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G.I.Joe vs TF Decepticon Medic

By GuidoGuidi
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Here's the decepticon medic from Devil's Due G.I.Joe vs TF Vol.3, issue #4.
I was asked by the editor to design a Decepticon repair robot... at first I wanted to use a design similar to the constructicon Hook, then I switched for a Ratchet clone, decepticon version.

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I might as well call him Excruciator.

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I like how vehicle parts such as the wheels & siren are shown in robot mode. Now, let's see this bad boy done up in the G2 style! :D (Big Grin) 
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Alas, these guys use their skills on Autobots ONLY when Megatron/Galvatron wants them still functional
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OMG! Spectrawave prototype! *squee!*
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If Hasbro made a toy of this I would totally buy it.
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I would never believe for a minute that Ratchet would switch sides.
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One of my favorite Autobots. I have thought about drawing him in a pose similar to this.
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You mean Ratchet right?
Cause the guy in this pic is a Decepticon.
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Oh. Yeah, I thought this was Ratchet. :)
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Nah. Just looks like him.
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O________O *runs and hides behind Autobot Ratchet*
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Funny, I was working on a G1 Flatline design with that exact torso lifeline-thing. Great design though!
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Nice. I wish he were black or purple. But something I never considered. I noticed Megs didn't get repaired in the TF2 - TF3. I suppose the Decepticons need a medic.
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i know a guy (tm2db) who has a fancharacter design just like this... hell... i've drawn the guy before. the similarities are pretty crazy. trying to remember now when he first came up with his guy.
anyway... good stuff, man.
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If I understand correctly the fancharacter you talk about is Spectrawave... I suppose he's actually based on the brief comic appearance of this guy (in the comic he was purple [link]).
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Ah ha! Yep. That's the guy. Forgot all about that panel. Lol
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I won't want him operating on me
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In how many styles can you draw TF ?
this looks like the way they use to draw in old comics
read few of them way back in 1992.
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Please give him good "bedside manner" programming!
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More Clone?

Begun, these Clone Wars have...
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pretty cool. I liked all of the designs you did for that series especially Ratchet.
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