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Bloody Kisses
I'd never seen eyes like her's. They reminded me of an abyss. The more I stared into them the more lost I became. Paris even thought it was amusing that I could hardly ever focus on anything else when she was talking to me. I bet you're probably wondering who 'she' is, anyways.
    'She' is the object of my feelings. 'She' is the woman I could never live without. And 'she' is currently with my teacher, Mr. Crepsley. And when I say 'with' don't think that she's going out with him or anything. Cause she's not! She better not be. He's, like, five times her age.
It all started in front of my throne, too...My name is Darren Shan, and this is how I met 'her'.
    I was tapping my fingers on the arm of my wooden throne, listening to reports of the vampaneze when two of the Guardians knocked on the door of our dome. I jolted back to attention, letting the doors open with the press of my hand. The pale-skinned warriors strolled in, a shorter one holding s
:iconthetolietfairy:TheTolietFairy 8 6
Team Edward - Team Darren by Jack-Lilac458 Team Edward - Team Darren :iconjack-lilac458:Jack-Lilac458 545 162
One More Kiss...
Why does this always happen to Fang?  It's not that I wasn't worried about him, I was, but I couldn't believe he got himself injured AGAIN!
I looked down at his bloodstained shirt, where a long gash had cut diagonally across his chest,  thanks to our latest attack.  His eyes were closed and he was breathing fine, but his chest was still bleeding.  Remembering the last time he was bleeding badly, I turned to Nudge.  "Get some strips of cloth, Nudge."  She pulled out a small knife and began cutting up one of her old shirts.  Iggy, without having to be told, lifted Fang's legs.
"Max, it's nothin'..." Fang groaned.  I put a finger to his lips.  "Hush!  We need to stop your bleeding."
"Max..." Gazzy's small voice cut in.  "Want me to take off his shirt?"
My heart soared at the Gasman's offer to help, despite probably being scared to death.  "Sure Gazzy, go ahead." 
:iconmethelas-the-cold:Methelas-the-Cold 71 252
Inuyasha Enters Pokemon Crysta
Chapter 1
Entering and Meeting
It was just another normal day for Kagome and the group, until.
A portal came out of nowhere and sucked the whole group into it and teleported them to a whole different.
Inuyasha was the first to be spat out, and then he had to raise his arms in front of him to protect himself being crushed when the others dropped on top him.
"Get off me" Inuyasha yelled the others. At that moment they all jumped off him.
"Where are we?" Shippo asked. But nobody had the answer for that.
Before anyone could say anything else, the sound of music filled the forest. Deciding it was best to find out what it was they started head towards the music. The closer the clearer the music was, minutes later they could hear the words of the music clearly.
What kind of pokemon are you
How you do the things you do
Share with me your secrets deep inside
What kind of pokemon are you
Are you loyal through and through
Do you have that's true?
What kind of pokemon are
:iconwise-cat:wise-cat 10 14
My Max - Max Ride Fanfic
A/N: Disclaimer: I do not own Maximum Ride or the song Find Yourself by Brad Paisley used in this fan fiction. Enjoy!
We flew back to Max's Mom's house reluctantly, at least on my part. The night was cool and clear, my wings blending in with the dark night sky. They shone purple in the moonlight. Max liked it. She smiled when I flew in front of the moon.
You could tell that she was still upset. I could see it in her eyes when she glanced my way, though she would turn her head and try to hide it. But at least she was smiling and laughing. She swooped and tumbled through the air as graceful as ever. I couldn’t help smiling when she wasn’t looking. I hadn’t seen Max so carefree in a long time.
She glided through the air above me and tumbled forward, doing a flip. She came out of it wrong and her wing folded back in on her. I panicked, rushing to her side, but she sorted it out and swooped on forward, riding an air current. I just shook my head and f
:icondreamweaver38:Dreamweaver38 25 27
Darren by mangaluver1 Darren :iconmangaluver1:mangaluver1 76 15 PKMN: Missed You by OneWingedMuse PKMN: Missed You :icononewingedmuse:OneWingedMuse 240 28
Descendants of Darkness Part10
When Amaria woke up, she found herself in a bed. As she looked around, she saw Tsuzuki, patiently waiting. "Tsuzuki..." she said. "Hm?" he replied.
"Thanks. For everything. I really appreciated your help." Amaria said. "It was the least I could do. I didn't want to see you die." Tsuzuki replied. "I know I have some relatives that don't live too far from my home that could take me in. I'd hate to leave, but I know I should be getting back there." Amaria continued. "Yeah, you should." Tsuzuki replied.
"So, I guess this means goodbye..." Amaria quietly said. They looked at each other, but said nothing more. Then, they hugged each other. "I'll miss you, Tsuzuki." Amaria shakily said. "Me, too." Tsuzuki replied.
:iconadelrausch:Adelrausch 6 7
Descendants of Darkness Part 9
Tsuzuki's eyes widened as he saw Amaria rush toward him. Even though he hadn't known her for long, he could tell that there was something wrong. All Amaria could do was watch in horror at what was about to happen. At the last second, Tsuzuki managed to grab Amaria's wrist.
Her hand dropped the knife and her body suddenly went limp. Tsuzuki caught her before she hit the ground. "Muraki! Show yourself!" he yelled aggitatedly. "My, my, Mr. Tsuzuki. It was so nice of you to come." Muraki said as he walked out of the shadows.
Tsuzuki gently layed Amaria down on the ground and walked closer to Muraki. "Cut this the hell out! Quit using innocent people as your pawns!" Tsuzuki spat. "Ah, that fire in your eyes. It makes you all the more attractive." Muraki replied as he walked closer to Tsuzuki. "I knew I wanted you...but, now, I want you even more." He said as he brought his face closer to Tsuzuki's.
Tsuzuki blushed and seemed to be temporarily glued to the spot, not knowing what to say in re
:iconadelrausch:Adelrausch 5 1
Descendants of Darkness Part 8
By now, Amaria had given up all hope and was ready for death, if the time came. Being forced into this unconscious state and being unable to fight back in any way aggrivated Amaria. Yet, helplessness would aggrivate most people. She wondered what Muraki's actual motives were and about what would happen to Tsuzuki if he came to rescue her.
Tsuzuki... Was there really any chance of him still coming to save her? Her doubts seemed to increase the longer she was unconscious. Suddenly, Amaria heard Muraki's voice in her head, "Open your eyes." he commanded her.
She immediately did so against her will. She saw the room, plain and dark, and was surprised to find out that she was standing up. Facing the doorway as she was, she saw Tsuzuki walk in. Amaria's spirits immediately lifted as she saw him.
She wanted to scream his name, to run over and hug him. But, she could not because Muraki had taken control of her body. "Attack." Muraki commanded her once more. Amaria's body bolted forward and bro
:iconadelrausch:Adelrausch 5 1
Descendants of Darkness Part 7
Tsuzuki was making his way back to Amaria's room with a tray of food. Upon reaching the door, he gently knocked on it. He then opened it. Tsuzuki gasped as he looked in the room.
  The tray dropped and hit the floor with a loud clatter. Tatsumi and Hisoka happened to be nearby and both came to see what had happened. "Tsuzuki?" Hisoka asked, wondering if he was alright. Tsuzuki put a hand over his face and broke down.
Tatsumi looked on, "We should've expected this from Muraki." "I promised to protect her...I let my guard down for one minute and Muraki captured her. I don't care what it costs me, I will get her back. I won't let anymore innocent people get hurt because of his obsession with me." Tsuzuki shakily said. "We'd better go find her, then." Hisoka said. "No..." Tsuzuki replied. Tatsumi and Hisoka stared at him, wondering what he meant. "I'd rather go on my own." Tsuzuki finally concluded. "Oh, I see." Tatsumi quietly said.
:iconadelrausch:Adelrausch 5 3
Descendants of Darkness Part 6
Various thoughts crossed her mind. Soon everything went blank. It was as if she was in a living nightmare, unable to awaken. Muraki had rendered her unconscious, yet she dreamed.
  She dreamed of the comforting, warm embrace of Tsuzuki, and the kindness of his voice. He was like an older brother figure to her...the only person she had left that cared about her now that her parents had been murdered. Tsuzuki was standing a couple feet from her, facing her direction. Amaria called his name out as she ran towards him.
  He suddenly turned around and walked away. Amaria quickened her pace, now yelling out his name. Tsuzuki began to get farther and farther away from her. No matter how fast Amaria ran, she couldn't catch up to him.
  She finally stopped, sinking to her knees. She had the feeling of abandonment. It felt as though her heart was being ripped out of her body, a horrible, cold feeling. Amaria couldn't stand it.
  She wouldn't allow herself
:iconadelrausch:Adelrausch 5 2
Descendants of Darkness Part 5
Amaria, remembering that man, stared in horror. She knew she should've screamed, but the initial shock had overwhelmed her. The window shattered, scattering shards of glass everywhere. Muraki stepped in.
Amaria started to scream, but before her predicament could be known he quickly walked over and put a hand over her mouth. "Now, now," he said, "You don't want to do that." Muraki came closer until his face was inches from hers. Amaria, remembering about his right eye, fell back upon the bed and managed to crawl to the other side, reaching the floor.
She knew the last thing she wanted to do was look into that eye. The door wasn't far from where she now was, a short running distance. Deciding that was her best bet, she sprinted towards the door. It was closed still.
Amaria quickly grabbed the handle with both hands. With a sudden jolt of pain, her body became rigid. How, she wondered, How?! She hadn't looked into that eye.
How could he have gained control of her? Amaria fel
:iconadelrausch:Adelrausch 5 0





Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Think 2019 should be the year I actually release Ren's main non-crossover or AU storyline? 

No deviants said YES
No deviants said NO
No deviants said Nah, keep teasing about it


I think after The Coup storyline, I might draw out a new storyline following Zema's training. I've got an idea to 'create' characters by combining different sub-males with the lionesses I have to make hypothetical cubs for the story. Besides, part of the last part of the story is inspired by Heathers: The Musical songs "Meant To Be Yours" and "Dead Girl Walking (Reprise)" and it would be a bit hard to explain why certain characters are alive in game but not in the story. X'D So there, turn impossible cubs into random characters never to be seen again!
Zema- 'I failed...'
So, I had retired a lot of my older lions and lionesses to get a bit of room opened up. An idea that came up (since it's the dry season in Lioden)) is that a sickness swept through the pride, taking out a good chunk of the older members. Zema, since I've decided to make her the healer/shaman of the pride after a bit of talking with :iconkellywolfdog123: involving a little idea I came up with in the epilogue for The Coup, is feeling like she failed as she's supposed to help keep the pride healthy. Obviously it's not, but considering Zema has a big heart anything bad that happens she feels responsible, whether it's true or not.

(Man, Zema needs a hug right now. :()

Design- Lioden
Zema- me
The Coup, P8
"What?! Who attacked you?" Derren asked.
"The lionesses we went with to look for Care," Dura huffed.
"Apparently, it's not just enough taking the queen. It's an entire attack on the royal family," Merida growled.
"But...why? Why would Maroon plan all this? And why drag Adam into it if he was planning to try to take out the royal family?" Derren questioned under his breath.
"Sire, we need to focus," Sorrelfur interjected.
"That's right. We have to find Nikita's group. It could be likely the lionesses that went with Princess Ivory are also in on it," Knight added.
"I'll send out the hunting parties with the best trackers," Kalia said at Derren's worried expression. "We'll find them before anything bad happens to Ivory and Care."
Ivory....Sis, please be okay, Zema prayed.
*With Ivory*
"Mom?!" Ivory yelled, looking around the corridors.
"Ivory? Ivory, get out of here!" Care's voiced echoed.
Ivory, ignoring the warning, followed where her mom's voice was coming from. As she rounded the corner, she spotted a glimpse of her mother. "Mom!"
"No, Ivory! Don't come closer!"
Unfortunately, the warning came too late as claws slashed at her throat and Ivory was smacked to the ground hard. "Hello,
Princess," came the cruel voice.
*Outside the cave*
Joseph panted as he tried to catch his breath from the harsh fight. "Thanks, Obsidyx, Jun. Thank Apedemak you were both nearby," he said to the primal male and regular male near him. "Nikita, you okay?"
"I'm not dead yet, am I?" the lioness snorted, wiping the blood from her cheek.
"We got lucky you guys didn't get hurt any worse. And you'll have to thank Knight since he assigned this section of the territory for us to look through," Jun said.
"I'll be sure to make sure to tell Dad that when we-" Joseph got cut off as a roar came from the cave.
"That sounds like more trouble," Nikita commented.
"Obsidyx, roar for help. We'll go take care of this," Joseph ordered.
"Got it," the primal male replied. He started to roar as the trio sped into the cave.
*Inside the cave*
Ivory groaned, slowly regaining her senses. As her vision came back, she noticed red droplets on the ground and her paws. Blood. She gasped in horror, feeling her neck and pulling her paw back to see more of the red liquid coming from the slash on her neck. Standing right in front of her was Maroon and Adam, the former grinning sadistically while the latter looked on in horror.
"Ivory!" she heard her mother call from behind. She couldn't see past the adult males, but there was a third male with the same look in his eyes as Maroon keeping the lioness pinned to the ground with a paw on her back. He kept the other paw near the two mewing cubs. "Leave her be, she's just a child!"
"A child that doesn't deserve the title of being an heir," Maroon sneered. "Now's your chance, Adam. Show everyone in here you're more worthy of being the next king."
"Adam, don't do it. She's your sister!" Care cried.
" said...I don't want to
kill her!" Adam protested, looking at Maroon.
"Adam, you have to. How else are you supposed to prove how worthless she is to your father without showing him the consequences of his decision? She'll never be able to handle rogues trying to come in and take over. They'd kill her without batting an eye. You must show him that only a son will be a better choice, a son who will do anything to keep his pride safe," Maroon replied.
"By killing a cub?!" Care growled. "That's cruel and unnecessary. Derren would not stand to have a son that would do that, even for so-called protection!"
That won't be much of a problem for long, Maroon smirked inwardly. "Adam, come on. Do what is best for the pride and family. Do what is best for us. Show everyone your resolve to do what is right."
Adam's body shook,  he took a step closer to Ivory. The adolescent lioness's eyes widened in horror at the lions in front of her. Her whole body shook as fear and dizziness overcame her mind. Adam's claws unsheathed, and he lifted up a paw.

Only one (or two) more parts and this storyline is done.

Designs- Lioden
Characters- me
Adult Ivory
So, Derren is getting older and it won't be long before Ivory takes the reigns. I actually drew this a while back, just not finishing up with a few final touches. I've also already drew adult Ivory before this picture was finished (this was supposed to be out before that as sort of a reveal for adult Ivory but eh). Also, I had to think of how to explain why Ivory could have cubs eventually with the lionesses of the pride, and the best I could come up with is that she's a hermaphrodite. :shrug: I added in a little bit of mane growing on her (as the lion characters I've seen around that also have both parts have a bit of mane growing). I think after Ivory's reign, I might just trade for a male heir and have him be betrothed to a daughter of Ivory (or niece; kind of depends on what I plan to do).
Anyway, Ivory will probably be a bit colder and less trusting than her father as she rules the pride. Of course, she won't be a tyrant (like the king on my side account) but she won't exactly be lenient in her ruling. However, she makes one exception with one of her older half-brothers, to at least let him have a bit of happiness despite past transgressions.

Design- Lioden
Ivory- me
The Coup, P7
"This whole thing has been making me on edge," Nikita said. "It's starting to sound a whole like what happened in other, smaller prides."
"Wait, really? This isn't the first time it's happened?" Ivory asked.
"Pff, of course not. This has been starting out like any coup, and I'm certain there's probably a few in our pride that have sided with the instigators. And usually it doesn't end well with the targets, especially when it involves the royal families."
"Nikita, don't be planting nasty images in Ivory's head," Joseph scolded. "We can't afford to focus on the bad 'what ifs.'"
"I'm just saying, I've had a bad feeling about that Maroon when he grew out of his cub spots. Just something in those eyes. It's unsettling. And who knows what he told Adam to convince him to side with him," Nikita went on.
"But...we're all one family, right?" Ivory replied.
"Honey, trust me, there's always going to be some lions that just aren't born with all the right thinking. And when they show their true colors, it ends with a bloodbath."
Nikita! I said that's enough! Maybe Maroon wasn't the nicest of lions, but that doesn't mean he's all evil! No one can be born bad," Joseph snapped.
"Says who?"
"Wait, I think I've picked up a scent," one of the group, a brown lioness named Azalea, interjected. "It seems like we've got their trail."
"Well, let's follow it then!"
"Ugh, there's nothing anywhere!" Dura growled, slapping some of the grass in frustration. "It's going to take forever to find a scent amongst all the other smells!"
"Must be why you aren't one of the hunting party leaders," Megara muttered.
"Wanna repeat that?!"
"Your breath blocks the rest of the scents, anyway."
"Why you little-!"
"Should we go now?" one of the lionesses a bit ways off from the bickering half-sisters whispered.
"Not yet, still too close to the dens and patrols. We've gotta wait until we're far enough away," another whispered.
*Back with Nikita's Group*
"Here's where the scent leads," Azalea said.
"All right, let's enter carefully in case-" Joseph started only to be interrupted.
"Mom, hold on!" Ivory yelled, running inside.
"Dammit, kid," Nikita growled lowly. "There goes our cover."
"We'll have to forego the stealth, then. Let's get going."
"Actually...we've got a better idea," Azalea said, the others in the group unsheathing their claws. "We take you two out and leave the little 'princess' to the claws of Maroon." They surrounded Joseph and Nikita.
"Whoa whoa, what's going on?"
"Maroon is right. Why drop every one of his oldest sons for a single female born to a so-called queen? She wouldn't last a second, and he'll prove just that."
"I f***ing knew it," Nikita snarled. She tensed her muscles, ready for the first one to jump at them.
Joseph reluctantly got in a battle stance as well.
Did...Are there other lionesses in the other groups following Maroon's words? Then...Then does that mean Maroon is trying to take us out? For what reason? he wondered.

Uh-oh.... :o Also, now we know it's not just Rodney and Mose always going at each others' throats. XD They got it from their sisters.

Designs- Lioden
Characters- me

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Catherine aka GD
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To see more stories, visit me here: (this is where I'm posting up my Legend of Korra/Cirque Du Freak crossover mainly)

Normally visit here even when at school to check messages/talk with others (when I'm not too shy X''D).


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