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Cosmic View

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I proudly present to you:
Cosmic View
by your friendly neighbourhood Michelman(n) :spidey:

I have always wanted to create galaxies :)
and yes, I have always wanted to write a spiderman related pun like the one above..

:bulletred:Technical Details:
:bulletblue:Original Dimensions: 5000x3750px @ 300dpi
:bulletblue:approx 30 hours of work
:bulletblue:wacom intuos3 a5

:bulletred:Personal comment:
This started as a totally different concept, but turned out to be a galaxy-ish one after all.
I know, a planetary constellation like this is completely impossible, but still, at least it was fun creating it.
Hope you like it!

p.s.: This is a small test concerning file compression.
The wallpaperpack will be super small (~2,5mb), but with the same amount of wallpaperpower! :)


Also, check out the print version - it's signed :o :D

Thanks for the constructive criticism Tobi and my brother, Marcel!
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This is almost like a glimpse into what the human race is going to explore in our universe. However, who knows when that will be, cause it sure as heck isn't gonna be any time soon knowing today's people. As long as we don't destroy each other before then, this could be our future. This is an excellent piece of art, absolutely astounding. Nothing I have seen on this website could even come close to being as enlightening as this. It's just that amazing. Now that I have already said all I want to say, I'm just adding in filler text. Keep up the good work.
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Thanks a lot for your critique! :)
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You are very much welcome.
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A view of a galaxy. Neat. It looks so beautiful.
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thanks! didn't know there was a second version out :)
this is a very inspiring wallpaper as in the fact i would love to paint a mural of this kind on my wall using the starscapes process since I will be a Starscapes Artist Illusionist soon great joob and keep up the God inspired work
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I really like this piece and would very much like to use it as the background for one of my works... would it be okay if I posted my final picture (including your background) on my DeviantArt account if I left your "cosmic view" logo on it?
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As long as there is no commercial use (including prints) and/or hateful/discriminating content involved, it's ok :)
You can also remove the cosmic view logo on it, just give me credit in the description :)
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Thanks :) I'm uploading it now...
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thanks! Linking to [link] my userpage is enough; no need to post the full link to the deviation :D
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here is the finished thing... [link] I hope you think it compliments your work :)
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You are making the Hubble Telescope guys look like a a bunch of monkeys with crayons!
Man, this is beautiful and you made it like this!

See ya
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:D thanks a lot! Your comment just made my day! :D
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This is abolutely stunning.
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this is just beautiful, i cant believe i missed it before! :stupidme:
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