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So i had a poll on whether people would buy picture packs. 

Ther'es interest which is amazing, but most people wanna know more. 

So simply put, it's a full photoset, a pack of every not garbage photo of any bondage shoot i do, so all the steps of the tying, all the variants, different gags, whatever. In my tighter forms of ropework, or with lots of tape. It'll depend on what i have to work with. (Which is a lot)

Now, these packs could have upwards of 100 photos in them, and that's why there's a $20 price-tag floating over them, but i'd be happy to do several different packs too, like a bunch of $10 ones as well for  different say costumes or settings or whatever if you don't want everything. 

Any questions? Queries? death threats? 


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    What felt like days had flooded over the duo of feuding swimmers in mere hours.

    Their perch on the bench provided them the obscenest time to get intimate with each other and neither was happy about it. Though their lips were locked around the ballgag jammed into both their mouths. Neither even wanted to look the other in the eyes.

    That time spent hogtied together on the bench would not last forever though. As their deviously envious captor had seemed to want to get them out of there as quickly as possible and after two hours of gargling and motionlessly whimpering for freedom. Stella was introduced to two massive woman, rippling with muscles and hauling in a large leather chest. Both women regarded the two monstrous women who entered the room with suspicion.

    However, it was the chest they carried that worried Stella most. As when it was opened, it revealed a deep foam mold that seemed inexplicably shaped like it was meant for two women. Lo and behold, that was exactly what it was shaped like. As within minutes, they were unbound from the bench and placed into the chest with both girls having themselves their own 3-inch ballgags to contend with.

    The most embarrassing part of the new position however, was that each girl’s nose was firmly planted in the crotch of the other. And there was a line tied between their noosed and swelling breasts to make sure they could not swivel apart inside the chest.

    Then to ensure total silence, both women had their gags reinforced with an entire roll of microfilm tape that found its way around the entire lower halves of their faces, squeezing down on their overstuffed mouths.

    The crate felt like it would be the worst of her punishment with it being such an oddly hot day. The two massive women slammed the lid of the chest shut and Stella heard latches snapping shut to seal them in and then the two damsels were carried for thirty minutes through the entire swimming complex without a single stop.

    It was only when the sounds of cheers and splashing faded and car engines started that the damsel’s rocking ceased and they were set down. Only a minute after did they feel the swaying be replaced with a light humming and buzzing as an engine flared to life and the vehicle they had been placed in was alive and moving.

    The drive was the longest stretch of their journey. Likely to throw off the girl’s sense of direction as dozens of turns were made in the first few minutes before long and uninterrupted stretches of driving followed. It had been three hours before the two damsels found the vehicle had stopped and the two delivery giants had returned.

    The chest was hoisted up once more and the two were brought inside someplace.

    Then, the lid opened and the two were hoisted out. Though the method by which they were removed was less than pleasant. Especially with them picking up Stella only and carrying Levi along with her by her painfully constricted breasts.

    “Kinda wish we got a chance to play with them” one of the behemoths smirked. Dragging out a plea for mercy from Stella. Though it was ignored and used by the second giant as casus belli to give her a few lewd touches.

    Once they had been placed down, Stella realized that they certainly were not in the city any more. They might have even been taken out of state. The building they were in was centered around a massive lounge room with rustic redwood walls and fur lined floors to protect the smooth wooden floors. A dozen leather lounges were spaced about and a massive flat screen TV hung down over the room.

    And surrounding the massive space were several corridors to most sides, but there were also many large glass panes setup to view the scenery surrounding the damsels.

    Stella was dumbfounded by the sight, but now with her tits disconnected from Levi. She could see the other girl looking on impassively around her enormous gag. That only infuriated Stella as the two women dropped down into the lounges and looked about with a whistle.

    “The broad who hired us has some taste” one admitted. She was the taller of the two. She was Texan if her accent was any indicator and she had long black hair pulled into a bun. The other was European. Either German or Polish, though her accent was light.

    “I would have thought you’d say that in regard to them” the European captor added.

    “Too right” the other said and looked at Stella with a smirk. She got up and untied the brutal hogties that each girl was suffering and then went back to her lounge and dropped back into it with a leering smile.

    “Hop on over here” she said coldly, and Stella glared.

    “Oh, some bite to them still” the other cackled. “DO as she says though, you dumb whore. You don’t get a say in any of this” she demanded and the European’s eyes narrowed harshly.

    Stella felt her stomach drop, but she didn’t back down, at least she didn’t want to. However, that was when the first to speak held up a small pink device. Levi seemed to perk up finally and her golden eyes narrowed as she watched the woman with the small switch.

    “Ah I see one of you knows a thing or two” the Texan said with a smile and then thumbed the switch.

    At first there was no reaction, but after an empty moment of calm. The device they’d put under her bodysuit in the change rooms hummed to life. First it was a dull buzz, annoying and nothing more, but then the woman thumbed the device again and that slight hum rampaged into a violent drilling inside her. Stella cried out in surprise through her enormous ballgag and squeaked out her desperate pleas for them to stop.

    She fell to her side and writhed around pitifully as the two captors watched with sinister cackling. Stella’s eyes watered a mere minute in and within three more she was begging around her drool soaked ballgag. Eventually her captors acquiesced and barely managed to switch of the vibrator through their heinous cackling.

    “Now hop on over or you both get round two” the Texan woman snickered. That was when Stella finally rolled back onto her knees and noticed Levi wheezing through her nostrils. The naked beauty struggling to stay composed in her intense hogtie. “Only warning” the Texan commented and Stella whimpered as she managed to straighten herself up and begin waddling over on her knees thanks to her ankles still being crossed and tied as such.

    “Good girl. They’ll make a good slave out of your in no time” the woman stated and then nodded to the European. “We aren’t supposed to do anything with you, but I think with how long we had to listen to your cute little moans in the car ride here. We deserve some fun” she teased as Stella finally managed to reach the large woman who hoisted her up and onto her lap like the blonde was a child.

    Now situated with her body facing the giant and her legs spread over one of her massive thighs. The woman clasped both swollen tits in her hands and smiled wide. “Oh, you’re in fantastic shape, aren’t you?” She said appreciatively and twisted the girl, so her torso was facing away from the giant.

    “Damn. You swimming bitches sure shape up well” she added as the other giant returned and dropped a heavy duffel bag down beside the woman and her comparatively tiny captive.

    “Now. Time to test you out” she said with a laugh and pulled the bag up with one hand, whilst spinning Stella around to face away from her with the other. First thing she felt was the cold, biting pain of plastic cable ties being cinched around her arms. Making sure that there was no way they were ever going to separate. After that, she made sure to keep Stella’s legs folded shut with a few joined cable ties around her calves and thighs. Trapping her into a restricting frogtie.

    “Good” the woman said, congratulating herself before Stella’s sight was taken as a suffocatingly tight black sheath was dragged down over her face. The item was some kind of rubber or leather and it made sure the last thing Stella saw was the exasperated face of her bound and gagged rival.

    With the hood pulled on. Stella’s hair was threaded out through a hole at the top and left fluffed out in a ponytail. Now feeling truly helpless. It was no surprise that another item came out of the bag. Though the nature of it was certainly a shock to her as the bottom of her bodysuit was pulled away and a come-like metal item slid past her plump butt cheeks. The squeaking she had let slip before with the vibrator suddenly seemed like nothing compared to the wild screeching she sent flowing into the room as the butt-plug was inserted in without much fanfare.

    Stella’s screaming was almost drowned out too by the laughter of her captors as the item was fully pressed in and her bodysuit was righted again. Leaving Stella to continue her shower of curses, pleas and insults.

    It didn’t take long for the giantess tormenting her to keep her controlled by holding her up by the ropes looping behind her neck like she was a naughty kitten. Honestly a set of cat ears would have been comically cruel at this point.

    Though even as Stella cried and bucked blindly in the air in the hands of the giant. She could hear similar squeaking and whimpers from across the room as no doubt the other woman was pushing other items into her once rival. Now fellow slave.

    After maybe five minutes of being dangled about like a disgruntled feline. Stella went limp and she felt warm tears forming as she struggled to cope with the new intruder and as if that wasn’t enough. The vibrator was flicked to life and her gagged cries turned to muted, gargled groans for mercy and forgiveness for whatever transgressions she had committed prior.

    Unsurprisingly, the switching on of her vibrator also echoed out more groans from levi, now further muted by her own hood.

    Thus, their first few hours of captivity came to be spent in the hands of these two cruel giants.

    The constant switching between the vibrators and groping made nothing easier as they began to add a few jagged metal alligator clips to each of Stella’s nipples and when she got too loud, the Texan would take her time to beat the complaints out of her via a few harsh swings of a wooden paddle to her rump.

    Levi and Stella had been captured at around 11AM. By the time the two giants had tired of torturing the two damsels and opted to rearrange their predicaments, it was 6PM.

    Neither Levi nor Stella complained when the two giants mentioned that they had to go. Though both certainly sounded remorseful for leaving. They made it known too with the positions they left their toys in.

    Stella had been left upside down, with her ankles uncrossed and legs folded over a metal bar that was connected to a chain from the roof. The nooses around her breasts had been reinforced with a set of three cable ties around each and what felt like fishing wire then used to crisscross around them. To make it all worse. The jagged clamps had two more sets joining them and from the three one ach bound and abused breast were small but heavy metal weights.

    Each of her boobs were forced to bear three kilos of extra weight. Which at first were not the most problematic of punishments, nothing compared to the latticework of sawing bonds around her tits. However after an hour spent upside down she was feeling it.

    To further silence her. They’d also tightened a belt around her mouth, making it feel like her head was going to explode from the strictness of it.

    And though she could not see it any more. There was a period of time when they had rebound Levi that they had allowed Stella her sight back. Apparently her old hogtie was not brutal enough and her flexibility needed further improvement, which had led to her new predicament which involved the attractive, white-haired girl bent into a circle.

    Her feet had been brought up over her shoulders where a bar had been inserted into her mouth and her ankles were tied to each end of it. From there they left her arms in the brutal reverse-prayer tie, only adding some tape around it for aesthetics. They also gave her a truly vicious crotch rope that forced the buttplug and dildo she’d been contending with in deeper.

    Her breasts had not been spared further pains either and a roll of black electrical tape had been wrapped around each, turning her once buoyant boobs to two cylinders, squeezed violently by a cocoon of tape. It seemed that these two beasts had found a limit to what she could comfortably handle. Her current predicament a far cry from the simple, yet still painful ties that her coach would put her through.

    The two damsels were left to wallow in their new positions for another hour after their tormentors left. Though the cocky sound of a familiar voice did nothing to alleviate their muffled gargling.

    For soon, the two damsels were greeted by the mastermind of their intense suffering.

    “Oh jesus Christ” the woman sighed, “this is exactly why I didn’t want them doing anything yet. I didn’t need you breaking this fast” she commented tiresomely, and a set of heels clicked over to Stella. Any hopes that she had for freedom were quickly dashed when a harsh strike rippled across the net of ropes constricting her firm breasts.

    “I expected you two to last longer” she groaned and her heels clicked away as Stella pleaded for help.

    “Oh, shut up you” she called back as she went to Levy. Though Stella couldn’t make out what she’d said to her. “Aright then. Let’s consider this a learning experience. Let it be known that if you misbehave, this kind of torment awaits you in your rather early retirement. If you fuck up. Prepare to get to know even larger toys and if you behave. I might even let you try some simple cuffs. Now, that aside. I need a shower. Had a lot of interviews to attend after I won the tournament. Got a lot of celebrating to do as well with me going into the Olympic qualifiers in the next few months. Which means you two will be cheering me on of course from here” the crazed kidnapper rambled as she slowly walked away.

    “I’ll change you out of those horrendous positions when I’m back though. I’m sure you two will need some rest” the cackling captor stated as her heels clicked up some distance stairs.

    Stella wanted to try and meet Levi’s gaze, but the girl had ceased her grunting a while ago and in her inverted and blind state, Stella lost track of where she was. Leaving the blonde to dangle uselessly and painfully.

    Eventually. Another hour passed, and their crazy competitor let Stella down. Though the faint hope she held for a more lenient position was lost as the poor thing found herself led by her tits alongside Levi to a different room.

    Stella had nothing removed from her but the weights for her boobs and the ropes keeping her frogtied. Now she was forced to hop along, bouncing her pained tits up and down as her legs were fused into a single limb, making her look like a Christmas ham that had been packaged far too tightly. Levi presumably had her bondage changed too. She could hear her hopping along beside her, but her hopping was not barefooted. She heard clopping beside her and didn’t know if whatever shoes she was forced into would be better or worse.

    No doubt it was the latter.

    Once their next trip had finished. Their slaver dragged them into the center of the room and tied their tits off to a hook above. Keeping the two standing. Though the woman did not disappear once she had tied them to the hook. Instead Stella felt her boots being peeled away and replaced with a different, taller pair of heels. Applied once much rope had been removed.

    The new pair of shoes had elevated her greatly. Adding what felt like a foot of height, but really it was only nine inches thanks to the pointed toe of the shoe keeping her balancing on spike-like heels and the points of her toes. “These are ballet boots ladies” their captor announced.

    “These boots make sure you don’t run and they’re also going to make this next game a lot more fun. As you two will have to keep it up all night. And whoever wins will get a prize… I did want to make it a surprise, but that’d be no fun if you didn’t know what you were competing for. So, whoever wins will get to choose to have a part of their body untied for two hours tomorrow. Isn’t that generous of me?” the woman snorted, and both girls groaned.

    Their slight show of defiance was rewarded with a sharp strike - from what must have been a cane of some sort – across their painfully constricted tits.

    The nature of their game became apparent quite quickly after that as the two ladies tried to pull away from each other to avoid another strike. Though when both hopped back; thanks to their legs being sealed together once more, the pressure on their painfully tied tits grew. And it wasn’t just the pain of them pulling on their tethers, but it was like a boulder had been added to the other end of Stella’s line.

    Then it clicked.

    “You’re smart, blondie” their captor congratulated and patted Stella on the head, “y’see, the game here is, whoever manages to touch the wall behind them first will win!” the woman cheered, but both girls garbled their confusion back. One more mutedly than the other.

    “Not smart enough I guess” she muttered and stepped between them.

    “The tethers on your lovely boobs…” she began as she caressed each damsel’s exposed and roughly hewn breasts, eliciting a squeak from both, “are attached to a pully above that has enough give for one of you to reach the wall, but to do so. You’ve gotta pull on the other poor slut’s terribly tormented taataas” she giggled sadistically and delivered another strike from her cane to Levi, which had her hop back and suddenly Stella was off her feet.

    “Now Levi clearly has the edge here. Though she always has. I’m sure you’re used to it Stell” the captor cackled. “no hard feelings. Now I’ve got an afterparty to attend. There’s also a camera set up to tell me who wins. You can begin whenever” the woman added and then her heels clicked away, leaving Stella dangling pitifully once more. And then she heard shuffling and Stella was another few inches higher and then more shuffling.

    Within minutes Stella had been lifted a foot off the ground. Within ten more, she was two feet up and she was crying and trying to shake herself down, but of course that only made it worse as Levi kept hopping back now. Effortlessly hoisting the poor blonde bombshell up until it stopped, and Stella heard something hit stone.

    Now, the blonde was hoisted six feet off the ground and her few audible cries were so thoroughly muted that it didn’t even matter if she tried to complain because she couldn’t make a sound anymore. She could feel Levi’s air of confidence though as suddenly Stella was lowered bit by bit, but she didn’t touch down. She could tell she was still dangling a few inches off the ground and no matter how she wriggled like a worm on a hook, she made no progress towards touchdown.

    She could also almost hear levi laughing behind whatever was gagging her. Seems her spirit had returned. That cold, icy façade easing away for an instant as she was no doubt pleased with putting the blonde down a peg.

    Thus. Two more hours of suffering ensued for the poor duo. Though one was certainly enjoying her moment of superiority over the physically smaller girl.

    Stella could only dangle and curse her captor for rigging the game against her from the start. Likely this would not be the first time for it either. 

Swimming Heat - Chapter 2, Heating up
And here we are with a surprise chapter two to my joint venture with myself and uberis 's Leviathan as the damsels in a strange swimming based slave conspiracy. 

Expect gargantuan gags, tenuously tied tits and beautifully bound babes. 

I hope you enjoy this as i get to work on a special, superlong piece for an anniversary of a commission. 10 brownie points to whoever guesses what one. 

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    The echoing splashes of water and the raucous cries and cheers of the crowd radiated through the locker room she sat in. Her long blonde hair had been pooled up behind her in a neat bun. Her face had been stripped of the makeup she donned for her interviews and her steely, moss green eyes glared down at her interlocked fingers. The pretty blonde had been slumped over her knees, sat on a stiff wooden bench, unable to look away from her slightly trembling hands.

    It was a rarity for nerves to strike her before an event. Even rarer for her to feel something else atop it. She was single focused in her competition and that meant that the anxiety welling in her chest was unwelcomed. She’d spent a week preparing for this specific heat. Every day was spent at the pool with her coach sitting back shouting corrections at her.

    Every night was spent watching dozens of clips of the techniques and styles of her competitors. She had decided she was ready for it, she went to bed the night before with confidence as she beamed a smile at her dozens of trophies that she kept in her modest apartment.

    Yet now that confidence had shaken away as she waited in the locker room that they had cordoned off for her. The massive, empty changing room served to only echo her many insecurities about the upcoming heat and all those uncertainties narrowed on a single person. One girl had managed to throw off every positive vibe within her being. That damn perverted monster from the East Coast. Who the hell names their kid Leviathan? She snapped to herself in an attempt to swat away her negativity. The attempt at levity failed her miserably.

    “Just calm down you idiot” she said aloud, eyes shifting up to the plain grey roof, covered in a dozen random stains. She grimaced and turned away from it to look down once more. Her nails still bore the shades of pink from a party last week and her skin still carried the light tan she had acquired in her week’s training, but she felt utterly unimpressive. Usually she was confident and sure of her own appeal, but that damn ashy-haired copycat showed up out of the blue to compete and they flocked to her.

    Now here she sat. Stella Valla, famed rookie competitor, quickly surging up the ranks to the top. Sat alone in a change room as a crowd roared for her to lose. It wasn’t exactly a surprise as to why either. For all the appeal her buxom physique, blonde hair, well-toned frame and tanned skin garnered. Leviathan had that little bit extra.

    Stella had a decent bust? Levi had them too, but she took part in naked shoots with them just flopped out for all to see. Stella had a secretive training regime that she and her coach kept under wraps to build an enigmatic draw for her? Leviathan and her psychotic coach were spotted on a beach with the buxom swimmer bound and gagged, being walked on a leash as a form of training. What was worse? It worked.

    For everything Stella did. Ever since that minor leaguer showed up, Stella had become second. She rose from high-school regionals in her homeland of Australia to a swimming scholarship at a college in California. Now she was competing in national qualifiers across the country. She used to come first in them all too, but now? She was second; the first to lose.

    Stella let the thought of beating that busty bimbo lull in her mind. It sure would feel good to throw her down from her hastily erected pedestal. Though reality kicked her hard as she felt her phone vibrate beside her.

    She grimaced at the thought of opening the device, but she acquiesced and picked up the flashing smartphone. Once unlocked, it revealed a message from one of her friends from college, sending her a picture thrown up on social media of the “up and coming star Leviathan”.

    I can’t believe you got to be in a picture with her!” the message read, and Stella realized the picture had her standing off to the side, arms folded as the reporters swarmed the pretty newcomer.

    “Thanks. I’ll be sure to do my best” Stella wrote back and sent the message off. She barely avoided the urge to hurl her phone against the wall when the door to the change rooms were pushed open and the other competitors filtered in. They showed up later than she did as she was promised an interview before the event, but that was quickly thrown aside when the star of the show appeared last minute. Apparently midway through her training too as her arms were sealed behind her back in a leather sheath and her mouth had been filled with a hefty red rubber ball.

    The other competitors. All tall, lean women, all pretty and fierce filed into the room chatting about the girl they’d seen. A few eyes drifted to Stella on her loan bench and none approached. Some of their glances were friendly, others were not. Most in fact fell under the latter rather than the former.

    It left a bitter taste in her mouth as they just glided past her, some laughing about her and others about the circus that the media had whipped up around the odd training leviathan went through. Most just made comments about her non-standard physique, much the same as Stella’s. Both had more hourglass figures that had some filling to them with Levi’s muscle tone complimenting her rather immense height, whilst the other eight competitors were tall and regular Amazonians.

    Another slight for her to mull over later, but the others showing up in here and getting changed signaled her to get up and start stretching. Having already swapped to her swimsuit.

    The once empty and calm room had lost its welcoming atmosphere rather quickly, so she left after a few minutes of easing the tension from her calves. SO, she migrated to the hallways outside the changeroom, but as soon as she did, the sounds of gossip about how she had been losing momentum thanks to Levi reached easily into the halls. So, she moved on once more. This time to the staging area by the pool.

    Lo and behold however, a familiar mess of whitish gold hair pounced up as Leviathan sprouted up from a stretch with her well endowed coach at her side; smiling and offering some slight advice.

    The shorter competitor seemed displeased as she stretched and mouthed off to her coach. Stella tried to keep her eyes down and at her feet, but as she did, she was forced to look at her own simple blue one-piece swimsuit and then over to the majestic and revealing one that Levi wore. She looked good in it sure, but that only served to agitate Stella’s already thin patience further.

    After a few minutes of the mandatory stretches laid out by her coach, she turned to the seats of the staging area and fell into the one before her own diving podium. She dropped into the simple cushioned chair and propped her angular face up on her palm. She admired the meter-high podium for a moment as it called to her longingly, but just as soon as she found an ounce of peace in the stand. The others emerged from the change rooms and the announcers continued their introductions as a camera team pandered alongside them and the swimmers smiled and waved.

    Just win this heat, then one more race and we’re done for the day. She told herself as she scanned the crowds for her coach. She’d taken off some time ago to attend to a personal matter. Something about having to give something to someone; she made it seem very important, but honestly Stella wasn’t mad that she had to go. Just that it would somehow be spun into a wild story if she was gone whilst the star of the show was being attended to at every moment by her own coach.

    Once more Stella felt a familiar pang of annoyance and she gathered her goggles and cap from the bag she’d set down by the seat a few hours prior and proceeded to the podium as the announcers began to hush the crowd and announce the next race to begin.

    As Stella approached her podium the gap in height began to make itself known. At five feet and seven inches, she wasn’t short, but compared to the 6-foot-tall Leviathan and the other even taller miner leaguers around them. She felt rather out of her depth, even though she had stood where she did a dozen times before. Somehow now with her anxieties built up as much as they had been, it all felt a magnitude more surreal.

    As she felt her chest thunder to the rapidly accelerating thumping of her heart, Stella tuned out the crowd and tuned in the announcer as they finished naming each competitor. They announced the heat to be the 100-meter Freestyle. Stella’s second-best stroke and to be honest she had forgotten what event she was there for until the announcement. She had at some stage become keenly aware of the women around her and nothing else, but the announcer did her one service. She could focus once more on the water.

    And the water was oddly mesmerizing. As she stood at the edge of the Olympic pool, she found her eyes wondering around its edges as the gentle and unnatural current lapped small waves against the tiled walls. She smiled as she followed the waves to a point by the center of the pool where the water was pumped in and out, creating the artificial current. It wasn’t enough of an ebb and flow to distract a swimmer, but enough to notice when you watched and whilst her world seemed to be shaking and her heart pounding. She found a slight reprieve as she took in the serenity of the waves.

    The serenity faded slowly as the announcers and the lineman called the competitors up to the stands. Stella slipped her cap on then and her goggles smacked down over her eyes as she danced out the last of her nerves before the race.

    All those negative thoughts and emotions melted into the distance reaches of her mind and she felt nothing but the water waiting for her.

    Then silence fell around her, and a crack of a gun sent her muscles roaring to life and she launched.


    Dejection was a hard thing to evaluate. Some days it could feel like there was just nothing there. An absence of everything good and bad and leaving nothing behind to even mourn. Somehow even coming second was enough to spark such emptiness.

    No longer could she claim to be the best and she didn’t even have the room to claim she could grow into the top echelons. She had to sit with the knowledge that she was the first to lose, hammered home by the sights surrounding her. Reporters flocked to the orange donning Amazonian that was Levi, they wanted to know her secrets and if her outlandish training regime was the source of her simply incredible lung capacity.

    Stella came second. The fact was undisputed, as even though she had managed to get a full meter lead on the third-place competitor, Levi had managed three on her. To manage to outpace someone that much in 50 meters just didn’t seem possible to her and yet that was reality. Though reality was just that, it was fact and she had to live with it. Even as she struggled with the hole that coming second had bored in her heart, she would just train more, second was enough to qualify for the international tournament, especially with her time. She would just work harder than she had previously.

    The thought of working harder agitated her aching soul, but once again, she silenced the ache and powered on past the few people trying to interview her and she just stampeded down to her locker room. The others were still recovering from the mad dash that was their race. Most would take a few minutes and Stella banked on that to get a moment of quiet to calm herself down for her second event later.

    Before she would start to think about any more strokes or water, she needed food and she had a nice café in mind already.

    Though, as if fate had such a cruel design on everything. Once she entered the change rooms and finished her short shower. She returned in a simple black bodysuit and little black skirt to find one other in the space. Granted with the size of the room it wasn’t intrusive. It was only because of who had shown up and as her wild mane of white hair had finished drying, she seemed completely unconcerned with her competitor appearing. She only glanced back nonchalantly before continuing to rifle through her own bag.

    Her clothes were pulled out and the six-foot, muscle bound, but definitely feminine figure just pulled on a different swimsuit, like her last, with some added cleavage.

    The change of attire only reminded the blonde that she’d never seen her rival in anything but nothing or a swimsuit. Though that look, that snide side eye so devoid of care or even pleasure drove a spike straight down Stella’s throat.

    She tried to gulp away her anger, but it simply welled as she tried to pack her stuff away and put on her knee-high black 5 inchers. Eventually something just snapped in the back of her mind and she spun.

    “Where do you get off from? Acting so proud and mighty?” She growled, not looking at the woman as she more forcefully thrust her stuff back in the duffel bag. “You show up with that perverted coach of yours and just take the scene. With what fuckin’ hardship? What sacrifice?” she continued to demand across the floor. Still not looking.

    “Should I apologize for winning? Is that what you’re asking for here?” The oddly smooth voice of her rival came back. It lacked care, empathy, it was her stating a fact, not a real question.

    Unsurprisingly her nonchalance only further fueled the fire burning in Stella’s chest.

    “I-I” Stella stammered, trying to piece together a response. It seemed all so distant now, every insult and qualm she had stocked up over the course of a year just seemed to evaporate. Her pent-up anger seemed so far away now that her rival had confronted her so simply. “You just take what I’d been working for for so long and you do it like no one else deserves it.”

    “If I won, then I won. I didn’t cheat, so I earnt it. Do better next time and you will too” she stated once more, still as levelled as ever. It grated as hard as her first response.

    “Cheated? No, I’d never say you cheated, just you and that walking pair of tits you call a coach has you on some fucking weird training regime. I don’t know what sick pleasure you get out of being her personal slave to win, but sure, if that works then good, great. I’ll win through what everyone else does while you keep showing up as a fetish model” the blonde shouted back.

    “Insult her all you want, but she gets results” Levi mused back, losing some of her volume.

    “So, it’s worth throwing everything away to win? Pride? Any kind of chastity? Even the most remote amount of decency?” Stella continued.

    “Just look at the medal I have that you don’t Stella” Levi commented holding up the gold medallion now dangling from her neck. “If you want to win, then you do what you have to to do it. Greg helped me get where I am, and if it means throwing away a bit of pride, then I’ll live with it. If you’re happy with second place, fine.” Levi stated and zipped up her bag.

    “Now I’ve gotta get some more work done before my next heat so if you wouldn’t mind” the woman said coldly and turned on her heel for the door. Only for the heavy metal frame to swing inwards and the other eight competitors to enter.

    Stella looked up for the first time at them and saw the mixture of deviancy and joy on their faces as they each carried a rather heavy looking duffel bag. One of which looked strikingly familiar to the blonde. It was held by a tall redhead who was a touch slenderer than the others, but she had no less muscle to her.

    She was the only face that Stella could place from the lot. She was a 6-foot-4 giant and the third-place finisher from the race they had just finished. She still had a bit of a pant going, but she looked as composed as anyone.

    The door to the changing rooms slid shut behind them and one of the women remained in front of the door with her arms folded.

    “I see you two are already congratulating each other on your wins” the redhead stated loudly. Though her voice echoed, Stella knew it wouldn’t carry through the heavy metal door to the space. “Glad to see our two winners getting so comfy with each other after all is said and done!” the redhead announced with a clap that elicited a chuckle from a few of the tall and muscular women behind her.

    “I just had this damn conversation” Levi sighed and walked for the door, only to be blocked by one of the women stepping in front of her.

    “We’ve got something we’d like to help the two of you learn y’see” the redhead continued in her rather rough midwestern accent. “We’d like a chance to actually compete. I don’t think a single one of us have come first since little miss short dumb and buxom over there came up to the national level two years ago. And none of us have seen a second-place finish since you showed up” the redhead finished with a scathing bite to her final few words.  

    “That’s none of my business. What you do to be at the top is up to you” Levi stated lazily. “now can you move?”

    The redhead looked back at her companions and shook her head slowly. “you’re not getting the idea are you. We’re not going to beat you, but we certainly can remove the biggest obstacles from us coming first” she admitted with a wide smile. And then Stella felt her body tense up as the statement registered and it molded into the threat it was in her mind.

    “Unless you mean you’re going to quit, I don’t get what you’re saying” Levi commented dryly, and the redhead laughed.

    “Alright let’s do this” the redhead stated, and her posse struck. Whilst Levi was tall and fit inn her own right. It didn’t matter as three much taller and much fitter women snatched her arms up and wedged them up behind her back, pushing her down onto a bench and crammed an enormous sponge into her agape jaws.

    Stella didn’t know how to react to the forceful capture of the white-haired woman. She tried to run as her first bet but realized she had just essentially glued two shackles to her legs in her tall boots and just like that, the redhead was on her.

    Whilst three were dedicated to the thrashing, but quickly subdued Leviathan. Stella wasn’t afforded such praise. The redhead personally shut her up with a ball gag the size of a grapefruit with a set of straps winding all around her face, under her chin and around her nose. All connecting with a ring behind her head.

    A struggle ensued, but the redhead was almost a foot taller than her and it felt like twice as heavy. Stella didn’t stand a chance once the hempen cord emerged.

    The struggle might’ve seemed fierce in Stella’s head, but soon enough she had little left in her but mewling groans as she found herself lying down on one of the wooden benches in the change room.

    Nothing could be called comfortable in regard to her new position. First and foremost, the company ensured that she would find no blessings today. The reason for the size of the enormous ball gag seemed rather apparent now, especially the oddly elongated nature of it and the excess straps. For she was not the only one suckling on it. Her lips were forcibly meeting her rival’s on the other end. And as she tried to get comfortable in her new, painful position. She failed at every attempt.

    Rope encircled her limbs at the wrists, elbows, forearm and biceps. Her two limbs had been made one with thin and biting hemp rope, whilst her legs found a different position. Her ankles were crossed and bound, making sure her heels were sealed to her feet with rope circling beneath her soles to add to how strict it all was. More rope kept her calves and thighs folded shut though, squishing her toned thighs around the three bands of rope wrapped around her legs.

    The frog tie only further added to her problems too. Especially with the line of rope connecting her ankles to the ring at the back of her gag, which had bent her up like a bow. Revealing her painfully noosed tits and the rather viciously tight crotch rope, accompanied by a small item pressed in with the base of her bodysuit.

    On the other end of things, Levi faired no better. Especially with her being stripped of her swimsuit to make the artistically applied, multipronged crotch rope she was contending with, much more intrusive. She too had been given a small egg pressed against her nethers and she too had been bent like a bow. Though her larger bosom had an extra layer of pressure applied with first the rope around each breast and then a set of rubber bands extended around her boobs in a figure eight. She didn’t have the ease of her arms being tied into a single limb either. Instead they’d pulled her wrists up her back until her wrists crossed at her shoulder blades and her elbows were crushed together. Once they’d managed to reverse-prayer position. They made sure than no rope was spared in almost completely mummifying her forearms and biceps and wrists together, even topping it off with her fingers tied together with painfully strict plastic zip ties.

    Her gag was even more intense too. As Stella remembered the sponge jammed in behind the ball gag they shared, she shivered. She would have reasoned they had it out for her most, but the blonde certainly did not feel like it. Not with the ropes wound just as tightly around her as they were around Levi. The poor ashen-haired girl just had more of it. Even the hogtie rope was wound into her hair to keep it pulled back, as well as being tied to the intricate chest harness they’d cursed her with.

    Most of the other competitors had left once the two were situated on the bench. Both bent like bows and gargling their displeasure. The redhead simply smirked and patted each one like one would a child or rather a pet.

    “Now. I know you two never really took the time to learn my name. But I’m Rose Windhall. New US champion for each stroke” she said calmly and squeezed each girl’s exposed breasts. “I’ll be sure to acquaint each of you with my trophies when you come back to see your new home” she continued as she took even more rope and got to wrapping it around their strained bodies and the bench they were on. Now they were being bent up and forced down and together by the ropes around the bench and the gags conjoining them.

    “It’s a real nice place in Michigan. Country estate. Got it with my old sponsorship money before they flocked to you two. Poetic that you’d be the ones to both help me get those sponsors back and win again” she said, ruffling both girl’s hair before rising and dusting off her hands.

    “I’ve got another race to get to. Someone will be by though in half an hour to pick you two up and get you all packed up to be shipped out” Rose finished and then delivered a harsh smack to each girl’s rumps. The strike forced a squeak from each damsel and clearly Rose was happy with the result.

    “We’ll have so much fun together” Rose added as she left the room.

    Now, alone and painfully bound together, the two rival’s shaky eyes met, and both tried to figure out what the hell they were going to do to get out of this mess.

    Screaming hadn’t worked with Levi’s sponge and the jaw breaking pressure of the ball gag for Stella.

    It truly seemed like they were in for a long night.

    All for a medal. 

A lil bit of Swimming Heat
Something a lil bit different for yall. This time a little bit of a fanfiction bit with uberis and their fantastically fun characters. 

So, enjoy some fun bondage and get excited for more of their adventures to come. 


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