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Golden Axe

By gugu-troll
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Fanart to my favorite game from childhood. Also I like old-school fantasy style look and tried to make some sense of it. Hope you you like it! 
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Wooo I support all Golden Axe fanart. ✨

Perfection is real.  Bullcrap and nonsense is not
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Golden Axe is a true classic of the 90's, brings back so many memories for me. :)

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I once grabbed the Genesis version of this game and tried playing it co-op with my cousin for the first time ever.
I had already a bit of practice, so I used Tyris, the trickiest to play as.
My cousin was a complete new guy, so I suggested he used Gillius, the easiest of the trio.

Man, what a ride it was! :D We didn't get to beat the game, but boy did we actually get close! Finding out about friendly fire was a bit awkward, though. :rofl: ^^;
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I know that feel =) I used to play with my sister, she always wanted to play beautiful girl, while I saved her from all foes as Gillius =))
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Pffft! :P Guess she learned that beauty has its price, huh? :XD: How far did you two manage to go? Me and my cousin only played once, but we were this close to actually reaching Death Bringer. (like, seriously, just a little bit more and we would've faced him!)
Where is Ax=Battler in this scene?
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I don't like him cuz his sword is too short =)) And usually coolest games were with a friend on one keyboard, so I think this game is about two players - so here's best two fighters in game :)
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A gde tretiy macho lol? Igru obozhayu!
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а он так себе, я не любила играть за него, да и не охота было толку рисовать))
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I think you succeeded in taking the old-school-epic-fantasy-adventure look of the 80's-90's, and translating it into a modern form. 

You especially succeeded with the bikini-armor on the woman. It look great and just sexy enough. On the old artworks, whenever this trope showed up, it used to make me cringe, mainly because it looked sooooooo weird style wise. Most items did, at that, but that one stood out to me the most. 

And now that I look at it, that sword is gorgeous as well. 
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Thank you for comment! :) Yes,also that original pixel look inspired me to make tiny scales on her "armor" =)
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Wow this is stunning.
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Lovely work. Awesome dragon.
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Oh your avatar is up to the theme!
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Yes, a friend made it for me a while ago. It was supposed to be a emote version of a miniature I made ages ago based on one of the Golden Axe critters.
(in case you're curious)  Chickenleg 1 by annoyinglizardvoice
Oooooo this brings me back
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gorgeous work :love:
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This is absolutely stunning, and I'm not just referring to Tyris Flare which naturally catches my eye from the search results :lol:! The background is quite beautiful dispite the menacing nature of those trees, and this really caught my eye, but the glittering effect on Gilius' Golden Axe really stands out without the shape of the axe being overly complex or ostentatious. Minimalist look, clearly powerful artifact from a double glance though! Great job :w00t:
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Thank you for kind words! Sun Floating 
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Because who needs the dude? Great piece. I remember how fucking weird and crazy this game was.
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I love the trees
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