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A tree outside my window by Guidinglove A tree outside my window :iconguidinglove:Guidinglove 2 0
Ayahuasca Movie Night
(for my mother and father :heart:)
Sunday, February 4, 2018
8:18 P.M.
Just after finishing their Sunday night workout, Malcolm and Katherine decided to chill out in their exercise clothes and watch Theodore and Claire's movie about Ayahuasca: Dreamland. Katherine sat comfortably back on their sofa while she watched her lover and fiance fetch a bowl of freshly microwaved popcorn. Katherine playfully patted the empty space beside her legs on their sofa, " Sit your keester down here, mister!" she told him and Malcolm did so. He placed the bowl on the coffee table and then carefully took a moment to distribute his upper body's weight across Katherine's warm lycra-clad abdomen and upper chest.
    " Here's good..yeah." Katherine asked him with a slight gasp.
    " Comfy?"
    " Yup."
    " Good."
    Feeling himself easily focus upon the softness of Katherine's warm abdomen against and beneath his shoulders and spine..The deli
:iconguidinglove:Guidinglove 0 0
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Dreaming under a sea of stars by Guidinglove
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Finally completed all parts of my new story and now published them :love:. It's a story from my heart and soul that's deeply personal to me that I've wanted to tell for a long time :heart:.
(Please be advised, this story contains material of an adult, sexual nature and is for mature audiences only :spank:.)

(continued from Part Two)

Agnus joined Katherine and her friends after they brought their own lunch on trays from the Cafeteria into the Doctor's Lounge. They had the Lounge to themselves while the Orderlies supervised all the patients eating in the quiet Cafeteria. After they had eaten most of their food, Pete Bogdanovich was the first to ask his friends and fellow psychiatrists their opinion on what had happened, " What was that back there? Infrasound?"
    Pamela Forster shook her head, quickly finishing her bite of food before replying to Pete, " Nah, infrasound isn't that neatly directed. What we experienced was precise. You know, it had all the hallmarks of what're called one of those Ascension Symptoms."
    Pete Bogdanovich and Robert Forster chuckled and drew a horrified look from Katherine, who felt a guilty coldness gripping her stomach as though she'd been caught driving her dad's car again. I haven't done anything wrong, Katherine told herself. It's what I believe. My faith, so I shouldn't ever feel guilt about my beliefs. Leigh was sat beside her and had noticed her reaction," Let it go." Leigh whispered to her.
    " Syndrome. Symptoms. Why is it when medical science can't explain a phenomenon they classify it as a syndrome? Pam, you're certain about it not being infrasound? Because I think I'd buy that more than some New Age-" Robert began then realised he might hurt Leigh's feelings. " Leigh, with all due respect I know you believe in this stuff but I'm a skeptic and I trust cold facts and reason. I mean no disrespect."
    " No offence taken, Bob. I get it, I do. Years back, I felt the same way you do now. We mock what we become." Leigh cheerfully told them.
    " I'm with Bob on this one." Pete said with a small laugh. " Anything real can be proven to exist."
    " Ah..Well, Pete, that's always been the crux of faith, hasn't it? Faith's an act of believing in what we can't see, or touch. Faith dissipates if we can physically prove something's existence." Leigh countered.
    " Good point. " Pamela said.
    " Yeah but a person always has the right to choose what to believe in. Then there's the theological counter-argument that: What We Believe In Chooses Us." Agnus stated then picked out a fresh olive from the open jar, hurled it in the air, caught it and chewed it down, " Ha!..Our job's to pick up the pieces when a person's world goes to pot. That's why this place even exists."
    " I agree. " Leigh said then grabbed an olive out of the jar to chew on. " God, these're sooo good! Anyway, what's equally fascinating to me is considering what lies between the gulfs of inaction and action when someone's at the edge of despair. A very subtle force usually interceeds before they attempt the worst. Whether we call it Angels, or Divine Inspiration, it's got our best individual interests at heart. I can't tell you how many times a small nudge or sign like that has kept me around."
    " I'm grateful you are, we all love you, Leigh." Pamela stated and everyone equally agreed. " As for this ascension phenonmenon, I know more patients have been referred to my practice and to Bob's since early twenty thirteen. It goes without saying that all of us here have received more patients with these symptoms. Medical science was basically flummoxed by a few of their physical ailments and that remains the case. In desperation, they looked in books, asked friends and searched the internet for answers until perhaps the inspiration Leigh refers to, gives them this..-"
    " Incredible theory?" Pete offered.
    " Yes, one that happens to fit the facts, Pete." Pamela said and smiled to herself. " I felt out of my depth with so many of my own patients telling me that every day they're experiencing this worldwide phenonmenon. And it truly is that, by the way. Today there are currently what - seven billion people on this planet? Well in 2013, there were already thousands of people in online support groups helping each other with these symptoms. Bear in mind that was back in 2013, almost five years ago; today, there are millions more with these symptoms. My research told me that this awakening has been going on for hundreds of years and it's increased exponentially since December 2012."
    Robert shrugged and finished off his sandwich quickly, " Pam, that could just be happenstance. If we look at it all logically.." He burped into a rolled up fist. " Excuse me. This behaviour could be a new form of hysteria. Don't forget how scared everyone was about the Mayan apocalypse prophecy. December twenty twelve came and went and bupkiss happened."
    " You sure about about that, Bob? Remember that the very word Apocalypse has different meanings and doesn't just suggest disaster porn for Michael Bay and Roland Emmerich to jack it to. One interpretation could be: a death and rebirth of the world, or a lifting of the veil, truth is revealed. Bob, the world may look the same, but it isn't. Myself and others think the Mayans knew humanity's evolving level of consciousness would elevate ourselves to the heavens. That's essentially what Ascension means for us. We all incarnated on this planet to be here at this time to elevate humanity, that's why this's happening anyway. An end to war and to suffering." Leigh matter-of-factly said. " The Mayans knew what would happen and they timed it exactly."
    " The Mayans? You mean the same people who ritualistically sacrificed their own people, timed their sundials perfectly?" Pete asked sarcastically.
    " Hey, I never said the Mayans had a perfect society." Leigh replied.
    " We're not a perfect civilization either. We still have capital punishment." Katherine said and took a sip of coffee from her mug.
    " We still have imbalance's of rich and poor and gender inequality." Pamela added.
    " We treat our environment and oceans like Lake Erie at Spring Break." Agnus told them.
    " Alright, point taken." Robert put his hands up for a moment. " Now, back in the Library, what was that sound anyway? Leigh, was it that Schumann Frequency thing?"
    " I doubt it. Every planetary body with an atmosphere, including Earth has storms with thunder and lightning strikes that create Schumann Frequencies. Because of global warming, there are more storms but the effects of those frequencies are so minimal and fleeting. Especially when compared to the colossal amount of solar winds and x-rays our own sun produces in a week or day. The sun easily trounces those frequencies on it's own. You know, in fact Earth is affected by our moon and just about everything within our solar system. As for what the sound was..we all heard what Solana had said and how it cut right to the bone. I know how absurd my explanation is for you.." Leigh said looking to Pete, Agnus, Robert and Pamela. " But I heard singing to remind me I was safe and loved and your patient, Frank Hooker, told me he also heard singing. Whereas all of you only heard what your vibration allows. Because Frank's vibration and my own are high, we were able to hear singing."
    " Singing?" Pete asked, smirking incredulously as he caught the gist of what Leigh meant. " You mean Angels' singing voices?"
    Robert cleared his throat, sitting upright, he finished his bottle of mineral water, " Leigh, you're correct, it does - pardon the unintentional pun - sound bizarre. Alright Leigh, let's say for the sake of argument that you're right and we've been activated or awakened. How do we prove it?"
    " Oh that's easy. Have any of you been seeing repeating number sequences many times each day?" Leigh asked her friends.
    " You mean numerology sequences like: Eleven, eleven? Seven, seven, seven? Three, three, three? Sequences like that?" Pamela asked and Leigh nodded, realisation flitting within Pamela's beautiful eyes. Pamela felt like saying more, but silenced herself with a contemplative thumb across her closed lips.
    Robert frowned a little as he considered that he'd been seeing repeating number sequences like that for weeks. Pete exhaled then shook his head in denial as he knew he too had been seeing them without realising. Oh..everyday, everyday I've seen them and haven't realised until now, Katherine thought and was shocked to see even Agnus inwardly acknowledging seeing those number sequences.
    " Wait a minute, come on Leigh!" Robert said to Leigh. " This could just be a trick of you suggesting what we think we saw and not actual memory-"
    " I'd never do that to any of you. I love you all, you know that. You know me." Leigh plainly assured them. " If a patient's experiencing any of these symptoms, then I always encourage them to get themselves medically checked out..We've all already been checked out recently, yes? Good. I've discovered there are perhaps thousands of different ascension symptoms. These are only a few..Anyone experiencing lucid dreams?...That's a big Yes from your expressions. How about feeling emotional for no reason?..Uh hmm..Sudden food intolerances?..Light or sound sensitivity?..Experiencing deja vu?..Unexplained flu-like viruses that disappear?..Electronics malfunctioning around you?..Yes to all of them..Family members or friends suddenly turning against you?..Feeling a need to be alone and also incredibly alone?..Increased psychi -.." Leigh stopped herself when she saw the incredulous expressions on Robert and Pete's faces. Leigh started again, " Increased intuition?..How about being repulsed by atrocities on the news?..Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted?..Feeling like you don't belong here..Yearning to return Home?..A place where we are always warm and loved."
    " Yes." Agnus replied quietly and took in a breath. " I'll need to give this more thought. And yet, I admit some of these examples would explain a great deal."
    " Well, I'm inwardly conflicted. As for this numerology thing; it's a fact that our human brains are essentially powerful organic computers. So it would make perfect sense that our brains have us coincidentally glimpse these number sequences." Robert plainly stated.
    Leigh laughed at his theory, " Oh come on, Bob! What - we just coincidentally as you put it see eleven, eleven or any other number sequence on a digital screen? Come on, think about it! What could make us see these numbers multiple times when we turn our heads. The odds against us seeing these numbers by accident or happenstance are in the high thousands, at least."
    Doctor Robert Forster, M.D., silently conceded Leigh's point, " Got any other evidence to back this up?" Robert asked her.
    " Sure, anyone have a candybar? Something with a use by date?..No?..Nevermind." Leigh produced a copy of Dolores Cannon's book Keepers Of The Garden from her David Jones bag and placed it on the table.
    " Very apt." Pete remarked on the themes of the book cover.
    " Open it to any page and call out the first page number you see...Go on. Anyone." Leigh asked and Agnus picked it up.
    Agnus flicked through the book, landing on some pages, " One, one, three. Huh. Prime numbers. What do we these numbers mean anyway?"
    " Nobody's really sure. They could be divine numbers; signs that our angels are around or extraterrestrial messages." Pamela said.
    " Aliens?" Pete said and looked to Bob with a sly grin then looked straight faced to Agnus. " Agnus, I apologise. Please continue."
    Agnus closed the book to reopen it on another page, " Two, two, two." She felt for any markings on the pages to tell if it was a trick.
    " No tricks, I promise." Leigh promised and Agnus returned the book to her and Leigh put it in her bag. " Seeing the numbers anywhere is usually spontaeneous anyway. I'm surprised it worked so well."
    " Leigh, I'm a little disconcerted from all of this." Pete said with a note of disbelief. " I can't help be reminded of Heinlein's The Puppet Masters or Jack Finney's Invasion Of The Body Snatchers."
    " We're not infected by symbiotic lifeforms. We're not pod people, either." Leigh explained. " This isn't an invasion. We came to this planet and we're awake now. Just awake now, that's all. Everyone is involved in ascension and is a part of it. Ourselves, our kids, grandchildren. We're all connected."
    " If I may? - Actually, Pete, in Jack Finney's novel, regular old nihilistic humans are the bad guys. Whereas the aliens are the good guys. The pod people are devoid of emotion and feel nothing, whereas we feel everything. We're over-sensitised to the world and the universe." Paula said and took a fresh olive to chew on.
    Robert jokingly imitated a character from Philip Kaufman's 1978 film version, his finger pointing towards Leigh," Woooooooaaaahhhh!" He got a laugh from everyone and then stopped.
    " Very funny, Bob." Pamela asked and caressed his shoulder lovingly.
    Pete looked to Leigh, " How long do these ascension symptoms last anyway?"
    Leigh waited a beat to take in a breath before answering, " An entire lifetime. They might dissipate for a few years, only to return."
    " Oh." Robert said quietly.
    " We all find ways to cope, I suppose." Leigh said.
    Agnus looked to Leigh, " Leigh, you said even our kids are affected?"
    " Yeah. Look, remember how our own parents thought we were precocious and wise beyond our years? And how our own kids were even more so?" Leigh asked her friends. " With each successive generation, the human race is being altered on a genetic level. Haven't you noticed how our kids and grandchildren can do amazing things and how they know so much already?"
    " Leigh, it's just a coinicidence." Pete said half-disbelieving his own words.
    " But what if it's not?" Paula asked. " Perhaps a future generation would grow out of killing and warfare."
    Katherine turned to Leigh. " Leigh, do we have any physical test protocols for these symptoms yet?"
    " No, not as yet. None of our physical test protocols pick them up. They also don't show up in imaging tests. Granted, our tech's still in it's infancy since we only invented X-Ray's a hundred and twenty three or so years ago. Today we've got MRI and CT scans. As some of us know, the next generation of imaging tech will be nano particle DRX - Revolution Nano Mobile X-Ray tech and GPUS - Graphical Processing Units. And they're still in the test-phase."
    " So all we really have to go on is what we spiritually feel is happening to us?" Robert asked and Leigh shrugged. " That's not a lot to go on."
    " Well, you can believe whatever you wish to." Leigh said. " It's very difficult for me or any of us to experience these symptoms. It's very difficult This planet is an awful place to be and I feel trapped." Leigh frowned lightly before continuing. " I live for the good days. I exercise and watch what I eat, so if my vibration's high enough after meditating, it can increase the effects. Most days, there are energetic downloads and celestial events going on such as meteor showers or retrograde planets. On a really intense energy day, I can't even get out of bed. My limbs ache, my eyes hurt, I'm dizzy and nauseated. My physical pain is as real as my anguish." Leigh admitted with a sigh, all her friends offered words of comfort. " Thank you all, Nameste."
    " Leigh, do you know how we're being genetically altered? Could it be through a viral infection?" Katherine asked Leigh.
    Leigh was silent in thought about Katherine's question before replying, " Maybe, but I think it's all timed within us to happen naturally. If it is a pathogen, it's unrecognisable from say the common cold. Whatever the delivery system, it's certainly effective. Others believe the genetic changes come from activating what was once thought of as our dormant junk DNA through lightcodes or downloads. We've only recently discovered that the small percentage of junk DNA we've analysed is not useless bits of DNA at all. Junk DNA introns and exons are DNA gene features, while codons are RNA features. Introns are the non-coded bits of DNA while Exons are coded DNA. They do indeed have a purpose. Although we haven't discovered what the maybe other ninety five percent of junk DNA is coded for. From how long an intron string is around a cell, we can tell when genetic diseases can occur."
    " I see you've been putting your Molecular Biology Degree to good use!" Agnus quipped.
    " Thanks, I like to keep up with current technology." Leigh replied with a smile. " When I heard about CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing packages and their possible use to combat depression, I read up about genetic editing tech. It involves a process of splicing out the introns and connecting exons to turn hnRNA to mRNA. With CRISPR-Cas9 technology: Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats, we can geneticlly target a cell's Intron string and cut it so that we can add changes to the DNA. Or we can delete genetic sequences. There's a lot of ethical debate about using CRISPR-Cas9 to make genetic changes to an embryo or fetilised egg's germline cells. As with any new technology, it didn't take long for people to try and debase it just so they could be taller or smarter. Only a few scientists have injected themselves to try CRISPER on themselves to no effect as yet. They took a big risk endangering their health, but they've been no fatalities."
    " Well, I wouldn't mind being smarter." Robert told his friends.
    " Bigger boobs, a tight round keister and immortality for me." Agnus said.
    Leigh thought about what she would change, " Immortality? No thanks, I've lived more than enough lifetimes here. But having my twenty year old body again would be nice." Leigh smiled wistfully.
    " To be an olympic athlete, for me." Pete said.
    " Gills, so I could breathe underwater." Katherine added.
    " I've always wanted to fly like in my dreams." Paula hummed to herself. " Yeah. I would love that."
    It was now: 12:55 P.M. when Katherine looked to her watch and they rose to stretch and clear away their plates, reusable silicone spork and spoon cutlery. From their conversation, they had each been given a lot to consider.

Now that lunchtime was over, the Meditation Room was slowly beginning to fill up with patients who sat down waiting for Katherine to begin the meditation session. Agnus, Leigh and Paula sat down to join the session, while Pete and Robert felt uncomfortable and opted instead to stay in the Doctor's Lounge. " The energies in this room're amazing!" Leigh said in wonderment as she sat down. Katherine noticed Brad helping an exhausted Solana make her way upstairs while clutching hand over hand at a hallway siderail for support. Katherine went over to help and Brad told her how Solana almost passed out after only eating a few bites of food in the Cafeteria. Brad's first paranoid thought was that Solana's food and drinking cup had been drugged but after he ate some of her food and drank from her cup, he knew that they weren't tainted.
    Solana shook her head when they got to the elevator, so they took a slow walk up the stairs instead. Solana was half asleep and grumpy when they got inside her room, with her eyes closed, she kicked off her slippers and chucked her sunglasses on a laundry pile. Then Brad and Katherine watched as Solana padded onto her bed, curled up into a fetal position and fell asleep with struggling breathing. Brad left while Katherine stayed a moment to delicately check Solana's vitals. A bang of Solana's hair fell across her gasping lips and Katherine tenderly moved it away, thinking of why Solana felt so tired, Adrenal fatigue, maybe? Katherine quietly left the room and asked a Nurse to sporadically check on Solana. Katherine returned to the now full Meditation Room and began the meditation session. An hour seemed to whizz past and the meditation session was over, Leigh and Paula seemed thoroughly relaxed afterwards. Katherine was sad to see her friends leave and return back to L.A.. Hugs were exchanged as they gathered up their belongings and walked to the Miskatonik's entrance with Katherine and Agnus. It was clear that they approved of Katherine's techniques and especially of The Miskatonik Institute itself. Katherine endured the cold snowflakes still silently falling to concernedly watch Pete, Paula and Robert as they carefully walked through the crunching snow to their cars. Leigh stayed beneath the arched doorway with Katherine and Agnus for a moment.
    ...Leigh asked me if it wasn't too weird for me to be bring Mal with me the next time I saw her in L.A. Would he recognise Leigh from twenty odd years ago? I felt she was concerned for Mal and was curious to see how he'd had turned out, so I said yes. I haven't discussed it with Mal yet, though I'm optimistic he'll say yes. Leigh asked what our plans were for tonight and I told her about our weekly Monday night card game, but nothing else about my secret plans:horny:. Though I could've sworn Leigh somehow knew because she smirked and winked at me!...
    Katherine and Agnus then watched and waved to her friends as they each drove off through the open gate. It was: 3:13 P.M. when they returned inside the Miskatonik, the patients were feeling anxious just before their cups of late afternoon medication. A brief shouting match erupted between two patients in the corridor over who could use the TV remote. With a little diplomacy, the situation was resolved. Katherine met with the staff in the Doctor's Lounge to sign paperwork and discuss how to proceed before the evening shift arrived. She fought the urge to yawn while signing hard copy forms on clipboards, then secretly yawned while no one was looking. Solana appeared, looking tired and grumpy, just as the little paper cups were being handed out and contents chugged down. Solana cosily splayed across the TV Room's super soft sofa, not really paying attention to the slower-moving footsteps walking around and the distant faces as medication kicked in.
    Patients would soon return to their rooms and sleep off their meds through the night or sit and watch TV for a while first. Remembering to call Malcolm and walking to her office, Katherine Michaels, M.D., felt that same irresistible downstairs excited vibration from this morning:omg:..Out of breath, annoyed at her lack of control, Oh God, why now?! In a blur of thought and action, she was inside her office, the door was locked, sitting back in her spongy high-backed leather chair. Mal, can you feel me like I feel you right now?:omfg:..An incoming videocall from Malcolm on her cellphone, she propped it up sideways on it's faux leather case..Fidgeting with her blouse buttons until her blouse was open, undoing her bra's front fastener..rubbing her left sensitized nipple with one hand..Right hand undoing her suit pants zipper so her fingers could travel down beneath her damp panties, finding her welcoming warmth:squee:..Staring up dizzy now at the hardwood ceiling as her orgasm made her wince and buck in her chair..the delicious spasming pleasure coursing through Katherine's ecstatic body:floating:..She giggled intensely, tears welling down her cheeks, wet blotches in her vision and a narcotic cloud of blissfull numbness settling over her:heart:..
    Katherine ignored the world around her in that room for what seemed like weeks, before she decided to slowly blink away the welled up tears in her eyes, a serene smile on her lips. Malcolm's face was on her cellphone screen, " Ahhh! Darn it!" He yelled in annoyance from his Camaro's driver's seat.
    " What's wrong, baby?" Katherine slowly asked her lover and fiance.
    " Oh nothing - just almost smashed into a panel truck!"
    " Sorry, baby. Was it because-"
    " Yeah..Look, it's alright, I'm alright. I pulled over right after I splooged in my pants here!"
    " But you're okay?" Katherine asked, a persistent fear creeping through and spoiling her bliss now :(..
    " Yea-..On.-.way home..-" Malcolm's call was cutting out due to interference. " -finished the case..Going home to start dinner-..Can y-..hear me? Phone's acting weird..-"
    " What's happening?" Katherine asked as the call screen went black and the call ended. " Now what?" Beeeeeeep!Beeeeeeep!..The blinking security light in her office's top left ceiling corner was now inexplicably activated along with the security system's beeping sound. Katherine grumbled with complaint, realising Leo and the other staff members would be rushing over. Coming down back to crushing "reality", she acknowledged her even stronger than before fear and guilt.." I have no control over all events. Everything is as it should be. Everything is as it should be." Katherine repeatedly told herself, banishing her fears. There were knocks at her office door, she quickly tidied up her clothing, dabbed her flaming cheeks and neck with some cold water from her office sink before she unlocked the door to allow Leo, Agnus and two Orderlies inside. Once they saw that Katherine was alright, they realised the security system had somehow registered a false alarm and left it at that. The beeping and blinking light ceased with the security system now reset. Everyone soon left the office to allow Katherine to sit down and text Malcolm. What's the best emoji to use to describe how Mal makes me feel even now?, she pondered. Oh, I know..She sent him a Kangaroo Bluecat emoji of a flying upwards cartoon cat, followed by a huge heart emoji sticker:meow:, Perfect. Katherine hummed in delight when Malcolm replied very quickly with a hugging emoji; See You at The Java Palace. Katherine immediately felt a pleasurable aftershock:flirty:. Breathe, wait for tonight..wait, Katherine told herself.

When she had another moment to herself, Katherine searched the internet on her phone, finding some answers to where this Ascension/Tantric Energy was coming from. Then she called Nina, who gave her a little more insight. Quitting time at: 5:33 P.M. came and Katherine said bye to Agnus and the staff before she was out the door and getting into her VW in the evening darkness. Putting the heater on as the car started, seatbelt on, Katherine put her bag on the passenger seat. Pulling out of her parking space and driving up to the front gate, she selected Romantic Rights from Death From Above 1979 to play on her car stereo when Leo opened the gate for her. Katherine waved to the SmartCam and started humming the song, tapping the steering wheel as she drove out into the night time traffic. Heading towards town and her meet up with Cheryl and Malcolm at The Java Palace.
    ...After I parked and swiped my card on the parking meter, I heard the unmistakable sexy roar of Cheryl's dark cherry red Kawasaki 2018 Ninja H2 SX SE and I remember grinning uncontrollably as she pulled up...
Katherine Michaels lifted her soft nose slightly to take in the scents of engine fumes from the Kawasaki's four cylinder engine and warm leather scent from Cheryl's leather Aplinestars Stella black with pink trim jacket and black Rev It! Xena 2 leather trousers. Cheryl's Alpinestars black leather boots steading her bike on the paved road, her sweet face behind the visor of her Held Bravo 11 helmet. Cheryl's leather clothes moaned deliciously with each movement of her clothed body as she adjusted the strap of her cute EMP Star Wars bag across her left side.
    ...Cheryl couldn't've looked more like a beautiful vision of a Goddess if she tried after she took off her helmet, shaking her medium layered long red hair loose so that her braided ponytail fell across her shoulder:love:. My heart was beating so fast I knew Cheryl could hear it as I leaned in and we kissed until I couldn't feel the cold. We pulled away so each of us could think without getting carried away..
    " Hey, wanna take a ride on this puppy?" Cheryl Hart DDS, asked her and patted the bike engine with her leather gloves.
    " Do I?" Katherine laughed, It'd be like old times and I've been yearning to test her new bike out. " Sure. How far?"
    " Just round the block, you won't need a helmet. Hold onto me."
    Katherine nodded enthusiastically, hopping onto Cheryl's bike once she had pulled out and was clear to ride. Cheryl put her helmet back on, emitting a soft groan as Katherine held onto her from behind.
    " Great stuff. Here we go." Cheryl's sexily muffled voice asked as they pulled off. Katherine yelped with delight hugging Cheryl against her on the bike, Cheryl switched gears, gunning the bike's powerful 1,100cc engine forward. Katherine watched the Asam's brightly lit digital readout meter, it's composite needle zooming up and down and engine indicators flashing green. The Kawasaki's bright front Xenon headlights illuminating the road and vehicles around them. Cheryl turned her bike effortlessly around a street corner and the silicone binders around each tyre ensuring smooth transit down the icy road. Katherine pressed her ear close against Cheryl's leather jacketed back, inhaling intoxicating leather, traces of Cheryl's store-bought subtle perfume, hearing her heartbeat..Cheryl's breathing..I'm safe..Katherine focused on the ride, enjoying every second of the circular ride around the block before they parked up by Katherine's VW. Katherine reluctantly released from Cheryl, helping her off the bike, Cheryl swiped her card on the meter and they walked into the big coffee shop holding hands. The Java Palace was both a family restaurant cum coffee shop and a night time hangout with a fun atmosphere and immaculate layout, they served alcohol and had a pool table in the back. Tonight most of the tables were full and the place was busy, but they found an empty four seater booth at the front window. Cheryl took off her gloves, putting them in her EMP bag and left her helmet up on the front door coat rack along with Katherine's scarf, gloves and coat. They ordered two light beers and sat across from each other in rapt fascination.
    " It's warm in here, why don't you take your jacket off?" Katherine asked.
    " Because all I've got on underneath is my Cookie Monster t-shirt over my bra." Cheryl replied with a smirk, realising she was turning Katherine on. " It's a matching silk bra to my black nylon sheer panties..they have a kisses design on them. You alright, Kath?"
    " Fine." Katherine replied, clearing her throat. Calm down,..breathe.
    " Good. Does Mal have any idea about tonight?" Cheryl asked and took a swig from her bottle.
    " Nope. I was careful. Bill okay on his trip to that Vegas convention?"
    " Anesthesiologists Convention." Cheryl playfully corrected her. " Yeah, he called me before I locked up Lovecraft's and came here. He's already bored and wants to come home. If I'd told Bill about tonight, he'd've cancelled his trip to be with us again. But tonight.." Cheryl reached out and they held hands, she smiled. " Tonight's just for us."
    " Uh hmm." Katherine replied and took a swig from her own bottle and glanced around at their fellow customers, grateful for them being accepted.
    Cheryl seemed to sense her feelings and looked just as grateful, " This is a new age, gender identity and everything seems to be changing so fast. Whether someone's gender is Omnisexual, Genderfluid, Transgender, or their sexuality is Lesbian, Gay or just Bisexual like us. Most women I've known are bi or curious anyway." Cheryl giggled mischievously. " Remember I told you what Bill and me got up to last weekend?"
    Katherine blushed slightly at those images, " Oh yes indeedy. Mal and me don't go too far. He's softer, more feminine than he looks, you know?"
    " I feel that too. Oh, you'll never guess what, but I checked Bill's account. Annnnnd I found he's spent seven hundred on a little something from that jewelers you mentioned. Bill's gonna pop the question any day now." Cheryl excitedly declared.
    " Oh my God. Well, it took him long enough."
    A casually dressed man and a woman entered the restaurant and stood around looking for someone. Katherine noticed the woman held a beautiful one year old baby girl clothed warmly in a carrier harness over her chest. They looked familiar somehow and it took Katherine a few beats to recognise them as Malcolm's clients, Tracey and Plabhura Suresh, with their daughter, Sati. Malcolm must've told them he was coming here, she reasoned. Katherine gave Cheryl a brief rundown on the case and who they were before she went over to them and Cheryl followed.
    " Hi, my name's Katherine." She said introducing herself to first Tracey then Plabhura, they had no clue who she was for a moment. " I'm Malcolm's fiance."
    " Oh, oh right, right. Yeah, he told us about you." Tracey explained in her Southern accent and laughed, shaking Katherine's hand. " This is my man, Plabhura."
    " I'm honoured to meet you." Plabhura said with an almost aristocratic British accent that spoke of higher learning and also shook Katherine's hand.
    " I'm Cheryl; Katherine and Malcolm's friend." Cheryl said, introducing herself and shook their hands also.
    " This is Sati. Say Hi?" Tracey said and caressed her daughter's cotton hat. " No?..Okay, never mind. Sati get's shy sometimes."
    Oh my God, beautiful. I sooooo want one, Katherine thought, looking into Sati's beautific face as the baby yawned, " Aww, so sweet." Katherine trilled.
    " We came to thank Malcolm, so since he told us he'd be here. We just finished talking to the po-lice about that bast-..That Kevin DeLa Fornay." Tracey told them, holding in her anger.
    " Yes." Plabhura said and laid a protective hand over Tracey's left shoulder. " We each got home after work to find the police and WGON news vans everywhere."
    " What happened?" Cheryl asked them before Katherine could.
    " Someone beat up Kevin DeLa Fornay real bad, zip cuffed him to a front railing unconscious across from our building. Cops found a gun and knife on him. Press got tipped off before the cops showed and it's all over the news. Whoever beat him up left him with a broken rib, busted teeth, busted jaw and a concussion." Tracey explained.
    " Aww, snap." Cheryl deadpanned and garnered some smiles.
    Plabhura looked to his wife and daughter with supreme everlasting gratitude, then towards Katherine and Cheryl, " The police have closed the case now that that man is in custody. Without condemning or condoning this violent action, I wish it to be known that whomever apprehended him has our thanks."
    Ding! The restaurant door opened and Malcolm walked inside, silicone straw sucking coffee from his metal reusable Big Gulp cup. Malcolm had taken a cab there, leaving the Camaro parked at home. Malcolm's body language stiffened being around so many people in the busy and noisy restaurant. Katherine embraced and kissed him, releasing Malcolm enough so he could hug Cheryl, then physically meet Plabhura, Tracey and Sati. He was brought up to speed on recent astounding events, but remained modest.
    " Tracey and I just want to say thank you for helping us. Although we may never know the identity of who apprehended that man, my wife and daughter are very likely alive because of him." Plabhura delicately explained, clearly knowing what Malcolm had done for them, but without endorsing his vigilante action.
    Tracey shook Malcolm's hand, " Thank you, Malcolm."
    " No problem. My pleasure." Malcolm said, his eyes warming and smiled when he saw little Sati's sweet, tired and unimpressed expression.
    " We're grateful you deferred your fee. Before we leave for Quebec, here's my card if you ever need help with home repair jobs." Plabhura said and gave Malcolm his card.
    " We've gotta go. Go put this one to bed," Tracey said with a laugh, caressing Sati's bonnet. " It was great meeting ya'll."
    Plabhura held the door open for his wife and child. Katherine, Malcolm and Cheryl said their farewells to them, watching Plabhura and Tracey getting into their car, putting Sati in her back car seat.
    " You did a good thing." Katherine whispered to Malcolm.
    " I did?" Malcolm asked, his uncertain voice suddenly shaking.
    Katherine held his gloved hand, " Yes. You did." She said just as the car pulled away and she joined him and Cheryl in waving a farewell to Plabhura, Tracey and Sati. She returned with Cheryl to the booth as Malcolm hung up his coat, leaving his gloves in the pockets. Malcolm sat beside her, still sucking from his Big Gulp and shared it with them both. " Mmm, that is good coffee." Katherine said.
    " Thanks." Malcolm replied and brought out a small bag of Skittles, taking a gulp of the candies to crunch on.
    Cheryl was amused by Malcolm's sugar intake, " Mal, you realise what that sugar's doing to your teeth and arteries? How many have you eaten already?"
    Malcolm had to think for a moment as he crunched, " Leven..teen." He replied with a smile.
    " He knows what he's doing, don't you, Mal?" Katherine sarcastically offered in his defense. Malcolm's dilated eyes scared her for a moment, reminding her of Samuel Rosenthal.
    Malcolm's head twitched to one side, listening intently. He gulped down his latest mouthful of crunched Skittles then pocketed the pack. Katherine and Cheryl looked to each other, a little freaked out but said nothing. They started to ask Malcolm about his latest case before Malcolm protected himself and them by miming zipping his mouth closed.
    " Oh, right, I get it. Protect your.." Cheryl then put on a deep rasping voice. " ..secret identity..Shut up, crime!" Cheryl said and laughed with Katherine.
    Malcolm's cheeks reddened, trying not to laugh as he sucked coffee from his Big Gulp straw. He pulled back to say, " Tracey, Plabhura and Sati are safe. The bad guy's going away for a long time because he got caught. No more DEA protection for him. It's all across the Six Oh Clock News. Whatever deal he had now broken-" Malcolm winced as a ceramic plate was heard smashing in the kitchen, the sound reverberating around the restaurant. Malcolm Jennings took in small panicked breaths, shoulders tensed up, freaking out at all of the many dozens of customers voices and sounds.
    ...I was scared watching Mal have a small panic attack in Java Palace; I tried talking him down but I don't think he heard me. I think he had a psychotic episode...

...Watching and listening to Katherine and Cheryl's suddenly accented voices talking to him, Malcolm felt dizzy, choked up..Can'tbreathehavetogetout, have to get out..,Malcolm told himself.
    " Mal, ty vyglyadish nemnogo razrosannym?" Katherine asked, then Cheryl asked him: " Mal, vy v pryadke?"...Fighting for breath, blurry shapes closing in around his eyes, feeling his hands beginning to twitch the telltale sign he was about to fall backwards into terrifying spinning darkness again..Nono, don't pass out Get up..yeah that's it, stand..Malcolm's queasy stomach grumbled as he stood up as best he could, gulping in breaths by the door. " Ey, kuduy ty idesh?" Malcolm felt the concern in Katherine's voice calling after him in his ringing ears as he touched at the metal door handle. Bare fingertips getting a painful static charge zap on contact with the metal. " Agh! Fuuuu-" Malcom hissed in anger but caught himself before he swore. He pulled the door outward and stumbled out into the cold. Body falling across a snow spattered hardwood bench, the world spinning around him and his stomach swirling. heartbeats in his ears, facial muscles tingling, Malcolm reflexively lay across the cold damp wood on his side. Not another scary trip over Mount Rush-More..please. Malcolm prayed. Staring up at a wet blotchy night sky, tiny snowy ice crystals drifted down to melt on Malcolm's eyelashes. Tasting the tiny snow particles in his open mouth, Malcolm blinked his vision clear and his tingling body started to feel the icy cold once more.
    Malcolm drew in a huge lungful of cold air then his breathing steadied. Unsure of how long he had been lying across the bench, the thumping drumming in his ears dissipated and his nausea faded. An all pervasive feeling of gratitude for staying conscious made Malcolm feel weak, vulnerable. Opening and closing his jaw got Malcolm's ears to pop and his hearing returned so he could flinch at the sound of cars driving past. Malcolm saw cars streaking past an old religious building across the road, leaving motion lines of colour in their wake.
    Amelia stood beside the bench, her smiling face looking down at him and the ends of her long hair tickling his face deliciously, " Mal, you'll be alright. Katherine's on her way to you."
    " Thanks." Malcolm said, he blinked and Amelia's ghost disappeared. Katherine and Cheryl came outside holding his coat. Katherine knelt to him while Cheryl finished off his Big Gulp.

    ...After quickly leaving an $8 tip, we gathered up our stuff and rushed outside and I was so grateful to see Mal..
    Katherine knelt to him while Cheryl noisily finished his Big Gulp's coffee off through the straw.
    " I'm alright." Malcolm assured her and Cheryl.
    " Well, you scared us something awful!" Katherine told him with annoyance.
    " Sorry." Malcolm quietly replied.
    Malcolm looked to the distant sky behind them moments before they heard one of those strange booming noises that shook the ground. Customers exited the restaurant and people walking around stopped to listen or record it on their cellphones or look up at the huge lightning flashes four miles or so away.
    " One of those weird booming flashes again. I wonder what they are?" Cheryl asked.
    " Tears in the sky..bringing torn cloud pieces together," Malcolm sleepily whispered and drew looks from  Cheryl and Katherine. " Huge thread bolts in the sky..connecting.."
    " Huh, neat." Cheryl said just as the booming noise and lightning stopped.
    Katherine checked Malcolm over until she was satisfied he could be moved to her car. Cheryl helped her place him inside in the warm and cosy front passenger seat, they put his coat and stuff on the back seats along with Cheryl's helmet and bag. " Cheryl, could you stay with Mal for a few minutes? I wanna go across the road to Avalon Crystals and buy some stuff." Katherine asked Cheryl, who agreed. Before she left, Katherine adjusted her scarf and kissed Malcolm. " I'll be back in a minute." Katherine left them both for a few minutes in the car and was fortunate to catch the shop before it closed. She bought three grounding mats along with some very nice smelling candles and returned to find Malcolm's sleeping open mouthed face endearingly pressed up against his window.
    Cheryl exited the car, sharing Katherine's amusement at Malcolm's unconscious state," I didn't do anything to him. Mal just fell asleep after you left."
    " Hey, I believe you." Katherine said and put her stuff on the back seats, bringing Cheryl's gear to her, their bodies pressed together. A mutual quietness settling between them, " See you tonight."
    " Yeah." Cheryl said, invigorated by Katherine:love:. Cheryl then shouldered her bag and they kissed before she put on her helmet, straddling her Kawasaki.
    Cheryl smiled to Katherine behind her visor as she sped off and Katherine drove herself a sleeping Malcolm home. Along the way, Katherine selected Hayling's track: FC/Kahuna to play on low volume.
    She gently rubbed his shoulder to wake Malcolm after they parked in the house driveway and he woke somehow refreshed and alert after his little nap. They brought the bags inside to a warm house, switching on lights, taking shoes off and leaving the stressful day behind. To help ground his energy, Katherine first gave Malcolm the bloodstone tumblestone crystals that Jennifer had bought him for Christmas. Then gave him one of the grounding mats and showed him how to use it. Malcolm was bemused by these unfamiliar objects, but got a very nice buzz that shocked them both from holding the three bloodstone crystals:O
    " Cool it, jeez." Katherine laughed giddily.
    Malcolm pocketed them. " I can't help that their the crystal equivilent of Spanish Fly!" He picked up the floppy grounding mat. " Anyhew, I stand on this, picturing myself rooted into the ground like a tree. And all this negative energy stuff's gonna dissipate?" Malcolm asked Katherine, who was as unfamiliar with these practices as he was. Since they were hungry, they agreed to try it later. Malcolm cooked up the prepared tasty beef stew and they sat down to eat and chat between bites and sips of Morgan Metallico Chardonnay.
    ...Malcolm's beef stew had a nice spicy flavour and we were both soon full. I tried my best to keep my plans for the night a secret. For dessert, Mal had me laughing when he produced two defrosted cup cakes :). After we'd stopped eating, we cleared the table and went into the living room to sit on the small table for our Monday night poker game. I wanted to make it an interesting game of five card strip poker, where the loser would be tied up! - Mal agreed. We sat with our cards. I unwrapped one of the expensive Hayo De Monterray Epicures cigars Lyta had bought me for Christmas, cutting it, taking the paper cigar band off before using a wooden match. I started to get a bit high and full of myself while I blew out smoke rings that made Mal cough a bit..
Katherine intimidated him by going All In with her chips and won a hand, " Ha, full house! My trio of nine of hearts, diamonds and clubs, five of spades and five of diamonds beats your two pair."
    " Bah." Malcolm said with some annoyance, laying down his cards: Queen of clubs, queen of diamonds, six of hearts, six of clubs and four of hearts.
    Katherine blew out smoke, patting out cigar ash in the table's ashtray. Her eyes lowered suggestively, " You know the rules; take off your shirt." She told Malcolm, watching him take off his white shirt and lay it across the back of his chair. Katherine replaced the cigar in her mouth, sucking in a long puff of smoke and admired her lover's bare arms from his black t-shirt. Very sexy:horny:..
They played a new hand and talked to ease the playful tension, " Remember you told me about those weird cases?" Katherine asked Malcolm and he nodded. " Do you know if vampires exist?"
    " There are ghosts and extraterrestrial beings all around us and you're really asking me if vampires exist?" Malcolm replied incredulously. " I've heard rumours, myths, the usual stuff."
    Katherine thought about what Malcolm had said, " So their either very secretive, or they easily blend in with everyone else?"
    " Yup..I call three hundred." Malcolm declared, putting in three hundred bucks worth of chips.
    " I got your three hundy right here and raise you another two," Katherine called his bet, putting in the chips and Malcolm matched her bet.
    ...I asked Mal his opinion on how gender identity and sexuality were changing so rapidly and his answer surprised me...
Malcolm put his cards face down and Katherine did the same, wondering where he was going with this. " I reckon sooner or later all this gender stuff will get a lot simpler. I think something new will come out of it, at least that's my two cents on the matter, anyhew."
    " Interesting theory you have there." Katherine declared, taking a puff from her cigar.
    " Thanks, I think maybe it comes down to different energies. Like how men and women have different energies, think and feel differently." Malcolm flexed his open palms and grabbed the air aggressively, " Men tend to feel possessive a lot more." Malcolm gently reached out and held Katherine's left hand somewhat possessively in his right. " Masculine energy." He withdrew his hand, and Katherine witnessed his palm now approach her hand gracefully. " And this..this is feminine energy."
    Katherine felt an unforgettable and strangely invigorating sensation as Malcolm's hand made gentle contact without aggression, instead ready at a moment's notice to allow freedom..Malcolm withdrew his hand and left her wanting more, What are you?.." Show me that again. Please?" Katherine asked, blinking slowly as he demonstrated once more before they resumed their poker game.
    Malcolm soon cashed in all his leftover chips to call her bluff, " Well, my straight flush of ace of hearts, ten of hearts, eight of hearts, six and five of diamonds wins."
    " Fucker." Katherine sarcastically joked, having only a high card spread of: Nine of hearts, nine of diamonds, nine of clubs, five of spades and five of clubs. Malcolm had won and asked Katherine to only take off her socks. " Just my socks?..Hm, okay." Katherine stubbed out her cigar in the ashtray, then sat on the living room carpet to have him watch her take off her socks. She wiggled her bare toes, feeling room temperature air between them. " Now what're you gonna do to me?" Katherine teasingly asked, breathing hard and already knowing before Malcolm brought out the soft red 10 metre long Japanese bondage rope.
    Malcolm knelt to her and gently first zip tied her hands together against her body in front. Then twirled the soft red rope around and around all the way down to her bare feet, which he started tickling :devil:. Katherine giggled ecstatically at his teasing touch, squirming in her bonds, " Oh God, stop! Stop, stop, stop!" Malcolm was also laughing, he pretended to ignore Katherine's joyous pleas for him to cease and desist as he continued tickling. Katherine was dizzy, feeling the absence of his touch ceasing and wishing it returned. He undid her blouse buttons at each wrist, pulling them up until Katherine's entire forearm was exposed...A new wave of pleasurable overloading sensation tortured her as Malcolm caressed up and down her forearms with only his fingertips "Oh!":omg: Katherine gasped. His touch having her gasping excitedly, her enraptured eyes settling onto Malcolm, knowing with certainty deep with her soul, I AM with the right man:love:.
 The doorbell distracted them both and Malcolm stood up to look through the living room open doorway and down the hallway to the front door. " It's eight eighteen. Who'se calling at this time of night?" Malcolm asked and Katherine sucked in her lower lip, trying not to look suspicious.
    " No idea." Katherine fibbed.
    " I'll go check it out. Don't go anywhere." Malcolm quipped and walked to the door. Katherine could hear him switch on the vestibule light, open the front door. " Oh, hi Cheryl."
    Katherine listened intently, " Hi, Mal. Can I come in and speak to Kath? It's really important." Cheryl said to him.
    " She's a bit tied up at the moment." Malcolm said..Literally, Katherine thought and squirmed in her soft ropes.
    " I really need to talk to her." Cheryl asked and Malcolm relented. " Thanks." Cheryl  walked inside with Malcolm closing the front door, switching off the light and guiding her to Katherine.
    " Oh my God!" Cheryl laughed, seeing Katherine all tied up. " Mal wasn't kidding!" Cheryl took off and handed Mal her Regatta Lucasta red insulated jacket. Sexily dressed in her Dorothy Perkins black with red and cream floral pattern silk satin short sleeved oriental dress, Northside Kathmandu light cream suede winter boots and Evo Stocks black thigh high stockings. Her beautiful long vibrant red hair tied back in a back bun with two small laquered chopsticks. " Let's take a look at you..." Cheryl said, kneeling down to caress Katherine's face. " Mal, help me untie her." Cheryl asked him before he could ask any questions. Malcolm helped Cheryl untie Katherine and all three of them sat on the living room's long comfy sofa. The long bondage rope was left loosely wound on top of the sofa while Cheryl and Katherine held hands, whispering to each other. Malcolm sat beside them, feeling a bit left out of the fun for now and hearing both women laugh, traces of their whispers. " Hey, Mal!" Cheryl yelled in surprise to suddenly grab and force Malcolm's hands together so that Katherine could bind them with the bondage rope.
    " Ah!" Malcolm laughed simulteaneously from arousal and shock as Katherine bound his hands together. " What're you doing!" He was positioned slightly forward now and Katherine bound the rope around his torso, securing his arms and hands. " Ah! Oh my goodness - what is going on?!" Malcolm asked them and squirmed a little in his bonds without spoiling whatever they were up to. " Ah..Aw, jeez. What're you doing?" He asked excitedly. Katherine wound the long rope around Malcolm's lower back and lifted him off the sofa for a second to bind his butt, thighs and legs with the rope until he was fully bound. " Okay, what're you both up to?" Malcolm smiled while asking.
    Cheryl and Katherine took sat seductive positions either side of their bound consensual slave to caress his bonds and rub up against him. " Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr." Cheryl trilled with delight, lifting and examining his lips and mouth..Placing her index finger in his mouth, Cheryl laughed as Malcolm sucked sweetly on her warm digit. Katherine licked his neck and ran fingers through Malcolm's hair, leaving it a spiky mess. A brief surge of the energy from before coursed through them and Cheryl felt it, her eyes widening and pulling back, " Whoah!..What was that?!" Cheryl asked and Katherine explained it as sexual energy from the three of them. " Nifty.." Cheryl said and resumed playing with their bound slave. After a short while, each woman stood to retrieve from behind the sofa two SCOTT Savi full face gas masks Katherine had secreted there. Each gas mask fitted with new Pro 3000 filters. Malcolm watched in awe as Katherine and Cheryl carefully helped each other put on their SCOTT masks. " Why're you wearing them?" Malcolm asked, turning his head to try and track Katherine, who was closing the living room door. Cheryl sat beside him, her masked smiling face watching him and her breathing sexily echoing within the gas mask.
    " Sssh, sweetie. Everything's alright...Look at me. That's it." Cheryl asked him, her voice resounding within the SCOTT gas mask's rubber composite interior.
    Malcolm could hear a heavy metallic clanging sound from behind the sofa, followed by a rattling and then a hissing sound, " Everything's fine." Katherine distracted Malcolm, walking from behind the sofa to sit opposite Malcolm and Cheryl on the sofa. Both goddesses breathing into their SCOTT gas masks, watching and caressing Malcolm. They watched him intently for several minutes and Malcolm's eyes began to flutter, his face reddening slightly, breathing heavily. " What's the matter, Mal?" Cheryl asked him, her eyes smiling.
    " I..I can smell the air..Dizzy.." Malcolm replied and panicked, looking to both of them.
    " Sssh, it's alright. Calm down." Cheryl assured him. " You're safe."
    Katherine held Malcolm's glazed eyes, " Deep breaths, now." Katherine asked him moments before he smiled suddenly and fell limply open mouthed against Cheryl's chest:sleepy:. " Is he out?"
    Cheryl checked Malcolm's vitals and lifted one of his eyelids, " Yeah. He's out..Sleeping peacefully."
    Katherine returned behind the sofa and switched off the flowing now half full Xenon tank. " Half this tank's gone. About twelve litres of Xenon's in the air."
    " We'll use the second one then; the spare you bought. With each Xenon tank at $546 plus $39 shipping, I'd say that was an excellent way to use one." Cheryl remarked.
    Malcolm's snoring made them laugh inside their masks as they laid him on his back on the sofa. They kept their masks on since the living room air was heavily saturated with Xenon anesthetic gas..Cheryl snuk up behind Katherine while she was untying his rope bonds, " Surprise!" Cheryl laughed and pulled off Katherine's mask, who panicked as her mask fell to the sofa. Cheryl held onto Katherine's arms from behind, forcing her to inhale the anesthetic gas in the air. Katherine was afraid, already feeling dizzy but knew she was safe with Cheryl. " Uh! Keep struggling - that means more exertion. More need for oxygenated blood to your muscles. Ah!..You're feeling it now..Ssshh, ssshh..The anesthetic gas is slowing down neurological messages..telling your body to sleep.."
    A small ringing now in her ears, a feeling of pleasant tingling warmth travelling down her arms to her feet. " I love you.." Katherine gasped as the room filled with light and she fell backwards:sleepy:...

Opening her eyes underwater and swimming to the glimmering surface...Katherine Michaels gasped feeling the adrenaline rush as she groggily came to in the spinning living room, undressed to her underwear. Tasting expelled traces of Xenon in her throat, she could just about make out Cheryl's blurred face above her. " Welcome back. You were out maybe ten minutes," Cheryl explained as the room stopped spinning and her vision cleared. " The Xenon's cleared after I opened the door and a few windows. You look so beautiful when you're sleeping. Do you forgive me for gassing you?"
    " Yes..I guess I do." Katherine mockingly sneered and they kissed. She realised Cheryl was now in her dark purple satin matching What Katie Did bra and thong and her dress was folded on the sofa. Malcolm was still unconscious on his back there on the sofa. Once she was steadier on her bare feet, Cheryl helped her pick Malcolm up. Malcolm was half asleep and so was easier for both women to guide him out the room and to the basement. It took a while, but eventually they placed Malcolm on the KaVo ESTETICA E50 green leather dentist's chair. Cheryl lifted off the protective plastic sheet covering the ENCORE 1255 anesthesia machine, then tapped the Nitrous and O2 metal gas tanks and checked their fullness guages. " Great stuff, both tanks are full." Cheryl matter-of-factly stated and checked the plastic covering the gas pipes and pipes themselves for leaks or tears. Then Cheryl flushed the gas pipes with a quick spurt of gases that flowed easily. " Good, very good."
    " Cheryl, you're a real stickler for safety, you know that?" Katherine asked her. " It's all cleaned and safe. I even freshened up the Novaplus mask with some sweet Maskumm bubblegum spray."
    ...We giggled putting Malcolm into a kirugumi suit and left him strapped to the ESTETICA being fed a sleepy and safe mixture of O2 and Nitrous. Then we went upstairs to bed, where we had more fun...
    Katherine stopped writing in her diary, realising Cheryl was waking up. She padded over the bedcovers to Cheryl, sweetly waking her up, " Good morning." Katherine said and Cheryl nodded. They stayed in bed a little longer before they took a shower together. Cheryl put on some make up, her knickers, dress and boots while Katherine put on a bathrobe. They roused a sleepy but also restless Malcolm to join them, walking upstairs where Katherine called a cab for Cheryl.
    " We'll do this again someday soon." Cheryl promised her friends at the front door before walking to her waiting cab. They waved to each other as the cab drove off.
    Sunlight began glimmering through cloud cover, signaling the beginning of a new day.

The End.
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