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To Our Destiny

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To Our Destiny!

Original size: 5250x7000@300dpi
downscaled for dA prints to 3750x5000@300dpi

Photoshop and wacom

thanks to `taenaron for suggestions on this one, though;
he said i should upload this, so blame him for eye- and brainbleeding please

thanks for the huge amount of positive feedback =)
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Awesome artwork, love spacescapes! :D
Very beautiful!
Love the perspective!
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A GREAT PICTURE. Do you mind if I use it for a collaboration project?
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sorry for the late reply! What kind of project?
wiiman1225's avatar
One that Me and JaffaDoger are doing: Hero Facctory V.S Bionicle Fanfic? Please?
glodude's avatar
ending: bionicle wins the end.
gucken's avatar
A fanfic, so.. literature work?
Sure, as long as there is no commercial use and/or discriminating/pornographic content involved, you may use it :)
Again, sorry for the quite late reply :)
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No Problem and Thank you!!! :D
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To Our Destiny!!!! Purty
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Very serene and dreamy. Great work with star's beam of light and the planets. I feel pulled into this artwork. Well done.
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Really nice planet & lights ! *_*
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What I love most about space art is the lighting. It really frustrates me to see an awesome piece where the daylight of the worlds is unrealistically shifted away from the light source (sunlight). You know, like how the lighting is off and you can see too much of a planet or moon relative to the viewer's angle to it and the sunlight? --more simply put, the phase I guess. I think this piece executes the lighting really well, since these worlds' sun is in view and the planets and moons are but slivers next to it. Because of this I get a good sense of perspective making this piece seem believable, like I am in it. Good job.
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thank you very much, I appreciate it! :)
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Aww... I have no words... :O
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:) I'm glad to hear that :D
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