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Akihisa Yoshii Demotivational

Started watching Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu last week, and whenever I see this guy, this demotivational poster is enough to describe this baka (idiot). Here's another one I made of two guys who could beat his ass by slamming him through a table: [link]
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But that's why we love him.
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Stupid, brainless, and actually living alone? Are we certain we have to follow laws if people like him exist?
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Interestingly his stupidity isn't actually shown that often. Usually he's being picked on and taken advantage of because he's so nice. Rarely are the schemes and hijinks in the episodes a result of him being stupid (or lazy is in fact the better term).
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Akihisa: Why me?
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Me: Because it's just how things are! Now... Do us all a favor, and get me a soda!
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h so ture he is a BAKA BUT STILL HE SO CUTE
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He is an idiot....but his cuteness makes up for it :3
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My friends often describe me to be this guy... And I still don't know why o3o
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lol but I love aki
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Thx for letting this be put up in the art section of THEBAKAFANS group! :)
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Sure, no problem! :)
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i get told this character is me -________-
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Poor guy, he'll never know what being smart is. :lol:
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Yes, but he's so cute while doing it!:D
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its true! he is a idiot!
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And that's why I mentioned him in the other poster I made. Check it out.
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