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[x] You cry often 
[ ] You have cut yourself 
[ ] You have taken a liking to the color black 
[x] You think things you think nobody else would ever think 
[ ] You have thought about killing yourself 
[ ] You punch, scratch yourself
[x] You're poor
[ ] You hide your face with your hair
[x] You think nobody understands you
[x] You feel alone


[ ] Taken a liking to other peoples pain 
[ ] You enjoy pain
[ ] You have thought about cutting yourself
[ ] You want something to die a lot 
[ ] You have thought that you were bi polar 
[ ] You have no friends
[ ] People have labeled you 'emo' 
[ ] Everybody hates you 
[y] You go to therapy 
[x] You're quiet

TOTAL: 2.5

[ ] Think nobody cares about you 
[x] You have been told "there's people that have it worse than you" 
[x] You don't leave the house
[ ] You stopped eating for at least 2 days 
[x] You're worried about your future
[y] Your parents don't care
[x] You don't like being around people 
[ ] Your friends left you because of your depression.
[x] You're lonely (More often than not)
[x] You spend a lot of your time on the computer

TOTAL: 6.5

[ ] You feel like there is nothing good in life
[ ] You're an atheist
[ ] You only believe there is only bad in the world
[x] You feel more comfortable in black clothing
[ ] You don't know what to do anymore
[ ] You have wanted to die for a stupid reason
[x] You have overreacted to something stupid
[ ] You could care less about school
[y] The people that live with you make you feel worse 
[y] You hate your life

TOTAL: 2.5


[I just added a new thing called "y" - I count it as 0.5 - because why not? When you cannot follow the rules create your own rules I say]

If you got 4 or under - You're fine.
If you got 8-13 - You could be better
If you got 14-17 - See a doctor
If you got 18-22 - You're depressed/suicidal
if you got 22-26 - You are very depressed and you had to have at least cut yourself once.
If you got 27-40 - You are one messed up person

Okay. So.. I could be better. aha. Well I think that the world consist of 50% good & 50% bad stuff. If some days are full of bad things the chances are pretty high that something good will happen. But that's just my onion.
(Oh, and I like to use 'onion' instead of 'opinion'; why? I think it's funny :D)
So.. this is my first Journal Entry, I guess ? what do normal people write here? Well, I just finished a nice crossover last night, which I'll upload right after this Journal Entry.