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DRIFT - from comic to TOY

By GuidoGuidi
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Here you can compare the final toy with the early character concept I did for the IDW comics.
Please note that colors were brillantly adjusted for the comic by ~dcjosh Josh Burcham, and the toy reflected these changes as well (specifically red wrists and red details on legs).

As character, DRIFT was created from scratch by TF writer Shane McCarthy, and designed by me, following Shane's input, under the supervision of the great IDW team.
He did first appear on comics, in issue #5 of the IDW's "All Hail Megatron" maxi-series.

Hasbro liked the concept, and wanted to create a toy from it.
They did an impressive job, as they have been able to keep all the key features of this character, managing to create a very faithful, fully transformable, plastic version of Drift!
Can't wait to get the actual toy in my hands!

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Drift's Alt Mode's a Silvia?! Then he should be able to whip it like it's nothing!
Dr-Bathroom's avatar
alt mode is a different take, but robot is spot on, to bad mine broke!
ivanprime93's avatar
If you designed this figure you are +10 kinds of awesome. XD
CarlostheBat36's avatar
I KNEW his disguise was a Nissan Silvia!
AgaiLazen's avatar
The feeling of something you've drawn being translated into a great toy must feel like LIQUID SEX.
Keoma2121's avatar
I KNOW RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have him on my desk right now along with other autobots. see Auto Days for more list of case members of the photo comic
destroythenconquer's avatar
The robots look similar, but there's something off about the car modes.
GuidoGuidi's avatar
Yep - the car model was changed for the final toy (don't know the actual reason, maybe copyright stuff)
ShadowWolf0821's avatar
I have two of his toy! Love the design and the comic!!!! Great job guys!
TFfan1's avatar
He would be a perfect Punch/Counterpunch!
AUJEANPAS's avatar
oh yeeeeaah I have this toy, he's absolutely awesome !!
Thank you too much Guido for create this excellent character !!
bsnawder's avatar
Oh yeah...

Is his car form supposed to be, or at least inspired by, a 1990s Toyota Supra? Great design...

uh... four things...
bsnawder's avatar
Ok two things:

1.) For some reason it just looks like the character designers for the Michael Bay films totally copied off of this design for their version of Sideswipe (who transforms into the 2011 Corvette Stingray concept). The head design is especially similar.

2.) How the heck do I get a job like yours?!?!?! I would love to just make some drawings for something cool - like, oh say, Transformers - and someone in the biz just happens to see it, like it, and turn it into an official toy that gets mass-produced and put on the shelves for all the other toy and Transformers fans out there to take home! That's been my dream since I was a kid, having been just old/young enough (I'm 26) to buy original, first issue G1/G2 action figures at Toys'R'Us. It must feel pretty good to have something like that happen to you.

I'm really glad that you are sticking to the original design style. They really had something special back then. The designs are simple and easily recognizable; unlike the new movie designs which just look messy and weird. Seriously, if there's one thing I learned from my Character Design class back in my Art Institute days, it's that if you want to know for sure that your character design is good, and that each one can be properly distinguished from the others, black them out so that all you see is a solid black figure with no detail except the outline. "When in doubt, black it out," they say. I guess that was three things...
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that is cool what you did
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People call Drift excessive try-hard because they think 3 swords is overdoing it. I call him historically accurate; real samurai DID have 3 swords, 1 long for combat outdoors, 2 short for fighting indoors. This guy is cool, so are his toy, artist and creator.
glovestudios's avatar
This is really cool man. How cool it must have been to see this come true.
blackarachnia123's avatar
omg am I reading right ur the creator of drift omg omg I love u I picked up drift a week ago cause I had blurr and I'm loving him so mych
GuidoGuidi's avatar
yep I did the design part the character idea is by Shane McCarthy and IDW
ShadowWolf0821's avatar
I picked up 2 copies of him a week ago. I love the fact that I can actually trace a toy I own to an amazing artist who created it. Great work, and keep it up bro!!
ReinaHW's avatar
Drift is a great toy, I keep resisting playing with him. 31 and still enjoying playing with toys, well resisting to even though it's nice stress relief.
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guarda, non ho capito una cosa del giocattolo: che significa l'ideogramma sulle fiancate?
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