in this. That inking duplication, more than anything - even the superb coloring - truly evokes the 80's. A toast to you, sir!
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