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A personal project.
It seems, I have lost sight of notes and comments I have received in the past.
Please be patient, I will try to reply to each one of them in the next days.
Meanwhile, thanks for looking at my newest piece! Some textures from

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This pretty good. Keep it up! :D
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The personal projects are usually the best pieces made! :)
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Breathtaking, as always!
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That'll take ages to climb - you'd run out of oxygen before you reach the top :faint:

Well, see you up there :la:
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:D See you there! :la:
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Cool did you paint this or is it digital :)
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I've painted it and improved the details with the help of textures. the clouds were less painted than added cloud textures and stocks from :)
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I'm astonished by pieces like this, they look so awesome but they are built up from the simplest of brush strokes.
That is what I see as perfection, making the complicated out of the simplest. It isn't as easy as it sounds, I've tried put have never even gotten close.
Something of the best right here in my opinion.
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thanks a lot! :)
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