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Great Weatern Gossip

I was updating my GWR Castle/Manor Class sprites until I remembered seeing a video adaptation of Duck and Dukes and it got me thinking about Duck and his talk of the Great Western Railway. And so, here we see him talking about the engines of the Great Western Railway, about his friend, City of Truro and most engines that are named after kings and castles. Obviously, Gordon and James were fed up about this talk and couldn't wait to set off to start work. All the better for them to get as far away from Duck's gossiping as much as possible. XD

I might be able to release the actual sprites of the Castle/Manor Class sprites in the near future.

Please comment if you're favourating this!

Hope you'll like it!

Thomas & Friends (C) Mattel
The Railway Series (C) The Awdry Family
Sprites (C) :iconrailfanbronymedia::iconsodormatchmaker: and :iconguardiansoulmlp: (Me)
Sprite Edits (C) :iconguardiansoulmlp: (Me)
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That looks like a GWR 7800 Manor class steam engine, is it not?.

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Gordon duck shut up

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Me: Hey Duck, Could You Do Me An Itsy Bitsy Teeny Tiny Favor For Me, Pretty Please?

Duck: Sure, What IS It?

Me: Could You Please, For The SAKE Of MY Sanity..................................SHUT THE F*** UP, BEFORE I TEAR OFF YOUR F***ING FUNNEL, AND SHOVE RIGHT DOWN YOUR GOD DAMN THROAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Yeah, I Might Be A NICE Guy, But Even I Have My LIMITS.
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What do you think of my Castle/Manor Sprite?


James: You think if we leave now, he won't notice?

Gordon: Worth a shot....

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Narrator: And making sure that Duck hadn't notice, the two big engines puffed quickly and quietly away as they could.



Gordon: Oh thank god, he didn't see us!

James: Too right on that! He never shuts up about that bloody tinpot railway!

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Duck: Hey! I heard that! You take that back!

Gordon: Oh, crap! He heard us!


James: Run away!

*James and Gordon puff away as fast as they could*

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Duck: Hmph! Tinpot railway they'd say!?

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