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My Etsy Shop is finally open!

I have refreshed a lot of my favourite prints and made them available for instant digital download. These are great if you need a quick gift for someone (print it on your home printer and frame it, no waiting for shipping). You can still purchase fully printed/framed artwork through my deviantart store 
Does anyone have my art tattooed on them? I want to feature them on my website blog and would appreciate some good quality photos. I have a couple of people already with my Sink or Swim tattoo, and my Miss Kika piece, but there seems to be a couple more people out there who have them but haven't told me about it. I've only been able to find low-quality images of them on rate-my-tattoo type sites. I'm not even sure if some of the people who have them are from DA, as the artwork has filtered out onto tattoo inspiration blogs and sites like that.

So yeah, if anyone has (or knows of anyone who has) my art needled into their flesh please let me know, and send me some photos!

And if you're reading this and have already sent me a photo, I'd still appreciate any new ones!

Cheers :D

Oh, and any links to good rate-my-tattoo type websites would be appreciated too, so I can troll through those, lol.
I FINALLY have a Tumblr account!

But I don't have a clue what I'm doing :\

I'm so out of touch with social media it's a joke.
All you young tech savvy whipper-snappers hit me up on there! :heart:

FRANCEillustrations on Tumblr
I've found myself with a bit of time on my hands. I am thinking of taking a few digital art commissions, possibly tattoo ones as well. I have yet to decide on prices - I need to do a bit of research.

In the mean time I've decided to reduce my print prices - they're all on sale right now, so if you've had your eye on any get in there!

Plus many more here...
I finally got a Facebook page up:

:star: FRANCEillustrations on Facebook :star:

Hit that 'Like' button and I'll like you too... in a very special way~ :slow:

I'm all excited because the Australian dollar is really strong, so buying from America is cheaper for me, and I want to take full advantage >:3

What are your favourite online shopping sites, especially for clothing and accessories?

Shops like Forever 21 for example. It's cheap, but we don't have it here in Australia, so it's fun to browse through and find treasures :D

Only about 3 years late, but I finally set up a Twitter account:

P.S. I don't actually know how this whole thing works but lets try it anyway.

At 4:35am on Saturday morning my home city of Christchurch, New Zealand, was rocked by a massive 7.1 earthquake.…

My best friend, Von-Chan, rang me to let me know, as I'm living in Australia now. After an hour of trying to contact my family, and that of my boyfriends, we finally got through the downed/jammed phone lines. Thankfully both our families and all our friends emerged unscathed.

My family house was undamaged, except for a slanting chimney and one broken ornament, however my partners parents brand new house has over $50,000 worth of damage. Some houses were untouched, others were completely ruined.

To date I don't believe anyone has even died, with only 2 people seriously injured. Which is miraculous, considering the damage done. Had the quake hit at 4:35pm it would have been a very different story. The fact that the streets were deserted and everyone was tucked up safe in bed probably saved hundreds. The earthquake was of the same magnitude as that which hit Haiti, to give you some idea of how amazing the contrast is in damage and loss of life.

It was hard being stuck over here knowing that my family and friends have been going through hell the last few days. They have had hundreds of aftershocks, many over 5 on the Richter scale. And it's amazing to see photos of streets I used to walk down nearly every day now destroyed, with the city on lockdown.

It's the sort of thing you expect to see on TV, happening in other parts of the world. Not in your home city to your own family and friends. I'm just so glad everyone is safe.

... I finally have a website!

It's just an el-quickie template one, very plain, but it gets the job done. A 13 year old myspacer could code a better website than I could nowdays. I just needed a link I could give to someone without being embarrassed by what they might find or read, haha. I'm looking at YOU, deviantART.

If you have any photos of yourself with a product or mine (a mug, a print in the background, ect.) or a tattoo, please send it through to me and I'll post you on my blog!

I am dumb.

Is anyone able to explain the new print commission system to me?

I know we received a notice in our message center a few month back saying they were changing things to make it better for us, blah blah blah...

But when I went to purchase one of my own mugs just before I noticed the price we could buy our OWN art at had gone up by a third, and the commission percentage had gone DOWN... and I haven't touched any of my own price settings. Since the change my prices have stayed exactly the same but I'm getting less commission. What's the deal?

I don't want to put my prices up, but what's the point of selling something on here to get 10c profit? Which is what I actually got on a print sale just before. 10c!? I may as well give the art away.

How are any of the changes benefiting us?
i have to do some fashion illustration concepts for a client... by monday.

i'm still in the 'research' stage, i've been pouring through my fashion illustration books but still need further inspiration...

does anyone have links to good fashion illustration websites, or sites that might offer cool fashiony photographs (for pose reference).

what are peoples favourite fashion illustrators, both on DA and off? some of mine are:

marguerite sauvage…

david downton…

audrey kawasaki…

but i know there are a MILLION MORE that i just can't remember the names of right now!!!!

i'd like to add to this journal so in the future anyone can look at it to find reference inspiration, so throw any helpful links at me!!!!

thanks for the help guys! :heart:
How do people feel about PDA's? (Public Displays of Affection)

I was just squished on a packed tram opposite a couple who kept stroking each other and making out. And not just a quick kiss on the lips, I'm talking eyes closed, wet sounding kisses whilst making little whimpering noises. And I couldn't move away, I felt like some kind of 3rd wheel in their little make out session.

I don't think they were from around here, which makes me wonder if it's totally normal to get to 3rd base with your significant other out in public in other parts of the world?

And I'm not a prude. I can watch the filthiest porno and not flinch. But for some reason being forced to watch a couple getting all romantic and sucking face in confined public places really makes me feel awkward. Hell, my boyfriend is so afraid of what other people will think of him that he doesn't even like holding hands in public (maybe he doesn't want to be romantically associated with me??). I think that's going a bit far, but there's got to be a healthy middle ground here.

What are other peoples thoughts?
Went to Supanova Pop Culture Expo again this year. It was in a large un-air-conditioned shed half an hours trek out of the city, which was great!

I didn't take as many photos this year, even though just about EVERYONE was cosplaying (I felt horrendously under-dressed in my civilian attire). It was just so hot and stuffy that I wasn't really in the mood to take photos of random people (unfortunately for them). And no stalking this time, either.


I did think these two were kind of cute!
Even though Batmans rubbery crotch was a little creepy. I can see SHAPES in it...

dealer asuka

Asuka Langley Bunny - Dealer version.
The one figure I was allowed to buy
(it seems my boyfriend is also now my accountant).

I enjoyed last years one a lot more, I think it was probably the heat that put me off. I wasn't expecting a 27 degree day in Autumn, but I am in Melbourne. Anyway, apparently we're not going next time because it's not worth the $25 to get in, just to buy more stuff. It would be worth it if I gave a toss about the speakers and the voice actors, but I'm so out of the loop now that I didn't know ANYone there. So technically my $25 Asuka figure cost me $50. Oh well, I wouldn't have known what it was like unless I'd gone! And I did find a cool new pet store on the way there, so I'm happy and the rats are happy, and that's all that counts :heart:

Panda and Peeeeaches

:heart: Peaches (left) and Panda (right) :heart:
I just impulse bought a Nokia E71 cellphone yesterday (and 4 hours after buying it I'd managed to lock myself out of it and had to ring the help line). But that's not my point.

My question is this:

I want to hook it up to my Gmail account, which I managed to do... but it shows the 3 last emails I received on my home screen. ALL THE TIME. So basically anyone can look at my fone and see who's emailed me. Which is really great.

I googled the issue and found that there's no solution!!!!!! This can't be right. WHY would anyone want their personal emails splashed across the front of their phone???

So I'm in the process of uninstalling that email client, and it looks like I'll just have to access emails thru the internet.

Does anyone here have this same problem??
:star: APRIL FOOLS :star:

lol @ DA. i was wondering what they'd come up with for april fools.


I get art from the PWFA group (Perverts Without Frontiers assoc) in my message center.

Now, I understand that with a name like that, you're signing up to get some pretty depraved artwork delivered fresh to your message center every day. Which I like.

But there's some art in there that's just disgusting. I mean, it's really badly drawn and anatomically incorrect to the point of being comical. There's no thought put into how it's executed artistically. The only aim is to show tits and ladybits, usually involved in some kind of fetish. Now, I'm not saying the people who draw this art don't have the right to upload it. I'd never suggest that! I mean, hell, if it's going to be anywhere that's the perfect club for it.

No. What makes ME wonder... is what would you do if you found out your partner secretly drew REALLY bad cartoon porn? Like, really disgusting perverted stuff. But badly. Like MS paint bad. Just anime girls standing with their hands bound and bulging vagina's that looked like two testicles. With a few dragons in the background having their way with them. Before eating them. And then inflating. That kind of bad. I don't know what I'd do.

There are people out there who draw like that, and I wonder if they hide it from their family and significant others - and if so, what happens when they find out? Do their partners see them as "just funny doodles"? Or do they read much deeper into them?

These are the sorts of things I think about when I browse DA.


:star: ASIA TRIP :star:

i just got back from my trip around Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Thailand... it was aaaaah-mazing. Best time of my life!! Here are some pics if anyone is interested:

Kuala Lumpur:…………………

Hong Kong - Kowloon:…………………………………………………


Anyway, YAY FOR THE LONG WEEKEND! I have Easter eggs to eat, good bye!! :heart:
well it looks like my buddy deathbox-was-taken is broke and about to become an hero if he can't make some monies for a game playing device (and K road hookers).

why don'tcha all head on over to his journal and hit up a commission from him. that would be tops.

so yeah. go here: :icondeathbox-was-taken:
I go to Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Phuket in 4 weeks :excited:

I'm interested in buying some resin/pvc anime figures (pre-made, not the kit sets) when I'm in Hong Kong. Ones like this:…… (not these exact ones, but this sort of thing) Maybe Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, etc. Does anyone know of any websites that sell these sorts of statues cheap??

I'm trying to figure out if it's really going to be cheaper to buy them over there. Has anyone got a ballpark price for anime figurines bought in Hong Kong? A boxed one like the ones above cost about $80-$100+ Australian dollars (approx $550 - $700 Hong Kong Dollars)

Does anyone know of any major shopping centers we should go to? We're staying in Kowloon on Nathan Rd. I have a travel book but it's always best to hear 1st hand from other people.

Art is too hard.

Sat Feb 6, 2010, 10:44 PM
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Hey guys, sorry I've been so quite. I haven't done any art in ages.

I have an iMac, but I only had CS3 suite for Windows, so I'd been running it using a VM, but then it went all haywire and won't run. Now I'm thinking I'd rather just get Photoshop for Mac rather than screwing around using a VM, but I could probably by a new CAR for the price of an Adobe suite. I prefer CS3 over CS4 anyway. But for now I have NOTHING.

And I've installed my scanner wrong, or I have the settings wrong, or SOMETHING. When I used it back home on my PC it would scan in lovely and sharp, but for some reason every scanner I've hooked up to my iMac is producing yucky jagged scans. At 100% it almost looks like it's had some kind of fracture filter applied to it. It's disgusting. And no amount of fiddling around with the settings has fixed it. I know it's not the scanner because it's doing this across a few different scanners I've tried.

So then I though 'hey, bring it back to basics with traditional media" so I bought some pens, paints and paper to get my mixed media on, but the pens just ripped up the paper and then the ink bled everywhere when I painted over the top, then my boyfriend told me off for making a mess...

And after all this I sat down with a pad and pencil and found I'm so rusty I can't even draw anymore anyway.

Art is just getting too hard!!!!!!

My parents DVD burner/CD burner doesn't work, and I have 11gig of stuff (mostly photos) to take home with me.

I have a new DSLR camera with a 16gig SD card on it. Can I drop folders full of photos back ONTO it, and use it like a giant pen drive? Or will that ruin my camera. The camera is a Nikon D5000 and the card is a SanDisk SD Ultra 16G.

This is probably an ultra n00b question, but I'm getting desperate. I fly home in 24 hours!!