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Wallpaperpack added:

I never realized that there wasn't any wallpaperpack of this :o

Prints updated aswell

I present to you:

Personal comment
Well, after reinstalling windows for the 5th time, and then realising, that my harddisk practically died, I just had to do some art related stuff.

I'm pretty unhappy about this piece, mainly because there are some areas that didn't came out the way I wanted them to be.

mhh, actually, I concentrated my efforts more on the landscape itself, than on the other elements.

What it is:
Based on my newest terragenrender I rendered for 14 hours.
textures from cgtextures, pixelio and sxc.
same goes for the few references I used for the birds.
Original size: 7000x3944px @ 300dpi

wacom intuos3 a5

adobe photoshop
terragen and world machine

The hyper basic idea about this piece:
Two scouting jets flying through an untouched scenery..

Thanks to `taenaron and ~Pr3t3nd3r for suggestions.
And yeah, taenaron pushed me to submit it ;P
© 2008 - 2021 gucken
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:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Vision
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There is so much we know about the planet that we live on, yet there is still so much that we want to know or explore on its far stretched surface as well as the vast dark stretches of space. How do we know what parts can be inhabited or not? Are there any other intelligent species that exist beyond us? What hidden gems upon this blue planet's surface could exist, whether they be living or not, reside upon the Earth's surface. At times, we humans are more concerned with the unknown and mysterious as opposed to what we could already perfect and study that exist right before our eyes. However, that is what is in our nature; we adore exploring and discovering new things on this planet and beyond. Each new discovery gives us more and more clues about this massive space called the universe that confounds us so. Untouched, created by space art front runner 'gucken, gives us a glimpse into yet another potential discovery made that allows this group to come closer and closer to the answers that they so desperately seek in this world. Perhaps this find may reveal to them more than they hope that it will.

Starting right off, the very first thing many of us notice is the detail in the resounding landscape in both the background and foreground has a very intricate level of detail and shows off the artist's knowledge of Terragen. The surrounding lushness of the forests in the area add life to the massive monolith-like mountain as it remains as if it is over-watching the entire area. The incoming aircraft show the same care and attention as the rest of the landscape supporting well-crafted and carefully generated details upon each of their metallic hulls. The very same can be said about the looming planets as they view the events occurring before them. Each of their atmospheric details and planetary textures give a convincing look and makes us almost wonder if such planets exist somewhere in this universe.

One thing that definitely cannot be looked is the gracious levels of atmosphere that cover the entire area of the deviation. The soaring of the aircraft can be heard from above as they scout the area around us. A calming breeze blows amongst the trees below; their leaves shaking almost rhythmically underneath the gentle Gail. The planets hovering above the scene as if they are in a hibernate state and will become active only when the time comes. However, one simple piece of advice I would give is, the majority of the area is lush and green, it wouldn't hurt for some of the mountain to have some foliage scattered upon its surface. It would help with the rest of the effect of the landscape.

Once again, gucken has showed us that he truly understands the mystery of the heavens above us as only an artist can. Excellent work as always. <img src="…" width="20" height="20" alt=":clap:" title="Clap"/>
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It's good to see this image inspire someone so heavily! I have to say this is one of my favourites of gucken's collection.

I do, however, feel that the lack of vegetation is good on the rocky outcrop, for one it would be difficult for a lot to grow on such a steep surface, and secondly it looks a lot more raw, harsh and natural. It's also a lot more unique than what I see in a lot of these pictures; it's very tempting to put in too much lush vegetation/forest because often it looks very pretty; I think this hit a good balance.
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Yeah, he really did find a good balance in that particular aspect of the composition.
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thanks a lot for the great critique :)
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You're very welcome. :D
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Cant believe i didn't see this sooner beautiful and also reminds me alot of Castle Base description in Halo Reach First strike 
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Gorgeous piece of art! Fav
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thanks a lot! :)
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Wow tolles mattepainting =) ( mir fällt gerade auf, dass es das wort gar nicht auf deutsch gibt oO)
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stimmt, man kommt sich immer komisch vor, in einem Gespräch mit einem Deutschen von "Mattepaintings" zu reden :D
danke! :)
Reminds me of Halo for some reason.
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cool! :) thanks for the comment! :)
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Outstanding world you created.


"Never say goodbye."
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Favorited this about a year ago. Found it again and is now wallpaper
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Just so you know, even though you were unhappy about this piece; it is one of my favourites of all your images. Possibly my favourite. I can only find one thing I'm not entirely satisfied about and that's the jet/ship leaving a trail across the peak - for the same reason as I mentioned in the critique on 5ive percent remaining. I'd actually be interested to know what you felt you did badly on this image?

Love it :D
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:D thanks for the comment!
No way I'm going to give you a detailed comment on why I am unhappy with this piece. I don't want to ruin it for you :D
Let's just say, if I were to redo it today, it wouldn't look the same
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Awww, that's fair enough; I was considering trying to pull it apart as much as physically possible, but I think I'll just stick with enjoying it :D
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Arg double commented by accident. Ah well, the picture is worth it.
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This is fast becoming my favourite image out of the collection, gucken; it's somewhat unique but not trying too hard to be, and it's generally very pleasant to look at. I'll critique in more detail when my internet isn't being interrupted!
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du hast es drauf wie geil!
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dankeschön! :)
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