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female portrait 1

Portrait Painting Practice with references.
Posted it on twitter a few days ago, thought I could make a quick wp version (1920x1080) out of it and post it here.
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Oh my GoD..... This is just perfect. I can't even describe to you how beautiful this is.
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Oh my goodness, this is just...beautiful. So beautiful. That expression is wonderful, so soft and feminine. Sad, but hopeful. And just pure beautiful. And I love the way her hair hangs as well, and the colors, and just everything about this. I wish I could favorite this twice. Good work :meow:
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Thank you, I'm really glad! :)
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Gorgeous artwork
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My jaw dropped when i saw this. BEAUTIFUL WORK!
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Looks really great! Please keep up your good work!
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Hat irgendwie was von Jiyeon :).
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Ui, das freut mich jetzt doppelt zu hören, weil das auch mein Ziel war! :)
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Having the watermark of her face in there is a nice touch, I like it nice job :)
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Touching peace. :worship:
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Really beautiful! you got it!
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Interesting to see you try new things.
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