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Starry Night

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I proudly present to you:
Starry Night

Now, you might think: "Hey wait a second.. I've seen this piece somewhere else before!"
And this is where you are only half right! :)

This piece is a remake of one of my old pieces called:
Starlit Night

I was quite sad about me not having a bigger size of Starlit Night for print purposes all these years.
That is why I have decided to renew this piece.
Also this piece has a personal meaning to me as an artist.
This piece is painted and boosted with some textures from

p.s.: Don't mind the cat (reference used for the cat)! :la:

Technical Details:
:bulletred:full resolution: 5000x3125@300dpi
:bulletred:programmes: Photoshop
:bulletred:time used: several hours
:bulletred:wacom intuos3 a5

:bulletblue:Hit Download for Wallpaperpack:




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© 2009 - 2021 gucken
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Last year I had this as my wallpaper for quite a while, the first thing that took me was how the cat looks onwards with it's curiosity, the plain fields seem to go on forever and that gives it a peaceful feeling, a calm atmosphere. The planet/moon in the distance looks great, the clouds surrounding it which are at the end of the hills I believe, looks brilliant in detail. The only thing that I thought made it less brilliant was the coloured stars, but then I thought about a recent programme, Wonders of the Universe - Series 2, it reminded me of that, because stars emit colours of the properties/elements they hold, which is fantastic, you've done a great job of that, but if they were less saturated it would make more sense, but even so, it looks brilliant otherwise, mystery and imagination wise. I love the view seeing whatever they are flying away from the planet/moon, it adds a great atmospheric feeling, leaving the viewer to guess what's going on. Great job, keep it up!
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It is a very beautiful drawing!
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I ve been thinking about this for a long time. For the 1920*1080 version do you have a higher resolution version with bigger file size. The current one i have is 203KB and thats not high quality enough maybe at least bigger than 1MB?
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Wow! Very beautiful!!
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Love this wallpaper! Had downloaded like three years ago and still use it in new computers. The original version too.
Amazing work! Amazing quietly, astunishing and peaceful wallpaper!
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It makes me want to discover what is beyond the horizon.  I love the scale and distance you have shown in this image. 
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Used this a background on my blog for the longest time, now years later its back as my background again. Love it!
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I don't mind the cat at all! And I like how it looks black and white at first, but the stars are coloured.
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Brilliant, I love it. Finally found the author. Using it on all my computers and laptops. The cat looks just like my cat!
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:D thank you! :) I'm honoured to hear that
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Good composition! I like this one a lot.
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wow...simply amazing...I have no words to describe it...
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Awesome pic! (love the cat) Do you mind if I use it as a background for a poster of sorts that I'm making using my OCs? I'll be sure to credit you :)
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sorry for the late reply! you're probably not interested anymore. But normally I don't allow others to use my images.
I can make exceptions, if it's limited to dA and non-commercial use only.
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Very dreamy. I could stare at it for hours, and probably will, in fact.
Thank you for sharing this!
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