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Thor: God of Thunder

By guen20
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Chris Hemsworth as Thor :) Avengers Thor is owned by the good folks at Marvel.

This was made for my best friend irl. I hope you all like him too. I'm a huge fan of the Avenger movies so this was loads of fun to paint. I won't bore you all too much with my problem areas except to say I'm not sure all the metal part look like metal. I'm also really liking the realism thing. No photomanipulation.

Doh! I forgot to put in my reference photo … [link]

Other Avengers I've done:
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This is fucking amazing! Excellent work (wiping the foam around my mouth, the intensity of the photo was too much). Lol.
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hello :wave: you have been featured as a part of my newest watchers-feature [link] :)
enjoy and consider faving so more people can see it ;)
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THAT IS SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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hey thanks! :D
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Look at that hair-facial included, great detail :O and skin pores!
So much detail about this image, looks fantastic.
How, oh how did you manage to get that metal armour down so well? Always ine armour/reflective surfaces a right pain to draw.
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To be honest you've had a hand in my abilities. I've learned a lot, especially about glowy eyes from you sugar, but the metal and skin and whatnot is from studying the art of others here on DA. I look at a looooot of art hehe. I'm so glad it's paying off.

Thanks for checking out my stuff! :) Hope you are doing good.
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learned..from me? :confused: oh my lol

Best thing to do is look at the work of others, think that's what most do (I know I do lol)

Of course ^^ hope you are well also :D
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I agree. I hunt through lots of art looking at how they do things and learning as much as I can.

My father-in-law is in the hospital but I, myself, am well. :)
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...oh...that's not so good :( hope he has a speedy recovery.
That's a positive at least ^^
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He should be out of the hospital today thank heavens. :)
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That is good news ^^
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o.O really excellent's wow....that's all I can say right now...I LOVE IT!! ♥.♥
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Thank you very much!
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You've done an excellent job of capturing his face... and the hair is so good! Just wonderfully done! I hope some day to do this myself but I'll need a few years! Wow. If you still feel you need pointers on the metal, note me. I have a step-by-step I wrote a few years ago after experimenting. You have a beautiful work here!
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Ty! I can not begin to tell you how much I've learned here on deviant art. My own gallery should give you an idea of the progress I've made from my first pieces until now. Hehe and still I've so very far to go too.

I plan to try out a few ideas for metal in the future but if they do not work I'll be happy for your help. Thx:)
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Nice work. Very detailed. :D
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