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Retired Marine Major,
White/Black/Grey/Blue/Red Hat hacker,
Coder, Programmer, Developer,
Hardware, Software, Networking, Security expert,
... anything else you want to know, just ask!

Due to too much nonsense, drama, idiots, and :facebook: - I have officially and by choice decided to remove my account. While I do have a :twitter: account and :googleplus: account, I rarely see the point of using them.

The best way to get a hold of me is from my website (you can email me from there and find out where else you can find me) or here. And friends always have my private email, phone, IM and can write or text me anytime.

:bulletorange: I will no longer be posting photographs, I had previously removed all my professional photographs already, but now will no longer be posting personal photographs either - except for special requests, I will still honor those.

:bulletblue: My participation in events and contests will be greatly reduced, limited or non-existent because I frankly don't find the system inclusive and fair enough to make the effort anymore. If it involves a project I believe in and/or specifically asked by friends, I will still submit them and participate.

:bulletpink: I will no longer be uploading any typography, digital graphics or renders here, except for those accompanying well wishes for major events like holidays; but they won't be hosted here. This excludes any commission for people who wish to have it shared, where it will be posted for reference here.

:shrug: These decisions come as I feel the community company has lost its way, its mission and has become grossly commercialized with its members being treated as commodity and not artists. They built their brand on the backs of people who are now treated with gross indifference.

I don't believe it is inclusive or fair anymore and relies too much on backroom deals, connections and preferential treatment which is completely against the principles of community. There are clear efforts to split members and pin them against each other by creating a virtual caste system to foment division and impose management standards on "art" rather than the will of the people. :no:

At least Facebook doesn't hide its disdain for its members, but it seems here what matters is what the company wants and the users of the platform are an afterthought of their own ambitions. :facepalm:

I cannot support a broken system and only remain here to support people who for whatever reason wish to continue, that's respect for freedom of choice. :salute:

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
SciFi, Fantasy, Action, Animation, Documentary, Horror, Comedy (in that order)
Favourite TV Shows
Consult my DVR
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Any Good Sound
Favourite Books
Philosophy, History, Computing, Photography/Art
Favourite Writers
More Than a Few, Less Than Too Many
Favourite Games
Halo, Call of Duty, Doom, Diablo, Castle Wolfenstein
Favourite Gaming Platform
XBox, Nintendo, Arcade
Tools of the Trade
Other Interests
It's not a dating site, you want to know something, then get to know ME through interaction!

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Thanks a lot for the watch!

Thanks for this llama badge. May I introduce myself to you?

You are welcome. Certainly.

Hello. I'm Nickolas/Club-Dreamiverse and I'm doing good, you? Want to role-play with me in notes or chatroom?

Nice to meet you and I am ok, busy with work but managing.

It is a kind offer but given my hectic work and teaching schedule, I won't have enough time to be a good partner for that.

I do hope you will find someone as I am sure there are many who would be willing.

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Here's a Llama :]