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January 16, 2016
Dark elf warrior by gugu-troll
Featured by Moonbeam13
Suggested by lovelessdevotions
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Dark elf warrior

Personal work.
Note for Dark elf knight by gugu-troll
Details of Dark elf knight by gugu-troll
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Found this on FB, and had to track it back to the original artist. This piece is incredible! Added to my favorites :)

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Thank you! That's intresterd where did you find it, because I leaved FB for 2 years =)

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Random post from a random person...took me a little bit to reverse-search the image and find you :)

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Fantastic! The Goblins at the feet of the lordly Dark Elf's mount is such a touch. Your style is deft and lovely detailed, and the colourwork and highlights leaves nothing to be desired. This is masterclass work.

Please pardon me asking, but would you by any chance be interested in helping out the volunteer project known as the Ninth Age (T9A for short: )? It is the spiritual successor of Warhammer Fantasy, run by 300+ volunteer contributors all tinkering in their spare time, and it aims to go even further than Warhammer did along the paths of historically based dark fantasy smörgåsbord setting:

Moreover, T9A is always welcoming artists who want to join their art team, and your skill and distinctive designs would be great to have on board, should you ever be interested in joining and help develop this setting by putting your own distinctive mark upon its art pool. If you would by any chance be interested in donating old artworks of yours, then here is a quick guide for T9A gallery upload of art contributions:

I can get you in E-mail contact with the head of their art team, if ever you're interested.

At any rate, splendid artworks! Evocative to boot, and detailed like a dream. Have a nice day. :)
gugu-troll's avatar
Thanks for good words about the picture :)
But I don't draw for free, sorry. Yes, I love uneverse of Warhammer FB, and I sure there's something great in fan projeckt like yours, but there's so few hours in a day, I have to concentrate on major things like personal projects where I am totally free in adding new ideas and have whole vision of art style, or regular work that gives me chance to make art like this one in free time. May be one day when I would need more attention and then I'll stand under someones banners, but not now. I hope this sounds not too pretentious :)
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Not pretentious at all, on the contrary it's most understandable! I wouldn't even dare ask a professional master artist such as yourself, unless I knew from experience that some professionals still happen to dabble in volunteer collaborations for fun. :)

Creative freedom is crucially important, and I am one who always swear by it. I always stress creative freedom and underline the rich variety of various artists' different interpretations, over any attempts to enforce something upon them. I happen to love group collaborations (and am by nature strongly inclined to help others for free, which isn't necessarily a healthy trait!), where very different visions coexist and inspire each other, but I can very easily see why one would prefer to keep cleanly to one's own colours as a creative principle. And of course to never work unpaid for others.

I'll follow your brilliant art with interest, and of course, you're always welcome to join us for a spin if ever a crazy itch hits. Have a wonderful day. :)

Kind regards
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This looks truly epic! I get some Melniboné vibes...
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Нереально эпично выглядит!
Марина, вот бы рассмотреть эту замечательную картину в большем разрешении...
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All the characters and background elements are great; many of them would be good just as standalone pictures
Wow, great work!
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really great work
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Great work, the elf on the dragon resembles Elric of Melnibone so much!
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Yeah, I'm fan of Moorckok's epicness :)
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Чо, я ещё не зафавил? Ashamed Упущеньице, очень жирно нарисовано, полностью заслуживает полученного DD. Clap 
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Just beautiful
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Holy SH** your gallery is amazing!! Such intense work, the details in this are INSANE! Fantastic work, definitely sticking around to see what else you produce!
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Давненько я такой красоты не видел. Просто замечательная работа.
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