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This group is an ARPG focused around the closed species, Guardians.

The ARPG has many activities, and a diverse setting that allows you to use your Guardians anywhere. The group is active on discord, deviantart, and toyhouse. All functions can take place in any of these settings. You don't need a Guardian in order to participate!

This group is PG-16, and you must be at least 16 years old in order to participate.

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I can't access the discord link on here or the website :<

could i perhaps get a new link?

edit: oops nvm, i found a working link on the th world!

I think the discord link is expired :(
oops! should be fixed now
you can click the discord image on the welcome tab on the group page to join!
Is there a link to join the discord server or is it not open yet?
it is open!
here is a link: