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Modern Interior

I made this one in my spare time. Inspired by an interior photograph in architectural digest. Made in Autocad n 3dsmax, rendered wit Vray.
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Nice design :)

If you need more high res textured material for your next renderings..Check this link to get it…
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Excellent it ..!!!!!!!!![link]
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Wow. I like the combination of the kinda free, floaty soft wood and the harder color of the red. Very contrasting, but it works well together. The tree makes a very nice accent as well.
great design !!!
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Hi, sorry i have a question thats bothering me to do with designing and i thought i sould as u as you use the same programs i do. Im a architecture student and my issue is i usually get a design idea by designing and modling with phyical models and 3ds modles to get the shape then after i draw it up in CAD. I cant do it the other way round as like design it in CAD then follow it up. And well i usually design in sketchup and import to CAD but ive been practising with 3ds Max and i want to use it for better looks like your self. So im wondering is it hard to design a whole building in 3ds max, do you recommend just using for inteior shots or do u think its suitable for the whole building taking into account rendering times, amount of details in it (may lag up comp) im just really not sure how to do my usually design process taking into accound 3ds max.

If you could just tell me what you usually do and what methods you recommend I will be super GRATEFULL ^.^

Thanks for ur time.
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Hi Sakai01,
very very sorry for the very very late reply. I haven't login in DA for quite a while.
Anyway, my regular routine is usually SketchUp > 3Ds Max. CADding follows afterwards.

The reason is because I work in such a work environment where not everybody in my team are able to use Max. So what I do is to throw some ideas in SketchUp/physical model, get the ideas discussed with the whole team and get it confirmed, and then detailing the model before drafting the working drawings. Doing the CAD first and then working on the model may lead to unworkable detailing due to the limited "visions".

Building the whole model from scratch in 3dsmax can be helpful as the model won't be as laggy as if it's imported from SketchUp. But this will be subject to personal reference.
Any question so far?
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wow ty so much for your time, this is very helpful as i kind of do a similar sort of thing, i think sketchup is easier for modleing and im quite nooby with 3DS. However i love the renders you can get from 3ds.
I do have one question tho, as you said its helpful to do the model from scratch in 3ds would u recomend this over doing it in sketch up and importing it. I ask because when i import stuff from sketch up to 3ds the modle is like un editable and everything is one plain, for example if i change one wall the whole building is changed. Im not sure if this can be altered as im fairly new to 3ds max but would u recomend me getting the psyical set up sorted out in sketchup and after that redoing it from scratch in 3ds?

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Well, if you're more familiar with SketchUp then might as well doing everything in SketchUp also. You do know that SketchUp also has Vray plugins, don't you? So why not render in SketchUp + Vray?
Oh, and try to group the objects, e.g. wall is one object, ceiling is one object, etc. This will make it easier when you need to export to another software. Either that, or you need to tweak the import/export settings.
Good luck!
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well yer i know that would make sense but the type of shapes i would like to create, sketch up is a nightmare doing it in like spheres and like super curvy shapes and i much rather 3DS for that
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Good point :D
Well, good luck with ur model. Looking 4ward of seeing the final rendered image in DA :)
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Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I lived there!!!xDD
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In the living room?
Hehee, thanks!!
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good!i love modern!
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Thanks, me too :D
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hey.. i want try 3D programm - which one is good and easy for beginers?
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Haha... Well, it's not :) Should I take it as a compliment?

Hmm, let's see... Google's SketchUp is a quite handy freeware. It also has some artsy features, u should try it for urself.
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sure its compliment

i will try the ketchup or whats the name :D
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Thx then :D

Great, it taste really good. Try mix with olive oil.
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:O Its hard i donno how to work with it :o

do u know any program where i can make 3d nature?
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Slowly, girl... :)

3D nature? You mean like valley, savannah, grass, trees, n stuff?
I dunno, as far as I know such software requires quite a resource. U know, high end computer. I don't own one, thus I don't know one :(

Try googling :p
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