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Kaiju King: Manda

Lung Dragon Kaiju

The apex of the "river of titans". Manda's serpentine body is perfect for maneuvering through the half submerged buildings of the river. Manda is capable of creating giant whirlpools that disorients prey. Manda often comes into conflict with other kaiju, such as Varan and Titanosaurus.
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Woah. That looks awesome.

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"You must not sacrifice a piece of the future to bring back the past. When the time comes, you will understand."

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Dragon this kind of creature,their foot(paws) never go pair, all of them can only obtained odd number.

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It's good that in real life there are none

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oh this is an excellent manda!

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I love how this turned out! The colors are very fitting and I love the way it resembles a Chinese lung. Good job!

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I assume the river of titans is an abnormally broad river able to house entire kaiju?

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I love it. Regal and elegant as he should be, not some kind of gross lobster shark thing.

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Actually I quiet like SP Manda design. I mean yeah it looks weird , but I think it's a unique and cool design imo.

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I think S.P manda's meant to look that way to have the feel of an actual sea creature with some western dragon traits, and not just a chinese dragon placed underwater.
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What is the “river of titans”?
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The river of titans, of course.
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Do not anger the danger noodle

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Manda a.k.a. Ryu (Japanese Dragon) a.k.a. Lung (Chinese Dragon) a.k.a. Yong (Corean Dragon.)🙂

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