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All Hail Megatron- lineart 8

By GuidoGuidi
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Black and white lineart for the preview page 8
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Anyone else find the Cons a bit bigger than normal in the AHM comics?
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I'm simply in love with the AHM series!! The artwork is beautiful! Great job!
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I'm liking Thundercracker's apparent distaste for the rampage. Most of the time, folks forget that aspect of his character.
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I like transformes!Very good drawing
this is great!

wheres Page 7 DAMNIT!!!
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Wow, I ALMOST feel sorry for the poor humans, but at the same time, I wish I were there to see it all happen...and live to tell the tale of course! ^_^
Anyway, great lineart. I've yet to buy the comic, but hopefully, I'll get a chance to! :-)
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whoa!! cool!! This si so awsome!
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starscream and his trusty sidekicks! awesome!
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i always get a kick out of seeing your black and whites :)
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Really like how they made the entrance.
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I always really enjoy the way you draw transformers. It just feels right. X3
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Now for seekers too!
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really great... I always wondered how do comics artists get the lineart so smooth - I tried different pens and ink but still, fluffy edges when scanning... So I really love your work)))
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Question! Why do they look like their original F-15s instead of F-22s?
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Trust me, you don't want to get into this. Check the IDW publishing forums for details.
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*reads through posts* Huh, that works. Eh, I'll live; was just curious. That aside, nostalgia mode! :3
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awesome work as always!! great details and fantastic inking! :D
instead :+fav:
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oooh, nice touch with the inking on Skywarp! That's one way to help prevent coloring mistakes on him. ;)

Nice job Guido! Congrats on landing this huge series!
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Tremendous work as always mate! Molto bene!
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Wow awesome!!:XD:
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wow really great man!!!!!!
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Yeah Guido!!!! :w00t:
They're awesome!!!
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