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The Riddick

By guen20
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Richard B. Riddick, A.K.A. Vin Diesel, from The Chronicles of Riddick. 


Entry for Riddick Rule The Dark Contest.
Edit: Ok, I've been meaning to come back and work on this piece for some time. Now, with the Riddick contest, I've gone and pulled out my tablet again. I sharpened the water droplets and well, pretty much everything, as crisp and as detailed as I'm able at this point in my skill level. Lol my hand is aching but it was worth it I think. I hope you all find my changes to be an improvement too. Time involved with the new changes about 6 hours. Total time… lol no idea…. though at least 3 days of working well into the night. I remember that much. hehe 

This is a practice run for me. I'm trying to get better at drawing men realistically. I love the riddick movies and especially his awesome eyes. Digital painting and airbrushing with a bit of digital colored pencil and paint stippling. No photo manipulation or tracing.Hope you all like him.
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I'd like to use this as my avatar on Steam, if that's okay with you.  (This is my fave of all the Rule the Dark entries!)
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Um sure. :) Thx for asking! xD
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You created Riddick on his best! This art shows a fine piece of his real nature!
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Hello Guen20. This is a spot on likeness even though it's just the upper part of Diesel's face. I'm also glad you mentioned that it's not a photo manipulation as it's so good that it's close to looking like one (that's not to say that photo-manipulations actually look good lol). But yes, there's quite a few (realism-based) portraits of Riddick on here but this is definitely my favorite by far. I love the minimalism of content and yet the intensity and detail that went into the execution. I love the framing too. Reminds me of a scene from the climax of Pitch Black (is it? lol, I haven't seen the new one yet). Very nice.
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Thanks! No it's not from Pitch Black, hehe. It's from the new one. :) I'm glad you like it. I really wanted to concentrate on his eyes as I think that you only get a true warning of the dangerous man inside from those occasional glimpses. Especially when he's in hunter mode. 

Heh what you say about photo-manipulations is partly true, although I fully hail those who do quality photo-manipulations as I would a photographer. They are often brilliant. I just didn't want people to think I had copied and pasted a photo I found on the internet. I wanted folks to understand that every pixel was drawn by me even though I did use a reference picture. Anyway, I hope I've explained myself OK now. :) 

Thanks again for your lovely comments.
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"How the hell do I get eyes like that!?"

Increadable work <3

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you nailed those eyes...mmm, loving me some Riddick!!

great job!!

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Very different perspective, I like it!!!
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Thank you! I'm glad you like it. :)
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You're welcome!!!
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Fresh colors and captures your interest. Great job!
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Thank you very much!
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Good job. Love the colors you used here. it shows how tough this guy is and no ever dare to beat him. great job on that. :)
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you're welcome. :iconbrohugplz:
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