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KAWAII 2012 by gufu1992
Mature content
KAWAII 2012 :icongufu1992:gufu1992 2 5
Raven Guard Light Recon Mech by gufu1992 Raven Guard Light Recon Mech :icongufu1992:gufu1992 2 0 Tau Fire Warrior Kanbei by gufu1992 Tau Fire Warrior Kanbei :icongufu1992:gufu1992 1 0 Chaos Sentinel by gufu1992 Chaos Sentinel :icongufu1992:gufu1992 2 2
Story of Some Guy - Second Tiberium War - Part 1
There is something… strange about fighting machines, in my opinion. In a way, they should be a complete opposite of every soldier. Like surviving and not killing for killing sake's or whatever they come up with as an excuse to get their free mental therapy. Or at least, every sane soldier should be an opposite of a machine. I doubt the existence of such people, of course, but I prefer to live a long and cowardly life of a civilian, rather than a short and "glorious" one. Or whatever the recruiters can come up with, as an excuse to send another batch of young idiots to die. I was smarter than them, of course – staying away from military was the best choice I ever made, in my opinion. Of course, I made mistakes of my own, like getting stuck in a middle of a firefight.  A battle, even, due to it's scale. But either way, I was hiding under the bed which stood in my small apartment within a civilian shelter.
Sure, it could have been my Karma or some shit like that –
:icongufu1992:gufu1992 0 2
Medic is a Maggot by gufu1992 Medic is a Maggot :icongufu1992:gufu1992 1 2 More Gun - Less Heresy by gufu1992 More Gun - Less Heresy :icongufu1992:gufu1992 3 4 Look Angry by gufu1992 Look Angry :icongufu1992:gufu1992 0 2
WH40k: Stalkers and Chernobyl
Chernobyl (Planet)
Allegiance: Emperium of Man
Governance: Departmentus Reclamata, Imperium-Allied Warlords
Population: Humans, Population Size Unknown (Assumed to be within tens to hundreds of thousands)
Import: Food, Weaponry, Various Technology
Export: 50 to 100 Specialized Imperial Guard Troops per a Period of Time, Artifacts
Heretical Presence: Minimal
Xeno Presence: Minimal
Mutation Presence: Very High
Chernobyl was a planet settled by combination of population from Valhalla and Volistad, by those who were tired by their planet's respective harsh style of life. Originally, Chernobyl was a beautiful and welcoming planet. A number of Human-controlled animal species have been introduced, which quickly overrun any native fauna, and took their respective ecological niches. Originally to be an Agricultural World, and sparsely industrialized, intervention from Cult Mechanicus, had given the planet a new fate.
:icongufu1992:gufu1992 0 0
The Temple by gufu1992 The Temple :icongufu1992:gufu1992 2 10 Harlequin by gufu1992 Harlequin :icongufu1992:gufu1992 0 2 Uh, sir... by gufu1992 Uh, sir... :icongufu1992:gufu1992 2 8 Your Joshing Right Revisited by gufu1992 Your Joshing Right Revisited :icongufu1992:gufu1992 0 0 Mechs in the City by gufu1992 Mechs in the City :icongufu1992:gufu1992 0 0 Big Daddy - I r l8 for bandwgn by gufu1992 Big Daddy - I r l8 for bandwgn :icongufu1992:gufu1992 0 0 Riot Cop by gufu1992 Riot Cop :icongufu1992:gufu1992 0 0

Random Favourites

The story of Gufu
There was once a man named Gufu
He was symbolized by an @
Gufu went to the place and did that thing
And so everyone's life was
:iconyugcireneg:YugCireneg 1 1
cyber-smth by kabarsa cyber-smth :iconkabarsa:kabarsa 0 6
Slender Umbrellas Part 1
With the last of her mittens tugged firmly on, Zenechka checked herself in the mirror. The soft brown hair poked out from under the brim of her tuque, and her neck was completely swallowed up in the fabric of her jumper.
She smiled brightly and turned to the door, extending her hand to it.
As her fingers touched the handle however, there came from somewhere outside - a blood-curdling cry.
The young woman froze on the spot, a mixture of fear and confusion evident in her face as she leaned forward, peering out the peep-hole. She could feel her heart racing, though nothing could be seen in the darkness save for the pools of light beneath the street-lamps and in the windows of the apartments.
Waiting for nearly a whole minute without another utterance, she began to feel the pulse of fear dissipating. As her breath returned to normal, she felt a shiver pass up her spine, sending warmth flowing through her once more.
Exhaling smoothly, she turned the handle of the door and opened it, the icy
:iconrythmear:Rythmear 20 53
Half-lifeish by Rodrigo-Vega Half-lifeish :iconrodrigo-vega:Rodrigo-Vega 196 14 Doomguy by PsychoticBob Doomguy :iconpsychoticbob:PsychoticBob 4 0 Engy Dinner by Cacti Engy Dinner :iconcacti:Cacti 1,081 324
Tuesday Afternoon
Next, please.
Yes, hello again.
I'm sorry, my memory fails me. Which one are you?
Well, I was Martin Fry.
I'm sorry, those records are terminated. What's your number?
Eleven thirty-one.
No, no, not your queue number. Your executive number, the eight-digits.
You expect me to remember that?
Well, it is within the seven plus-minus two limit, which you should achieve if you've reached up to level one. Or, are you the reincarnation?
Yeah, that's right. That's what I wanted to discuss with you.
Did you miss your stop?
I only sent you off a few hours ago.
Yes, my point exactly. What's the deal with turning me into a sea turtle?
You said you liked swimming, and that you'd like a long life.
Yeah, but their life expectancy from hatching is only about four seconds, innit? I was eaten by a gull after two. You do realise that the odds of me becoming an old sea turtle are about one
:iconementhal:ementhal 1,144 303
Rise and shine, Mr. Freeman... by KappyRayne Rise and shine, Mr. Freeman... :iconkappyrayne:KappyRayne 77 26 Crab, Centaur, and Squid by NickNightshade Crab, Centaur, and Squid :iconnicknightshade:NickNightshade 7 1 Worm Fortress 2 by mmiasmostati Worm Fortress 2 :iconmmiasmostati:mmiasmostati 405 115 Team Fortress 2 Ed the Heavy by ShoStyle Team Fortress 2 Ed the Heavy :iconshostyle:ShoStyle 12 6


...yeah, admins can't take criticism. Well, just like most of the drama-loving "creatures" here.

So much for freedom of expression, huh?


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