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Angels... And their quiet paths...

Mandelbulb 3D + Photoshop (Angel only)
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That looks really cool but also really hard to make, applause to you 👏

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This is very disgusting and not peaceful for people who have trypophobia.

That's really impressive

Not sure if peaceful or terrifying. It looks great none the less.

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Ngl, the bottom looks like a clock or train station for special spirits. Just saying

Ryuuna-Avalee's avatar

I really love this, the colors work so wonderfully together, and the perspectives, all those swirls and details, its just magnificent. A blessing for me to look at, thank you for making it.

BriMerry's avatar

Thank you for triggering my trypophobia. Lol

Great work though nonetheless.

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OOh i love the textures in this!

Blue-Kachina's avatar

This somehow remember me of Ecco the Dolphin... Nice job!!

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Hahahaha! Never played it! Nostalgia feelings :love:

Blue-Kachina's avatar

Oh, even if its old I recomend due the art, specially the second one.

Ryuuna-Avalee's avatar

omg I never thought anyone would still remember that game. I actually still have it, good old times lol.

Blue-Kachina's avatar

I still have the cartridge from the second, tides of time ^^--

The first "survival horror" I ever experienced ^^"""

Ryuuna-Avalee's avatar
I wonder if I where to play it now, if I would actually come further than I always did as a child? Either I was just too stupid for it and didnt understood much the game (it was only in english and none of us could understand english back then), or is it really as hard as I remember lol. Im genuinly curious. But unfortunately no time to find out
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Thank you! <3

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Thank you! <3

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