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Sapphire Blue v2

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First of all: I know, this is almost the exact same image as the older version of Sapphire Blue, but there are some crucial changes to the piece.
I've read all your comments and your suggestions (thanks, everyone!) and decided to edit it.

The reason why I am uploading this as a new deviation and not just edit my older one, is, that I'm not quite sure, whether to like this new edited version or not.
So, I've removed the asteroids, the comet (which was way too random in my opinion) and enhanced the colours a bit.
On the one hand, without the asteroids I'm missing the dynamic and depth in this piece, but on the other hand, the overall composition is much better. What do you think?

Furthermore, with this project I have realized that my monitor needs a colour calibration. This will be a pain in the a**! :(

So anyways, I hope you like it, I'm not sure if I do myself. Maybe I'll decide to scrap one of the two versions later. :)

Thanks again for all your feedback on the previous version :thanks: you guys rock!

:bulletyellow:Feel free to download the new wallpaperpack:

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I prefer the older one...
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A W E S O M E G O R G E L O U S !!! :O :O :O
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man you are crazy good
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you are welcome
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Simply amazing!
This is one of your best, in not THE best O.O
Colours are bright, rich and vivid, chosen with notable accuracy: the cold and ralaxing tones of blue and green in opposition to the the hot and fiery red of the planet behind the spaceship.
Light effects are very well done: realistic and plesant, expecially those on the mirror like spaceship.
The speedness effect you used for the tiny blue rays of light and the amazing detailed meteors are a classy addition!
Low the bightness of the first planet's atmosphere and it will be PERFECT ;)
This piece truly amazed me!*_*
My sincere congratulations ^^
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Stunning work.
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The green is very complementary of the blues in this.
...I really don't know what else to say, other than it looks nice. :)
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Ich finde beide gut. Aber Ich finde die Farben besser hier. :)
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The image is gorgeous. Absolutely great stuff.

One question, and it's probably going to seem silly...I've been looking for a tutorial on how to do the cool "laser effect" name FX like you have for the title of this image in the bottom corner. Just not sure what I should be searching for.
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it's quite simple, you just need to duplicate your rastered text layer with the applyed effects of glowiness and motion blur them :)
set that layer to screen or colour dodge after that :)
you can duplicate that step and vary it to your liking :)
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Great work, as everything i've seen from you.
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thanks a lot! I'm glad you like it :)
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Yah, I think this one's better. The asteroids were kind of random and just got in the way, plus this one has better color. :thumbsup:
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