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original sizes: 6000x4500, 300dpi
photoshop + wacom and 3ds max

Weeks have past since I've made my latest pure celestial wallpaper.

While creating it, I didnt want to publish it at all.
I just wanted to use it for myself, to test some stuff.
(mainly rings, suns, strong contrasts and so on)
Oh how selfish I have become :(
shame on me

but since I was bored, I decided to show it to `taenaron and ~zauberfloete.
They gave me some feedback and helpful critique, so I thought, I'd share it with all of you, now, that I have fixed some things =)

I'm quite happy with the result

wallpaperpack includes:
© 2007 - 2021 gucken
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I stopped reading Lol, come at me
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your space art is so beautiful... iv got to watch you now.
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wow, thats a job well done.
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Love the detail in this... the two comets in the lower left corner area.

Just something I noticed... the main light source, that sun, while the eight points are good (great) the light itself looks a little octagonal. The sides look a little flat is all I'm noticing that I would have done different. (Not going to say I would "do better" because this quality is beyond my talents)
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thanks for pointing it out :)
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I love that even though you use simple shapes in this one it still makes my brain think there is a lot of detail and stuff to look at for a long long time!
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Dude,That looks like the planet Reach from the Halo:Reach. Very cool. :ninja:
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thanks! :)
never played it, but I checked a youtube vid of halo reach, and you are right :D
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Excellent job, I love it! The planetary rings are especially well done.
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amazing artwork
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This has been featured

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thank you so much! :)
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You're most welcome :hug:
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wow, amazing detail.
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I'd love to have a 1920*1600 version in order to make it my wallpaper :D

Nice Job !
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sorry, no 1920x1600 version available for this piece O.O
what kind of crazy size is that anyway :D
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looks beautiful
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