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wow that sounded like a planet just got pierced through!

Here's a small personal fun piece!
Thanks `taenaron for your very helpful comments on this piece during its creation!

Technical Details:
:bulletred:full resolution: 8000x5000@300dpi
:bulletred:programmes: Photoshopn & 3ds max
:bulletred:time used: many hours
:bulletred:wacom intuos3 a5

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I cannot possibly write a more eloquent critique than SkillZombie already did on this picture - and I don't want to. I came to know artistry of this kind when I selected the GTGRAPHICS desktop backgrounds for my Windows 8.0 - and I never changed back, so I enjoy pictures of this kind for the last 8 months or something. I'm not sure if 'enjoy' is the right word though, I should perhaps refer to a more Buddhist kind of 'letting go' experience in which one learns to accept things one has no control over - without becoming apathetic though. But the sort of powers that rule the universe are what they are.

Even the powers of our own planet - which we may call Gaya - are of the kind that makes every informed human being laugh when someone suggests that we can "save the planet". The planet will save us, if we cooperate with it - otherwise we will perish. And this idea is, I think, what makes me so like these pictures. We are all just little ants in a huge, immensely great 'play' - and to realize this may make us truly humble.

There is no greater "religion" than one in which we become the observers - not in a boasting way - like those people who ridicule religions in the name of "science", which is making a cult of science - so we could just as well make a cult of these pictures, or its author - which I don't think gucken is going after really. No, rather not an attitude of boasting, but true humbleness. And encouraging everyone around - no matter how they try to create meaning in their lives - to accept, first and foremost, that we are not fully in control, and never will.

There's something beautiful in accepting the reality AS-IS. And even while these pictures may indeed not be perfect - they are probably not showing things from their worst case scenario, still finding ways to add artistic beauty to it, extending the reality with some artistic hope - they are no doubt much closer to this enormity-of-reality out there than many of us want to know.

Which is why these will stay on my desktop for a while. Almost like an alternative for prayer.