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MLP-FIM Military Uniform Civil Guard by guardmn MLP-FIM Military Uniform Civil Guard :iconguardmn:guardmn 3 0 MLP-FIM Royal Equestrian Security Police by guardmn MLP-FIM Royal Equestrian Security Police :iconguardmn:guardmn 1 0 MLP-FIM Royal Equestrian Army Tunic(Pinkie-Pie) by guardmn MLP-FIM Royal Equestrian Army Tunic(Pinkie-Pie) :iconguardmn:guardmn 0 0 MLP-FIM Royal Equestrain Army Tunic (Fluttershy) by guardmn MLP-FIM Royal Equestrain Army Tunic (Fluttershy) :iconguardmn:guardmn 7 0
Mature content
GUP/STRIKE BACK.The Guyia Conspirocy.Chapter 6. :iconguardmn:guardmn 1 3
Guns in Equestria.Part 5.Blackpowder Guns.
Here in Part 5.We are going to take a look at some Balckpowder Guns I would have in Equestria.Now before you say anything.Consider this.You may want to as I said in my first essay.Conserve you cenetrfire ammo.So in some cases.Blackpowder guns make sense.And Black Powder is easy enough to make.All it you would need is Charcoal.Sulfur.And Patassium Nitrate.Remember.Equestria is a land of Ponies.Get the hint.So that takes care of the Patassium Nitrate problem.Charcoal.All you need to do is burn some wood.And Sulfur.If you can't find a Sulfur Deposit.You can always find plants that sprout beans.Remember if you eat beans and well to be nice about it."Pass Gas" and it stinks to High Heaven.Thats because you body trying to get rid of the Sulfur from the beans.And I'm pretty sure that you would be able to get help from Twilight Sparkle to make gunpowder.So we are going to look at five Blackpowder Guns.3 Revolvers.1 Rifle and 1 Shotgun.
Remington Model 1858 .36 cal Black Powder Precussion Revol
:iconguardmn:guardmn 3 2
Guns in Equestria.Part 4.Shotguns.
Now we look at some scatterguns I would want in Equestria.
Atchisson Automatic Shotgun.12ga

A tough and an old school Shotgun.Altough no longer in production.I would have Twilight Sparkle help me with making one.In Semi-Auto of course.This was one of the first magazine fed automatic shotguns with military applications.And what I like about it.It's so old school.
Winchester Single Barrel .12ga Shotgun.

Nothing like having a good old fashion single barrel,And with auto eject.Reloading is a breeze.Although not suited as a combat weapon.It is handy as a home defender.And a side saddle for about 4 extra shells on the stock is a good idea.Just another great gun to have handy.
ADLER Lever Action Shotgun .12ga

Made in Turkey.This lever action scattergun is an awesome performer.And with a 7 shot tube.A great home defense gun.And i love the straight stock.
Savage Stevens M520 Pump Actio
:iconguardmn:guardmn 2 2
Guns in Equestria.Part 3.Rifles.
Artillerie-Inrichtingen (ARAMLITE)AR-10 7.62X51mm NATO Battle Rifle.

The rifle that bagat The M-16.This rifle was designed by Eugene Stoner in the 1950s.When he was working for Armlite.A division of Fairchild Aircraft.Stoner experimented with using aluminum and plastics to produce a light weight battle rifle.Stoner who had served as a Marine in WW2.This example share many features now found on all AR-15 and M-16 Rifles.However this early model had the chargiing handle on top of the receiver inside the carry handle.Chamberd in 7.62mm NATO.This one was made in The Netherlands under license.Some examples in Semi-Automatic can be found at gun shows as well as the collectors market
SAKO M-92 7.62X39mm Semi-Automatic Rifle.

Now when it came to choosing A Kalashnikov weapons platform.I really had to think.If I were living in Equestria.I wouldn't want a garden variety AK.Also since I would be married to Rainbow Dash.I wo
:iconguardmn:guardmn 5 1
Guns in Equestria.Part 2.Handguns.Pistols
Here we with part 2.We will look at 5 Semi-Auto handguns I would buy in Equestria.
Heckler and Koch P-7M13 Semiautomatic Pistol .9mmParabellum
This is by far.One of the best .9mm pistols on the market.Devolped in the late 1970s.It was used by many law enforcement agencies.And what I like about it is The Squeeze Cocker on the front strap.Which means one can have a round chambered safely.And that might come in  handy if The Cutie Mark Crusaders come around the house me and Rainbow Dash would be living in.Ans they find it,but since they cant minipulate the Squeeze Cocker,still keeping guns secure when not in use us always the smart play.Also The Squeeze Cocker doubles as the guns slide release.Also comes with a 13 round magazine.
Devel Corporation Custom Smith and Wesson Model 39 .9mmparabellum Double Action Pistol.

Customized by the now defunct DEVEL Corp.This Model 39 is another gun I would get for concealed c
:iconguardmn:guardmn 3 3
Guns in Equestria.Part 1,Handguns-Revolvers.
2 years ago I wrote a paper here at DA discribing what firearms I would take with me,if I were ever to move to Equestria to live.And I got alot of positive feedback.So now here it is 2 years have passed and I thought What guns would I buy now that I live there.As more humans move there and many most likely bring guns with them.Some to sell.So here is the sequel to my first essay.In part 1 we will look at handguns.Begining with 5 revolvers I would buy for my own use.I believe Princess Celestia will allow gun ownership.Since again she knows us humans do not possese magice and must be capable of defending ourselves,our pony friends as well as the kingdom.As long as you do not use a firearm to commit criminal activity.SO without further delay.Here we go.
1,Colt Python.357magnum Double Action Revolver.
The quintisental 357 magnum.Production began in 1955,on Colts I Frame.the frame used to manufacture both The Offical Police and .357 model,later called The
:iconguardmn:guardmn 3 1
Greetings humans.I am Princess Twilight Sparkle."The Princess of Friendship".And I would like to be the first to welcome you to Equestria,for THE EQUESTRIAN ROCK FESTIVAL.A four day event featuring all the human rock and roll acts celebrating this years theme."Rockin in The Human World."I hope you will all have a great time here in Ponyville and also I hope that not only will you take away some great memories of the music,but also of the friendships I know you will make here.So come one come all.And enjoy Equestrian hospitality.
Day 1.Friday."The Totally Awesome Rad 80s"12:00pm-10:00pm.
Acts featured.
Flock of Seagulls.
Huey Lewis and The News.
Rick Springfield.
The B-52s
Rick Astley.
Spandau Ballet
Jody Watley
Human League
Lisa Stansfield
Day 2,Saturday."The Masters of Metal.12:00pm-10:00pm
Judas Priest
Iron Maiden
Spinal Tap
Rob Zombie
Ozzy Osbourne
Van Halen
Def Leppard
Day 3,The Women of Rock.12:00pm-10:00pm
Pat Benatar w/Neil Geraldo
:iconguardmn:guardmn 3 17
Mature content
MLP-FIM.The Crisis.Chapter 15.Part 1. :iconguardmn:guardmn 0 3
Mature content
GUP/STRIKE BACK.The Guyia Conspirocy.Chapter 5 :iconguardmn:guardmn 0 0
Mature content
GUP/STRIKE BACK.The Guyia Conspirocy.Chapter 4. :iconguardmn:guardmn 0 0
Mature content
GUP/STRIKE BACK.The Guyia Conspirocy.Chapter 3. :iconguardmn:guardmn 0 0
Mature content
GUP/STRIKE BACK.The Guyia Conspirocy.Chapter 2. :iconguardmn:guardmn 0 1


Commission: The Naughty Witch by Geknebelt
Mature content
Commission: The Naughty Witch :icongeknebelt:Geknebelt 180 27
Cheelai by Shablagooo
Mature content
Cheelai :iconshablagooo:Shablagooo 759 29
Charmcaster Bikini by PervyAngel Charmcaster Bikini :iconpervyangel:PervyAngel 481 13 Chocokonoka by Aposine
Mature content
Chocokonoka :iconaposine:Aposine 84 8
Jayna from The Superfriends! by CreedStonegate Jayna from The Superfriends! :iconcreedstonegate:CreedStonegate 41 16 Howa Type89 by Maridjan-kirisame Howa Type89 :iconmaridjan-kirisame:Maridjan-kirisame 71 11 S for Cyka Tactical by Maridjan-kirisame S for Cyka Tactical :iconmaridjan-kirisame:Maridjan-kirisame 109 13 ASUKA Tactical by Maridjan-kirisame ASUKA Tactical :iconmaridjan-kirisame:Maridjan-kirisame 98 17 Tacticute by Maridjan-kirisame Tacticute :iconmaridjan-kirisame:Maridjan-kirisame 81 14 SIG Chan Hisashiburi by Maridjan-kirisame SIG Chan Hisashiburi :iconmaridjan-kirisame:Maridjan-kirisame 62 11 Pindad SS2V5 by Maridjan-kirisame Pindad SS2V5 :iconmaridjan-kirisame:Maridjan-kirisame 49 11 Nine Gates Engravings by Mattivere
Mature content
Nine Gates Engravings :iconmattivere:Mattivere 9 1
twilight06 by fab3716 twilight06 :iconfab3716:fab3716 14 1 Streets of San Fransico cars by blake7who Streets of San Fransico cars :iconblake7who:blake7who 1 0 San Francisco Police Badge - Maya Render by tempest790 San Francisco Police Badge - Maya Render :icontempest790:tempest790 2 0 Generic handgun, inspired by m1911 by RemoteCrab131 Generic handgun, inspired by m1911 :iconremotecrab131:RemoteCrab131 75 5


I looked at both versions.And I like this version better.To me This one Looks like it was from the film noir crime movies from the 1940...

by wdeleon

indeed she's is very stunnig.I love the use of colors.She look like she wants to play and is very comfterble in her sexuality.And she l...

Now this is good work.You have done a great job drawing Patrick Stewarts Facial features.and I like the bodguards.The uniformwith all t...

This is very good work.I love how you captured the dark mood of the picture.It reminds me of the subject matter of the 1984 film "The E...


Sun Jan 11, 2015, 1:12 AM
Thu Oct 9, 2014, 7:32 PM

When you were a kid and got punished.What Kind of punishment did you get?Please comment below after voting. 

4 deviants said Revocation of Privileges?
3 deviants said Spanking or Slapping?
1 deviant said Being sent to bed with no dinner?
No deviants said Forced Labor?
No deviants said A fate worse than death..Writing Standards?


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