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AHM Hot Rodimus prelim. sketch

By GuidoGuidi
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Preliminary sketch for

Hot Rod (now Rodimus)

Based on original G1 design, earth-cybertronian car hybrid.

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Also do a Rodimus Prime face on High Resolution with the face expression like this one too! ... more Rodimus Prime on everything please! (G1 original design)

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Hey man! Awesome, Superb, Stunning etc... please do more Rodimus Prime like this one (G1 original design) but in high resolution with a powerful color deepness and powerful layout! ... I love Rodimus Prime since I was a child and watch the TF-G1 on the tv!

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Man, words are just not enough to describe how much I enjoy and admire your work. Greetings!
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so less people know hin,.. great sketch!!
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Yes! Hell yes!
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I love this! It's finally a Hot Rod that isn't in a silly action pose that seems to be the norm. Do you mind If I practice some Photoshop coloring with this?
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Ay Guido,I'm giving you a fair warning,mass faving will be made! :w00t: :la:
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So young, so eager to prove himself :)
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I really like your style, you rank up in the top 5 along with Don and Alex in my books
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Like how you add your style into this.
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any chance of you selling any of these?
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