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I feel bad about the nasty assed watermark......
You can all blame thieves for that :).........

So yes....This was done ages ago. A print will soon be available (Watch my journal for more info) as well as I am planning on selling the original.

This image was all done on paper (A4). Coloured Pencils.
A better example of my traditional work.

I will also have commissions available for pencils. (maybe more pricey than digital since they take me longer aswell as I suffer from writers wrist....It hurts me to do too many trad pics....) And I will also send the originals out to the commissioner...(note me for more info....otherwise check back on my journal for updates)

Feraligatr (c) The Pokemon Company
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I was wondering if I could repost your amazing piece of artwork on my page on facebook. I was looking for amazing art of the Feraligatr line and this came up! I would love to be able to post it on my Facebook page! If not no worries. :)…

I will advertise your website / page here on DA! 
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I like his pose! Very unique
buneppu's avatar
I love how realistic he is o u o
NekoHimi's avatar
I hope its ok I used this as a pose reference here [link] if you want me to take it down then just tell me to
Panda-Dog's avatar
This is awesome! Realistic Pokémon drawings are the best!
Rayshka's avatar
Very great job,but it looks like more a lizard than a aligator,anyway is awsome!!!
QueenRebecca's avatar
this one is great
EG1993's avatar
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If feraligator was real, I think I'd look like this. well done!(now I wish it was real and not a pokemon :sob: )
Hedgehonore's avatar
Holy crap, thats awesome!
red-ysetgo's avatar
Awesome. This is one of the better realistic Feraligatrs I've seen.
Kitsune7Ryuk's avatar
No matter how many new generations the'll comme up with, Feraligatr will always be my favorite pokemon ever. :D
silly-sunshine's avatar
I can feel the epicness. Chuck Norris would so capture this Feraligatr.
albinoraptor's avatar
holy crap man!this is flipping epic!
aurora-celest's avatar
That, sirrah, is a mutated leoploridon, not a pokemon.
soulpelt's avatar
This was my favorite Pokemon for the longest time! It was replaced by Sableye and Blazikan, but mostly Sableye.
cheetorlbfan's avatar
Freaking amazing! Loved this Pokemon so very much.
SozzyStevens's avatar
Woah! Its so realistic! Love the effect of the scales!
Hybrid-Dragoness's avatar
Ooooh my goodness :omg: How awesome! Love the detail and realism!
BakaSamaC's avatar
XxYumiXAkanekoxX's avatar
Hooray for Reptiles!!!!:heart: Feraligatr is awesome, even though I always choose Typhlosion ^.^'
superdude6's avatar
Wow, it has such amazing shading and texture. It must have taken awhile. It looks the a realistic version of him. Except I'm not sure he sould be so iguana-like.
PS: Feraligatr is my fav pokemon of al time! :love:
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Probably my favorite of Fraligatr on here O:
BlkBullet23's avatar
Nice. Love his crocodilianess. :D
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