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Alright! I think it's time to finally transform my life into manga! Or anime.. I haven't decided yet. Maybe I could do both parallel? maybe. Ok, so it will be something "neverseen-before". The main genres will be Psychological, Slice of Life, Sci-fi, Action, Adventure, some Religion and maybe even Horror Wink/Razz  Yeah, as I mentioned before, it will be based on my life. Then I'll add some advanced technology & stuff I always wanted and only existed in my head.
I'm trying everything to improve as fast as I can at drawing, shading, ... . And currently I'm at the step where I create the characters and design them. Oh, I should also mention, that I don't wanna hear the word "character development over time" or something like that. I pretty much hate those words :| (Blank Stare)  I'll try to keep everything realistic; and the personality of a real person does not change very easily in a month or so. Some people need years to develop. And some characters maybe won't develop at all for example. That's something I always wanted to say. That's it I guess.
Soon I'll upload some concepts (& OR those expression meme things). But I'll not confuse you with tons of information that aren't necessary. Maybe even less info to add a bit mystery :^)
So.., stay tuned or whatever you want! Meow :3 :D (Big Grin) 
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December 26, 2013


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