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The name versailles will surely ring loud bells in minds of everyone who likes history and me being no exception. With so many teas at ...

As she stood in her red gown Only ailing eyes be frown Beauty is found deep within Lest it is only a noun I am not a poet by any means ...

Let me start by saying Blue is my favorite color and this one my most favorite shade of blue so its very pleasing to my eyes , so thank...

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This place use to be full of info but now its EMPT ;(


The name versailles will surely ring loud bells in minds of everyone who likes history and me being no exception. With so many teas at versailles I really had to pic one and all of them are really wonderful but this one excceds all other in my opinion becuase this one has one thing that I always find missing in your work and its not your fauly honestly , its always the models involvement in whole scene. I really love how much she seems to be in charcater and in whole seen, no pretty poses but simple yet realistic and amazingly attractive. Camera captures everyone but in some exceptional cases some peopple capture camera and she is one of them. If you meet her again convery my compliments to her.

Now to the techincal aspects , The brightness and color contrast are once again are very balanced and very pleasing on eyes, its one of those image I want to look again and again. And the background , sadly this one thing is not upto your standrads.I dont think she should be sitting on ground drinking tea like this there, something shud've been underneath her , a blanket or something. It seems very odd and unnatural and a lady in such a beautiful dress would not sit on grass like this ( my opinion though, its upto lady she can do whatever she wants actually, I mean who the hell am I XD ) but that is not it, the title says "Tea at Versailles" and yet in the whole picture there is no refrence to Versailles. When you give title to a specific place always remember to keep that place in picture as well if not then avoid using the name of locations.

And the dress, once again I am deeply impressed , it is so beautiful and so well done. If you mee t the costume designer convey my deepest admire to his/her work. Really love it.

Make up seems a little sharp but that is just my taste , there is nothing wrong with it.

The originality of image , well its a usual image of having tea and I dont think you can be any creative with this kind of setting so there is not much to comment there. (You cant ask the model to drink tea upside down just to make it look original XD)

Eventhough I have seen you do much better work in past and I do have issues with title and background and background in general but if you ask my opinion subjectively not as a critic, this is my most favorite work of yours. I Just love it. Although I did say that it seems she is capturing camera and yes she is but nothing to take away from you in capturing her so beautifully that it is my most favorite piece.

Thanks for this wonderful picture and keep up the good work.
looking forward to your next batch of uploads
A work of an art is a work of a heart
As she stood in her red gown
Only ailing eyes be frown
Beauty is found deep within
Lest it is only a noun

I am not a poet by any means but giving critique on such an art of marvel inspired by a great poet, I could not find nay better words to start this.

First once again , really impressed by your positioning of the model in relation to back ground. Her Costume colors and the background are blending in so well that it is a treat to watch. The moment I saw it I wanted to give a critique on this piece.

Coming to the techinical points, The brightness of imgae is just perfect so is the color contrast. I love how the roses appear a slightly more redish than other red things. its just gives roses that much charcater in this whole image. The color blancing over all is quiet accurate, and as I have already discussed her positining in relation to background and how well it blends in with it, once again you get perfect marks for technique.

Now to her dress , once again it is absolutely beautiful from head to toe. Whoever made this costume knew exactly what poet, Charles Baudelaire was thinking. There is not much I can say here because my words seems too insignificant

Originality hmmm now that is a tough one, the Image can't be original because it is inspired by poem however giving you low score on originality will be very very unfair because, sometimes its easier to make original images than to portray one form of art into another. In your case a poem into a photograph. And you seem to have done great job here. So regradless it is original or not I gave you 4 stras on it.

Make is done well however I would have preffered a sharper make up. It is elegently done but sadly in my opinion has not been able to transform poets words into reality.

One issue I had with your imgae last time I gave critique still persists that is model and her involvement in this whole scene. She is looking pretty and no one can take it away from her but she is giving some expressions but I dont find them befitting to whole setting.The Title of this work is "Dance of death" but by looking at her expression once can hardly tell she is doing a dance of death.

Overall I loved this piece from you, it feeds all techincal aspects and I can totally see all the hard work gone into this work. The two shortcoming in my opinion are from Model and make up artist, as a photographer you have dont nothing wrong but everything 100% right. So THUMBS UP for you.

Once again I would like to say is subjective to my taste and perception, I can be wrong or right but I have given my opinion in all honesty. I hope that my opinion is helpful to you.
Hey guys,

 Please check out Black-panthress ART RAFFLE :D <da:thumb id="666690086"/>


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There are two things I wanna say here
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2. Im busy so the work will be slow

 But I'll give it a try
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it's fine but it's not horrible it's great!
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