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Beast Wars Megatron

This is the lineart I did for the BW Megatron entry in the IDW Beast Wars Guidebook.
I used a more "animated" style.

Tight pencils on copy paper

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I would be awesome if BW Megatron and Grimlock faced off!!
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Even the T-rex form looks arrogant and in control, Yesssss. Only problem I see if that this isn't coloured yet - that will never do - nooooo
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I love this guy!
this is an excellent representation, yeeeeeesss.
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ninjakingofhearts's avatar
Megatron gives t-rex a bad name.
Cyber-Kun's avatar
crazy, I thought this was done by Makotron since you usually don't go for this style.
Still looks awesome and shows you're not limited to one style!
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I have the book! :D It is awesome!

Wow, I never would have guessed this was pencil either. It's so smooth both here and in print. Very tight work, man.
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This is a blast from the past! I remember those toys! XD

Awesome picture!
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Great job as always.
JohnnyFive81's avatar
Great work....yeeeees.
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I wanna see that coloured like Beast machines T-Wrecks. Yeeeesssss.
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this was a great book
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Great line work!:thumbsup:
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Very clean lines i like it!!!! i cant wait to see it colored dude
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