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Kaiju King: Titanosaurus

Aqua Dragon Kaiju

Titanosaurus can create gigantic tidal waves and windstorms with the flick of their tails. Their armored scales protect them from attacks from above and below. Titanosaurus' crocodilian jaws and large claws make them perfect for eating fish kaiju.
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It’s ironic that this kaiju is called Titanosaurus when the actual one is actually a sauropod and this one resembles a spinosaur.

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I know right? It needs a new name, like Typhoeusaurus.

Titanosaurus in games and movie:

*screeching sauropod looking fish thing*

Titanosaurus in king kaiju series: Awesomeness achieved


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YEEEES dude keep up the good work titano looks amazing

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That is a really interesting way to do the scales on him. Looks very nice. Enlarging the maw is also a really nice touch. :)

This Spinosaurid style Titanosaurus looks Awesome!

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I love your art style.

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This is art


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Always appreciate a spinosaurid Titano, looks great!

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