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April 12, 2007
When you are choosing your wallpaper, I find it always helps that an image not only looks striking but also blends nicely with your theme and has plenty of negative space for desktop clutter. Starlit Night by ~gucken fullfills all this and more in my opinion. One hell of a classy wallpaper here.
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Starlit Night

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Major edits - March 2011:
More and bigger sizes available!
Prints available!
also: fixed some things I wasn't content with

Updated again; Problems with downsized quality should be fixed now

Starlit Night

:bulletred:Technical Details:
:bulletblue:Original size: 5200x3900@300dpi :new:
:bulletblue:approx 10 hours of work
:bulletblue:3ds max



:bulletblue:1280x720 :new:
:bulletblue:1440x810 :new:
:bulletblue:1600x900 :new:
:bulletblue:1920x1080 :new:

:bulletblue:1280x800 :new:
:bulletblue:1920x1200 :new:

:bulletblue:Press the download button to download the wallpaper pack!

check out Starry Night (Starlit Night v2), too!
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NightBladeNB's avatar
is there a way to get it into a 1920x1080 file? cause my wallpaper settings wont accept a RAR file! any way to fix this?
Your picture is featured here:…
Plz let me know if you don't want the picture be put in the video :)
turismeopcio's avatar
I absolutely like this digital photo shots.Great work honestly.
SnakeMacTavish's avatar
I have this wallpaper and I have no idea if those streaks are meteorites or rockets taking off from the planet's surface.

I always saw them as rockets taking off from the planet and used this art piece as inspiration for my science fiction stories.
Zacklp670's avatar
It's Beautiful Went I'm Listen To This Song It's Feel I'm Crying I'm Not Joke I'm Really Cry IMing: Cry 
ObsDark's avatar
Love this! Had the wallpaper like three years ago and still using now with new computers.
Amazing work! Amazing quietly, astunishing and peaceful wallpaper.
freeeagle1964's avatar
wonderful digital art.
I absolutely love all the wallpapers available at your Web site, gucken. I use a lot of your images and Taenaron's for my Windows theme, and it never fails to impress.
Question, though: are any of your images available without the text on them? Call me a perfectionist, but the way the title and branding duck behind the Windows taskbar is a bit bothersome for me.
gucken's avatar
Thanks a lot for your compliment! Unfortunately, we have to place those text blocks on any pieces we display online. The internet is a place with many bad people and evil intentions. Some of them might steal our work and upload it as their own or print it for commercial reasons.
gucken's avatar
lol,it's astounding and terrific,like a dream~I like it so much. And I think you can make another brighter version~
gucken's avatar
I'll try, thanks! :)
Fanbuscus8's avatar
At first glance, I thought it was supposed to be"Under The Dome", but then it wasn't X3
Anyways, it looks awesome! Great job!
I Sent you a note but I was wondering since you listed that the original source size of your wallpapers were huge if you could resize them to 2560x1440 or 2560x1600 since many people have recently started to buy their new monitors with these resolutions? Thanks! Been using your creations for years but now that I got a new monitor they don't scale well!
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ShadowClanForever101's avatar
Awesome I like it a lot
Hearted-Golem's avatar
Hi, I just wanted to thank you for this awesome picture.. I've been using it with many computers over the years now and I've completly fallen in love with it. Today I (re)notice your name at the bottom of the art and though that it would be cool if I let you know how important this picture got in my everyday life.. well it's only a wallpaper, but I see it everytime I open my computer.. and I never got tired of it. Thank you! :)
gucken's avatar
that's awesome, thank you so much! :)
Zurthuryx's avatar
Absolutely beautiful!
Orin-Chan's avatar
May I use this for something?
EleanorTombs's avatar
Just shows in this pic how small we really are...amazing
gucken's avatar
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