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Sunny dragon

Personal work, at last! I studied some effects of texture, lightning and chanel displacement.
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This dragon has really something wholesome... and sunny. :)

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I love the light and the eyes!
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Surely I'm not the only one who thinks that this is 100% gender-bent sunny from Wings of Fire!
Andein's avatar
you really draw the most beautiful dragons! I love that you draw them with a gentle and wise expression, and not as dangerous monsters. Dragons are friends! <3 <3
gugu-troll's avatar
Thank you! :) Friendship witn nice and intelligent dragont - that's my point, really! :)
YaDragonfly's avatar
so pretty Heart Love 
jayanam's avatar
Great details and lightinh. Did you start grayscale?
gugu-troll's avatar
Hi! No, I painted in color from begining
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Шикарнейше проработана чешуя *___*
дракон как живой :3
chirun's avatar
Потрясающе, такой взгляд <3
KinlexXx's avatar
You have my more simple card (O_O), it is epic.
SammyTorres's avatar
Is it possible to buy this as a print? It's just so gorgeous!
LordWerewulf's avatar
One of my absolute favorite images of a dragon. Captures the personality of a dragon I have in mind for a RPG session perfectly. Good bloody work!
Engavar's avatar
ohmygod... just... wow....  how did you do those scales?!!! absolutely stunning!!!
FeatherQuilt88's avatar
Wow! This is beautiful! His eyes seem so piercing, yet kind. :heart:
CoastalWingull's avatar
Is this Sunny from Wings Of Fire? Because if so, awesome job! ( Even if not, it looks awesome o.o ) Red dragon bullet point 
paulinaghost's avatar
Today must be going good for him. Wonderful job.=)
GinWolfstein's avatar
Incredible!It is so realistic that it looks like a photograph!
Oharya's avatar
9/10, it's okay
DesignerKratos's avatar
an art like this how much it's cost ? for my dragon :)
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