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Deagan fully evolved now. :D HOOYAH. You all met Degs in this pic -> [link] But there he was a Charmeleon. Now as a Charizard he looks more able to take on that Aggron. Though....looks like some bulletseed damage to his wings there....Dont matter. I never allowed Degs to learn any flying type moves...

I actually try and avoid drawing dragons...cause I am lazy. D: So its amazing I actually drew this!
Dedicated to Diego and Jak. Diego cause he's special and likes Char. Jak cause He is also special and...I promised I would finish him a chariz pic after an OC one day ages ago :|~~ <3

and to all those Charizard fans watching!!! XD Cause everyone loves Charizard!!.......(actually...I have always been a Blastoise fan of the original starters....) *u* yay.....Fire!
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Ahaha, he looks so fierce! Like he's about to fry some poor bastard's rear for.. whatever it was that Charizard didn't like. Possibly just looking at him wrong.