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Kaiju King: Siberian Behemoth

Siberian Tusk Kaiju

A subspecies of Behemoth. The Siberian Behemoth is adapted for life in tundra's using their antler-like tusks to shovel massive amounts of snow and earth. The Siberian Behemoth posses thicker coats than their South American counter parts.
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Cool, an Alolan Behemoth. X3

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That is most impressive.

Loganius's avatar this more than what we got, actually. And I'm a big Behemoth fan.

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Very interesting idea. I like the moose antlers for tusks particularly.

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I love this one!!!!! This is amazing work! :la:

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I like the idea of subspecies also this looks grest :)

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Kaiju subspecies now you have my attention. Interesting concept of subspecies of behemoth, love the antler like tusks
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This Art Looks Cool. It'll be Interesting if the Monsterverse will ever Explore the Idea of Titan Subspecies like your Art here or something akin to the Monster Hunter Series.

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Pretty interesting concept. I like the idea of there being a species better adapted for the cold. Digging the moose antler like tusks. Serious Banbaro vibes.

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the abominable snowman right here

love it

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Is that a, Moose antlers???

I love how you used antlers for tusks, that is very creative!

It is better than the original!

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