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Kaiju King: Gorosaurus and V.rex

Kicking Dragon Kaiju

When Godzilla and Kong first clashed on Skull Island the resulting radiation mutated Skull Island's inhabitants. Skull Island's V.rex population was affected with a tremendous growth in size. The largest of the V.rexes dubbed "Gorosaurus" by the Skull Island natives fights with powerful kicks. With this boost in strength the V.rex packs outcompeted the Skull Crawlers driving them underground.
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It's cool how you made V.Rexes and Gorosaurus one and the same.

Cool designs and origin for these Theropod Kaiju.

V-Rex had to have played some role in inspiring the I-Rex in Jurassic World

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Kong *beats V Rex*

V Rex *cries*

Gorosaurus *gets angry because little brother cries*

Kong: well shit

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Awesome Gorosaurus and V Rexes!

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Which one is Gorosaurus? Is it the middle?

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I like how Gorosaurus is the alpha for the V. rexes in this case.

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this is now I imagine Gorosaurus in Monsterverse

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So far the one time I see Gorosaurus depicted as a fictional descendant of tyrannosaurs. Then again, as a kid when I saw this kaiju dinosaur's name, I thought it was Gorgosaurus.

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VRexplz : Skull Crawlers? The boss totally kicked their asses!

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Great work! I LOVE Gorosaurus!!

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Are Kong and Gorosaurus enemies or allies?
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Everything hates everything on skull Island

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So typical neighborhood hahaha

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