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Center Of The Universe

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I proudly present to you:
Center Of The Universe

The great adventure to find the center of the universe is coming to an end for the crew of the Grande Explorator series. Even though it's a dangerous trip, they do not hesitate to give in to their adventurous needs.

This is a small fun project to test some new techniques.


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I want anyone who decides to read this to spend the rest of the day thinking about the universe. I want you to contemplate your existence for the rest of the day, and consider anything you want to consider. In one day, try as hard as you can to unlock your own personal secrets from our amazing, infinite universe. Im not saying youll have a wonderful life changing apepiphany, but this can be the first step towards your own enlightenment. also, try to feel absolute unconditional love for everyone you know or see. If not, that's cool too. also, try to express your love tot he Earth. after all, you came from it, and it nurtures you, and you go back to it when you have passed, so why not show your love? If you read this, that makes me immeasurably happy, and I am proud of you, even though you might not care. anyway, do what I said, or not. if you do do what I said, write down your findings and then share them with me. Laets talk, lets converse about life, mine and yours and everybodies. I want to get connected to everyone, I want to know them. I want my consciousness to be aware of your consciousness, so lets make that connection.
Thank you, I bid you adieu
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Just awesome 
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Funny, I thought there was a mysterious blue box at the centre of the Universe…
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The Center of the Universe... Isn't that where Bowser's hideout is?
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nope! Never played that game, so I'm allowed to answer with "no" :D
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You should get it, it's a great game.
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Wow, now that's really nice.
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Welcome to my core, i am the universe no matter how small, look at the night sky, youll see no one but me, and all my planets looking back~
Star Universe
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:wow: Sounds pretty cool :)
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How or where can i find the lightning/electricity brush you used on you nice pic :)
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Sorry for the late reply!
It's just a standard hard brush. I've set it to full opacity and applied layer effects such as outer and inner glow. :)
Hope it helps!
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the center of universe is the throne of Azathoth!!
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Really nice work i like that you added so many details
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Epic depiction of the center of all things. Achieved. Well done.
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Looks like a dangerous place to visit! Is it an energy field of some sort?

Added -
Varieties of SF Experience | [link]
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maybe :)

thanks for adding it to your collection
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