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Titanus Typhon

A bio-electrical titan capable of generating typhoons around his body. Typhon uses the high-pressured winds from the storm to keep his body aloft. Typhon's translucent skin helps him camouflages among the storm.
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I wonder if this titan has a mate name Echidna just like the Greek figure it is named after

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Looks like Godzilla: Dominion's Tiamat.

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It's like a kind of boney coelacanth-type fish mixed with a jellyfish and maybe a pinch of sea turtle.

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Yikes that looks very detailed love it

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Awesome Typhon design

bertels0n's avatar

This is legendary

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His head looks like Varan's

titanusTyphon's avatar

kinda fishy of you.

Hey just asking, but are you going to be drawing any of the newly confirmed titan designs like amhuluk and tiamat?

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This looks amazing and it is much more creative than most drawings of him

Cant wait to see bunyip,quetz and more

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This is so much better than the starfish

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Thunder Serpent Narwa much? really amazing work though.

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typhon looks amaizing 😍
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looks amazing :la:

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"Where is my queen? Where is my queen? I am storm incarnate, I shall wipe the land clean. So we may meet at last, in paradise unseen."

References aside, this is probably the best and coolest Titanus Typhon design I've ever seen. The mix of so many creatures is just fantastic. Good job, man.

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i haven't played that game but i know the reference

i to get vibes of THAT :D

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Lul I didn’t want to spoil the game for people waiting on the pc release. So this was my way of low-key drawing final boss.

An Amatsu and a deep sea fish got freaky in a hurricane. The result? Badass kaiju babies!

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