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So i had a poll on whether people would buy picture packs. 

Ther'es interest which is amazing, but most people wanna know more. 

So simply put, it's a full photoset, a pack of every not garbage photo of any bondage shoot i do, so all the steps of the tying, all the variants, different gags, whatever. In my tighter forms of ropework, or with lots of tape. It'll depend on what i have to work with. (Which is a lot)

Now, these packs could have upwards of 100 photos in them, and that's why there's a $20 price-tag floating over them, but i'd be happy to do several different packs too, like a bunch of $10 ones as well for  different say costumes or settings or whatever if you don't want everything. 

Any questions? Queries? death threats? 

How many of you guys would be interested in buying a like $10 pic pack of any of the bondage shoots i do? 

21 deviants said Yes
6 deviants said Eh
1 deviant said No


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    Nervous, it was the best way to describe her current feelings on the situation.

    Sat between two large men in pitch black suits, eyes covered by black shades and hands even hidden beneath black leather gloves. They stood resolute like watchful guardians over the room, or more accurately, over the woman currently sat across from Helena.

    Helena was a cocksure, spitfire Brit. Made her way up through the stage-world in Europe like a rocket, bought her way where she had to and earned it when she could. Though here, she could not rely on anything other than her resume, on anything but the image she’d carefully cultivated. And what a picture she had painted.

    Helena Black was a beautiful woman, her entire form was natural, but accented by careful diets early in life and constant exercise, which helped her fill out the skintight leather pencil skirt she wore, pushing the shining item to its extreme as she sat cross-legged. Her strong calves and thighs were the things of dreams, fitted with a simple set of brown stockings and a pair of knee-high stiletto heeled boots.

    Her upper body was constructed of a wafer-thin waist, slender shoulders, a large bosom and all leading up to a slender, but angular European face. Her face was sharp where it needed to be, with her expressive and large cheek bones jutting out enticingly, matted with makeup and her jaw narrowing just right. Otherwise her face was round and her forehead was covered by deep blue bangs, matching the raven of the rest of her luscious and well-maintained mane. 

    She put extra effort into being a true picture of beauty, she needed to.

    The woman sat across from her, on the other side of a large mahogany table and perched in a red velvet throne. Her lips had parted into a seductive crimson grin and her emerald eyes delved deep into Helena’s soul. Locks of deep black hair fell carefully down around her face, showering her picture-perfect cream skin with the raven bangs she no doubt had spent hours in perfecting the curl of.

    She was beautiful, just as Helena had heard. She was quite a big shot on the East coast of the US. She was some daughter of a hotel mogul that invested her inheritance in a dozen different ventures and came out with quadruple the money she’d been left in a year. Some might have cut it at that, but not this saucy seductress. She bribed, earned and fought for every new venture, every new business. Until not a single new thing happened from New England to Florida that she didn’t know about.

    Clearly, she was one such event that was noticed.

    Helena’s fourth show in the states had happened to thunderous applause in Vegas. She’d done a fantastically cheap trick where she had been hogtied and ball gagged on stage, but concealed a small knife in her glove that she used to get out. Of course, she had put on quite the performance squirming and struggling before she got out, but it was too easy to fool that lot.

    However, that was when she was approached by one of the two behemoths lingering behind her. When they’d asked if she would like to visit the Big Apple and perform there. Of course, she took the offer, but it never occurred to her until she’d sat down in this office that she never asked where she was to put on her show. Now she found herself under the excruciatingly intense glare of the raven-haired woman who practically ran half a country.

    “So, I saw your show in LA” the woman said, breaking minutes of silence with the most innocuous statement Helena could’ve expected. Yet the words chilled her and sent her shooting upright with a surprised gulp.

    “Well it was one oy my most well received ones. Flash your tits and the crowd goes wild” Helena said back with a practiced show-girl’s smile.

    “I can’t say I disagree. Crass as it is, it got the crowd going and the escape from that box? Quite the closing act” the raven-haired beauty mused and nodded as she tapped her pen against a piece of paper on her desk.

    “Well you don’t make it big in the entertainment world without throwing your dignity aside” Helena giggled.

    “You don’t indeed. I’ll cut to the chase. I’d like you to perform at a private function. It won’t be the thousands you’re accustomed to, instead it’ll be a little under a hundred, much higher paying customers. All big fans of yours” the woman said, leaning back and showing off her splendid black satin gown.

    “Well that’s a very generous offer, but I hope you don’t mind me asking over the appearance fee I’ll be receiving for performing” Helena pressed, pushing her business side out from underneath a layer of anxiety.

    The raven-haired woman cooed a laugh and nodded, “yes, payment.” She said and leaned in, giving Helena an eyeful of cleavage as she scribbled something on the piece of paper. Under inspection it appeared to have a rather glossy sheen to it and when she witnessed the woman’s pen stop, her jaw dropped.

    “Is that enough?” the busty femme fatale-looking woman mused as she slid the note across the table.

    Helena’s eyes threatened to burst from her skull. Her appraisal of the numbers had been correct at first. Her eyes did not deceive. There was twice everything she’d ever earned packed onto one tiny piece of paper. All for one private performance.

    “It’s tonight. Red Rose Royale, Hotel two blocks down the street. The receptionist will know you’re coming. Just let her know your name and she’ll send you to the club inside.”

    Helena was still in shock over the check she held in her slightly trembling fingers.

    “T-thank you” she managed to choke out as she brought the note up and tucked it into her bra beneath the tight blouse she wore.

    “That’ll be all” the raven-haired woman stated and waved over the two brutes at the door. They stepped aside and Helena wasted no time in fleeing the room. Not seeing the sly grin splitting the lips of the beautiful woman at the desk.


    Day faded to night and Helena was packed into the back of a cab with a large trolley filled with briefcases beside her. Trapped in the massive city’s traffic, all she could dwell on was the money she’d just made. Enough to just stop for the next twenty years.  That and the cab driver who could not stop idling his gaze upon her exposed cleavage through the rearview mirror.

    She disliked the gaze, but didn’t blame him. She had glammed up for her show. Dressed in her special show outfit. It started with a red latex leotard with red trimmings, then came a tight white blouse that struggled to contain her massive breasts, pumped up by a red and black vertically striped corset. She topped that off with a similarly coloured latex jacket with two tails and skintight sleeves, one red and one black that doubled as gloves for her delicate, slender fingers.

    She wore the customary black fishnets of any self-respecting magician’s assistant look-alike, all capped off with a set of knee-high red and black leather boots with a sensual 4-inch stiletto on each.

    She looked good, as good as she ever could and the gaze of the driver did nothing to dissuade her thoughts on the matter. It was quite a helpful thing when he refused to take her fare when she got out, helping her remove her trolley and following her to the hotel to help with the door. She smiled and thanked him, knowing his eyes lingered on her firm, round butt as she swayed into the main atrium of the massive ninety story establishment.

    The bottom floor was no simple hotel complex however, it was like a mall. It seemed to go on for a mile in every direction with shops and stands and bars and clubs everywhere. Whilst in the center was a reception desk that stretched out twenty meters and was staffed by fifteen beautiful women. Each working hard at their stations, passing keys to guests and smiling brightly at everyone who approached, which included Helena.

    “Evening sweetheart, how can I help?” The blond eon the other side of the marble bench asked Helena as she marveled at the atrium.

    “Name’s Helena Black I-“ She was cut off quickly by the blonde.

    “Follow me ma’am” she said, stepping away from the desk and rounding the side of it, striding off purposefully down the long hall of shops.

    They reached their destination in minutes, which was quite the walk in Helena’s heels, but it was made worth it when she was led into the club she was to perform in. It was reminiscent of the old jazz lounges. There were lounges set into rings of alcoves with round tables built for the chairs to center around and there was a distinct matching of red and black everywhere. Helena thought it quite the coincidence that her outfit matched so well.

    “Quite a club” Helena said aloud, which caught the attention of a waitress currently doing the rounds of the tables. She wore a tight black skirt and matching tights finished with a red blouse, yet the most stunning thing about her was her smile. She scurried across the room to Helena with that smile brimming.

    She took Helena’s hand in her own and shook it violently, “Oh my god! Helena Black?! I caught your show in Michigan. It was fantastic! The way you struggled, the way your eyes lit up with every movement, the way you had the crowd eating out of your fingers! You’re a master! I’m so happy I’m on shift tonight whilst you’re performing! Are these your tools for the show? Don’t worry about that, we’ve got everything you’ll need. Unless you brought some more… form-fitting items and accessories?” The girl spoke so fast that Helena never was granted a second to catch onto anything she said. Her red hair whipped side to side as she yammered on about one thing and then the next. If she weren’t the one suffering so much confusion, she’d have thought the situation comical, but here she was. Still shaking the girl’s hand.

    “Thanks” the brit nervously chuckled in response, “but I prefer my own stuff” she tried to argue.

    “Nonsense! We can’t have you having a home ground advantage! We need to it be authentic as possible. I watched your Vegas show after all. That knife trick? Fantastic, if I didn’t rewatch the video nineteen times, would never have thought that was how you got out!” The redhead explained, letting a light Irish accent drip into her speech.

    “Sorry! I’m rambling, aren’t I? Anyways, I need to get ready for tonight, but if you go through the double doors beside the stage, you’ll find a changing room just for you. Get ready all you like in there. Someone’ll be in with you to help with any last-minute makeup and accessories” The redhead hounded and clapped before skipping out of the room, throwing her waitress’ apron off and bounding through the doors that Helena had just entered through.

    “Strange girl” was all she could manage before following the instructions she’d left and going through the double doors. Lo and behold, there was a changing room with a golden star slapped on the front and her name pressed into it.

    “They’re efficient” she mused to herself, rolling the trolley in through the door first and finding a rather large makeup station to the right. A table with wall sockets on the far end and a snacks table set up to the left with a string of cabinets beneath it, all of which had locks set on them.

    Judging by the lack of patrons in the club, Helena assumed that she had quite some time before her show would begin, which gave her enough time to clear some space on the snack table to lay out the dozens of bondage utensils she would use. She had decided upon an open chest straight jacket with a series of belts for her first part with an inflatable panel gag, which she wouldn’t really inflate all too much.

    It was the easiest for her to escape as the straps could never be pulled tight enough that she couldn’t brute force her way out and the straps were really just for show. The gag was also just to show she wouldn’t use her teeth, whilst the open chest component was for if her helper wanted to get a little frisky and put on an even better show for the audience.

    The time spent between show and her arrival was spent largely without activity, she scrolled through her phone, watched a few videos of other similar performances of others. However, her small stint of boredom ended with a knock at the door.

    Helena beckoned the stranger at the door in and when she did, a familiar, freckled face with brimming icy-blue eyes peered in. Her long braid of red hair now hanging neatly over her shoulder. Her smile lit up the room, but not nearly as much as the outfit she entered with.

    It was an odd ensemble, covered in latex, her leotard left her shoulders bare, a diamond in her chest-piece left a large amount of cleavage visible. Her Legs were strangled from toe to about four inches from her pelvis by a pair of long shimmering latex boots coloured in an aggressive orange and subdued black, the same two colours as the rest of her outfit. The heels on the boots were nothing special, maybe only three or four inches, but really, even if they were ten inches, they wouldn’t have seemed as foreign as the outfit she wore did.

    “Oh, you look fantastic!” Ella burst, erupting through the door and pattering over to the blue and black-haired woman in her dressing room seat. Her eyes then immediately shifted to the food laid out on the other side of the room.

    “Oh they got everything I asked for too!” the redhead cheered and sprang over to the table set with a hundred delicacies and snacks. Ella was in heaven it seemed, suddenly immersed in this world and already eating a slice of pizza from a square box.

    Helena couldn’t fight back the question brimming in her thoughts however, “why are you in here might I ask?” She prompted, her tone must have landed a bit too harshly, because the puppy-dog eyes Ella returned dug into her soul. “I don’t mean to leave” Helena added defensively, “I just wasn’t expecting… this” the performer explained, motioning to all of Ella.

    “Ah, Yephh, I’m yrr stage hand” the redhead explained whilst chewing down her pizza.

    “Stage hand?”

    “Yeah. I’ll be doing your ropework.”

    “Oh, well I was thinking of using a straightjacket actually” Helena responded dejectedly.

    Ella giggled, “straightjacket? That’s hardly a struggle, need rope, or it’s just no challenge” the redhead retorted quickly, downing another slice of pizza. This pretty redhead was becoming more and more odd. Eating everything in sight whilst retaining a magnificent figure. It was… peculiar.

    “Well I’m sure I’ll be fine” Helena pushed, but Ella straightened up and made her way across the room to her stash of gear, looking into an open trunk and digging out a set of plastic zip ties.

    “I always wanted to see these tied around someone’s boobs y’know?” Ella said, now walking dangerously closer to Helena. She saw where this was going, she tried to get up and bolt for the door, but the redhead was nimble, far too fast to match the outfit she was in.

    Helena was bent over her dressing room table with her hands trapped between her and the redhead, whose charming, bubbly demeanor had shifted into professional silence. The plastic was ratcheted too tight around her biceps, dragging her flexible arms back until her two elbows met and she winced with a seething bite. She tried to wriggle free of her captor, but she had already started snapping another cable tie around her elbows, just above them and another just below and both were as tight as the first.

    Circulation would be an issue with this tie no doubt, something reinforced by two more ties around her wrists and forearms, with a final plastic strip trapping her thumbs against each other, forcing her to keep all attempts at escape to an absolute minimum. She was well versed in this.

    Helena realized she wasn’t escaping this. She had no tricks up her sleeve, the show wasn’t on yet after all. So, her words were her next resort before she hit abject defeat, however that was quickly a shattered defence, because her mouth was a moment later jammed full with a large spongey ball which began to fill her mouth even whilst it was pressed in by Ella’s finger. It was joined by a second aggressively large intruder that slipped past her lips but was kept contained with the telltale sound of tearing tape that was plastered down on her cheek and wrapped carefully around her face, cleavegagging her thanks to the way the sponge balls forced her jaws apart to compensate for their size.

    “Ewwa, Lmm mm gnn!” She gargled into the sponges and found her mouth dried out immediately, dissuading her from trying to talk through the gag again.

    “No can do sorry, Miss Vic will be real mad if I were to stop now” the redhead explained with a painful twist of another cable tie, this one around her ankles, now crossed and protected slightly by the leather of her boots. Though it didn’t do her much good with how precarious her balance had become with her feet crossed.

    “Though, we can still have some fun” Ella commented as she spun Helena around and her devious grin was on full display as she held two cable ties in hand. “One for each” she said and popped Helena’s corset down, revealing her two buoyant tits, now bouncing free of their constraints, only to be reinforced by two tighter holsters.

    The ties were viciously tight and Helena squealed angrily at their fastening. She fought valiantly, but she knew it was a fruitless effort to resist her bondage as she was being bound. Only once tied could she even hope to get out, but to further reinforce the notion of Ella’s experience. Rope came out and it was used to double down on the cables around her arms.

    The hemp was coarse and rough, not her own stuff, which brought a worrying thought to Helena’s mind, how the hell did she manage to get that in without her knowing? The questions had to wait however, for more rope had begun to fill the void of restraint that the cableties had left. Now, her wrists had been dragged up her back until her arms had formed a right angle from her body, with her elbows jutting out painfully. She was trapped in the staggeringly strict position with rope running from her wrists, around her waist and then around her shoulders. More rope had been procured and a line of cord was pulled above and then below her breasts, soon the ropes were piling up above and below in a sinisterly simple pattern.

    The complexity ramped up again as she was pushed back onto the table and Ella half-mounted her as she began winding the two loose ends of rope around each reddening tit. The process was as painful as it was with the cable ties from minutes before, but the added pressure seemed to make the intensity double.

    None of this was to say that Helena wasn’t complaining, every twisted knot was a yelp or a grumbled whine from her gagged lips. She writhed angrily and tried to hop away, But Ella’s positiona top her gave her the perfect leverage to begin applying the more sinister items of her imagination. Starting with two innocuous, although rather large elastic bands.

    Helena thought herself an idiot once they were put to use. Of course they were to be applied around her tits. One was first wound around one of her boobs and then twisted and wrapped around it again and twisted and wrapped around again. The process continued until her boobs had thinned and stretched out to enhance just how much her bust was put on display. The process was continued on the other poor tortured inmate on her chest, waiting in limbo as it watched its counterpart be strangled.

    “Looks as good as I’d thought. So, props to you” Ella commented. Helena had no idea what she was on about now, partly due to her focus being placed upon breathing over understanding the girl’s rambling.

    Her next addition to Helena’s torment was simple. Something she’d even used before in a show, though she wouldn’t lie and say she enjoyed the experience. She imagined and was proven right on the count of these little devils being even less enjoyable.

    In her slender hands were two jagged metal clamps. Ella grinned wildly and Helena struggled furiously. Their two conflicting reactions met in an unfortunate end for Helena as her nipples were crushed between the hungry jaws of the waiting metallic monsters. She wailed crazily, bucking and writhing in a spectacular display of helpless displeasure, but the show would go on with focus being placed upon her crotch next with a pentagram being formed over her nether regions with three lines being dragged against her pelvis with one intrepid adventurer being pulled hard up against her lips and to only increase the load on her poor, strained form, the rope leading down there was tied off to her wrists behind her.

    Helena had few notable outbursts left in her, the one as a result of her crotch rope being maybe the third last she could muster. Energy was depleting rapidly as more and more was devoted to breathing properly with the mounting tension on her exposed and swelling chest.

    “Almost done’ Ella assured her, now working on Ella’s thighs, making an intricate web of ropes down her legs, tying her supple flesh every inch with two lines of rope. Her fat bulged around the too-tight ropes and soon her legs were fused into one painfully squeezed unit.

    Now with all the ornamentation of a Christmas ham. Ella stood back and admired her work. Helena’s watery eyes met Ella’s as the redhead’s gaze drifted up from Helena’s ankles.

    “Your gag, need to fix that” she concurred, as if responding to a question from a source only she knew.

    Ella had now a larger roll of tape in one hand and gauze in the other. She weighed the two up carefully and ended with the gauze held higher than the tape. Thus, it was the first applied. The roll was expended in seven turns around her mouth, now turning the cleave gag to an OTM. It was further reinforced with the entire, rather thick roll of black, electrical tape.

    Ella, now exceedingly pleased with herself teetered off to the set of luggage that Helena had dragged in with her but returned with something Helena wished she’d left at home. One rather form fitting leather hood. One that a rather eager fan had custom made for her against her knowledge. She brought it with her because it was a shame to not use such a fine piece of leather, but she still detested the item. Now it was fastened around her face, squeezing her head like a vice and leaving only two holes; one for each nostril, to breathe through.

    It was a cruel situation she now found herself in, but it all brought copious amounts of joy to the now clearly psychotic redhead, who was clapping and cooing over every stringently tied and expertly placed knot that held the latticework of ropes together.  

    “I think we’re ready for the show now!” Ella cheered and sprang back from her captive who stood, jiggling awkwardly as her tits bounce and her balance teetered from bad to worse. Her status only deteriorated with a harsh tug on a leash, the item’s appearance surprised the beautiful showgirl. She didn’t feel it being placed on her, but certainly felt where it was attached to as the harsh pull brought a secondary pain to her crushed boobs.

    “Can’t delay any longer!” the redhead chirped with another pull and she got the idea, hopping after Ella with pained whimpers and groaned dismay.

    The ropes held firm under every slight movement she made on the long trip from her change room to where she was to be put on display. Her only clue as to when she arrived on stage was the chattering of the crowd and then the whistling and jeering of the lecherous bunch.

    It was a quick and painful ordeal. She fought her bonds every step of the way, but it didn’t take long for Helena to be brought onto a flat wooden bench and laid out on her exposed and pained breasts.

    A sickeningly sweet and all too familiar voice chimed over the assembly and that silenced the audience. “Now I thank you all for coming tonight, I hope that the entertainment is proving to be to your expectations. We do try to find the best” the woman’s voice echoed through some speaker system set high above.

    “However, we have an extra prize today” the woman stated blankly, but Hel could just feel the biting joy she took in announcing that key detail.

    Helena’s attentiveness was broken by what she assumed was Ella as something was tied from her elbow bonds to her ankles. The position was made even more precarious as a long pull on the rope folded Helena up backwards until her heels were prodding into her jutting out forearms. Knots were tied and the slack was twisted out of the way, ensuring there wasn’t even a hope of escape for the drooling and gargling damsel on the bench.

    The final touch was applied in the form of a single strand of rope affixing a ring at the top of her hood to her biceps, forcing her to stare blankly ahead.

    “We’ve got a special item on the block today, which many of you would recognize from her prolific career in Europe and now the US. One Helena Black.” The crowd muttered their understanding and some light applause was mustered in response to the announcement.

    “To show how much we care about our guests. This fine piece of ass… shall be available for hire for the next month for any patrons of the hotel. Starting at three thousand dollars an hour” the English accented woman declared with too much joy to her words.

    “Questions?” the voice beamed over copious applause, though the only one to answer the call for queries was too thoroughly muzzled to even alert someone to her predicament.

    Thus, the illustrious career of Helena Black took a steep nosedive.

    For what is an escape artist who cannot escape?

This is a simple thing I'm throwing up here to get back into my roleplay.

If you've seen my writing which I kinda assume you have since we'll you're reading this, then you know my likes. My dislikes however I'll list here.
- no guys tied up. Sorry on this count, it just doesn't entice me.
-no terrible grammar, give me long responses because I will certainly try to.
-don't give me, "he tied me up" I need detail.
-I won't do scat, gore, Furry or anything in the category of inflation.

If you'd like to try me. Just comment or note me, promise I won't bite, or I will if that's what you like


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