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Darker than the Darkest Night
Darker than the Darkest Night
Darker than the darkest night,
Kill me now to end this plight.
I cannot live with this pain,
Stretching on like some endless plain.
Thoughts of death crowd my head,
My blood leaves a trail clear as crumbs of bread.
I shall not live to see another day,
Oh God, I don't want to die this way!
Then I see him stalking towards me,
My vision blurs, I see three.
But not of him, he is clear.
As clear as day, not a smear.
His scythe I see shining dark,
Coming to claim me, make its mark.
The end, I think, it comes too soon,
Not even am I granted one last boon.
Away from Death I cannot crawl,
I feel so helpless, I feel so small.
I find myself bowing towards the ground,
I cannot make a single sound.
Death now has me in his claws,
My death toll sounds and a lone bird caws.
And down I fall, down, down, down,
Never again to see the sun's first crown.
Darker than the darkest night,
So has ended my cursed plight.
So has begun the one to last for eternity,
None can describe t
:iconlilredwritinghood13:lilredwritinghood13 263 37
It's a blade on the wrist
It's a sick, never ending twist
It's life after death
It's living in a mess
It's hiding from all you know
Put the blade to your wrist and pull the trigger
Let the blood flow to the ground
Let it cover you as you sit there in silence
Let this be the last cut
But who are you to do this to yourself?
Who am I to do this to myself?
I feel I do deserve this
I know I do deserve worse
I will try to die
I will try to die
I will cut myselfdry
It's a secret in your own
It's a bloodless, lusting game
It's dying every day
It's a lonely masquarade
I ought to put the blade to my wrist and pull the trigger
Letting my blood hit the ground
Let it flow as I sit here so alone
Let this be my last cut
Why am I doing this to myself?
Who am I to do this to myself?
I feel I do deserve this
I know I deserve worse
I will try to die
I will try to die
I will cut myself until my blood runs dry
I will bleed until I'm dry
I will bleed until I will say goodbye
I will bleed until I'm dry
I wil
:iconsecretladyspiderlit:secretladyspiderlit 127 0
You call me weak,
I might be,
You call me names,
I take them,
I stood up to you,
You pushed me down,
My body feels hot,
My knuckles turn white,
I close my eyes,
When I open them you lay on the floor,
You get up and swing at me,
I swing back harder than ever before,
As you fall I see tears of blood,
Istill feel rage,
I still feel hate,
Everyone stares as they pull me away,
Still swinging,
Covered in blood that is not mine,
You called me weak,
But my hate for you made me strong.
:icondarkshadows13:darkshadows13 478 85
Sweeney Todd by demonrobber Sweeney Todd :icondemonrobber:demonrobber 226 20
I'm sorry i've got to do this
I can't take anymmore.
I loved you, and always will,
please don't forget me,
cos i'll never forget you.
I hope to see you later on
when your time to pass has come.
thankyou for helping me
I'm sorry it didnt work out better,
you all tried your best
please dont blame your selves.
thats not what I want,
I want you all to be happy,
go on with your lives.
do it for me cos I couldnt do it,
not even for myself.
I tried my best to be happy and free
but at the end of the day,
thats just not me.
:iconxxxblackxrosexxx:xxxblackxrosexxx 520 107
Self Harm
When you look into the mirror
See that person staring back
You know that it's not who you were
And slowly start to crack
That person has become you
You can feel it in your veins
The moment overtakes you
And to take away your pain...
You hate the person you've become
But there's nothing left to do
The nightmare's just beginning so
You have to see it through
The pain you're feeling has to end
Everyone around you lied
It consumes your very mortal soul
It burns you deep inside...
So reach for the vodka
Reach for the blade
Knock back yet another shot
Without the lemonade
Apply the pressure, break the skin
You're going round the bend
Feel the blood rush from within
This torture has to end...
You slowly crawl back to your bed
And cover up the stains
Noisy voices in your head
Distract you from the pain
You don't know what's worth living for
Or why you're still alive
You wish the pain would go away
You wish that you would die...
So reach for the vodka
Reach for the blade
Knock back yet another
:iconabsynthe-kisses:absynthe-kisses 558 249
Guiltless Murder
Come here little girl
Your heart is mine
Been trailing you
For quite some time
You've got no friends
You're all alone
A life of violence
You've condoned
But that's alright
That is to say
I'm here for you
Starting today
We'll make a pact
Just you and me
I, Slenderman
And you, Nadine
We'll dot all "I's"
Cross every "T"
Signed with our blood
So take your knife,
Cut into me
Don't be afraid
I mean no harm
I'll be your father
Let's see your arm
Yes, pale as ghosts
Let's make the deal
I know how children make you feel
You want them dead, I'll be your host
Possessing you til' their skins peel
Put faith in me,
And I won't tell
The secrets of your heartless hell
Yes cut the flesh
You little fool!
A tortured mind forever ruled,
By Slenderman, dance puppet dance!
Let the blood drip from your soul to mine
Replenish that which past-tense died
Our minds are merged,
The deed is done!
I Slenderman,
Have therefore won!

Hahaha, Foolish girl.
Guilt can never be traded in.
You are deserving.
:icondoodelay:Doodelay 259 38
Voices. by DearPoetry Voices. :icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 276 45
Did anyone notice that she winced if you raised your arm?
Did anyone notice that her eyes were wide with alarm?
Did anyone notice that she never looked you in the eye?
Did anyone notice that her voice was but a sigh?
Did anyone notice that her skin was always bruised?
Did anyone question whether she might be abused?
Did anyone question why she walked in obvious fear?
Did anyone question why one day she did not appear?
Did anyone recognize her face on the six-o’clock news?
Did anyone see her remains pulled from the river refuse?
Did anyone care that this quiet girl no longer exists?
No.  No one did. And she will never even be missed.
:iconinsanityadjuster:InsanityAdjuster 1,124 398
Sadistic Lullaby
Hush little baby, say not a word
There never was a mockingbird
Roses are red until they die
Oh, soon enough like you and I
Hush my child, 'twill be alright
That is, if you survive the night
Twinkle, Twinkle little star
Sky so black, the moon so far
Mary had a little lamb,
And the fleece was black as coal
When you fall asleep tonight,
Then the world will steal your soul
Hush my child, 'twill be alright
That is, if you survive the night
Rockaby babe, in the tree  tops
When the wind blows, life then stops
When the bough breaks the cradle will fall
And dead will be baby, smile and all
Hush my child, 'twill be alright
That is, if you survive the night
:iconindigomists:indigomists 484 161
No one can see the pain that we hide,
They're happy for us to keep it inside,
Our fear is our own; they don't want to know,
Why sould we involve them; why should it show.
You live your whole life in confusion and fear,
The need to feel something unbearably near,
Half of you living, Half of you gone,
And inside you know what your doing is wrong.
The thing's that can help, the thing's that may heal,
Are the flame or the blade and the sting of the steel,
The destruction of skin means the death of your soul,
But there's nowhere to run when your living alone.
:iconmushi-no-iki:Mushi-No-Iki 1,655 301
Dark Souls
Through tempest great
And war eternal
We press on
With quest infernal
Ceaseless marching
Through fire and ash
Never wanting
For home or land
We just burn
Both earth and sea
For we are kings
Consumed with voracity
May the sky fall
And the ground break
Before our power
In our terrible wake
Undying are we
A fate far worse
Than death itself
A veritable curse
Will our shackles
Be ever undone?
Are any of us
The chosen one?
By blood and suffering
We shall find out
Find the source
Of our doubt
And crush it in hand
:iconmelanophren:Melanophren 176 48
Cherry meets Neil
"CHERRY!" Alex yelled. "WHERE ARE YOU?!" I was just sitting on my bed with a couple of my friends, having a sleepover. Usually, I was allowed one friend to come over, but Ms. Boulevard let me have a couple more friends come over. In case you don't know, I'm in an orphanage. In London. So I invited Nadina, Alex, Skye, and Cherry. We were all in our pajama's, hanging out. Cherry was in the bathroom, I think. Cherry is Alex's cousin. While the other two aren't related at all.
I heard footstep's coming to the door. It opened and Cherry was standing there. She was in a long pink dress that was pajama's. Her hair was very long. It almost hit the ground. Before, she had it in a big ponytail. She was a pink skunk, with red and black hair. She has this power to change what color her fur looked like(except for the white part, it's always white.) by her mood. But I'll get into that later. Oh, she's also fifteen.
"Where did you go?" Alex asked. Alex was in pajama pants and a pajama shirt. They mat
:iconskunkgirl98:skunkgirl98 3 10
The Magic Stylus by TysonTan The Magic Stylus :icontysontan:TysonTan 2,353 87 Kiki's Running Sequence by TysonTan Kiki's Running Sequence :icontysontan:TysonTan 1,277 84 Peace!! by TysonTan Peace!! :icontysontan:TysonTan 1,049 85



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