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So i had a poll on whether people would buy picture packs. 

Ther'es interest which is amazing, but most people wanna know more. 

So simply put, it's a full photoset, a pack of every not garbage photo of any bondage shoot i do, so all the steps of the tying, all the variants, different gags, whatever. In my tighter forms of ropework, or with lots of tape. It'll depend on what i have to work with. (Which is a lot)

Now, these packs could have upwards of 100 photos in them, and that's why there's a $20 price-tag floating over them, but i'd be happy to do several different packs too, like a bunch of $10 ones as well for  different say costumes or settings or whatever if you don't want everything. 

Any questions? Queries? death threats? 

Alright all. New story is being written. Halfway through. One question though, it's a kidnapping story, captive is all tied up and helpless, what kind of things would you wanna see done to her? 

21 deviants said More non-con acts? (groping, rapeish, dildos, buttplugs)
19 deviants said Humiliation? (Left outside, put in a cage, walked along the beach all tied up)
12 deviants said Forced sexual acts? (Oral, sex, sexy dances whatever)
7 deviants said Spankings? (With paddles, hands, canes, branches, books, whatever)
4 deviants said Something else? (Send me a note or comment, i wanna know what you guys wanna read)


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    It all started three weeks ago at a bar she forgot the name of on a night she lost track going out with someone she forgot the identity of. Was it her sister? Her best friend? She had no idea who it was that she went with three weeks ago on a Thursday or Friday night. She went to a bar she went to semi-regularly, yet she didn’t remember the name of it.

    She couldn’t remember what happened in that bar to save her life, but the next day when she woke up with a throbbing hangover, she checked her phone and saw a message from someone she vaguely remembered. The girl was pretty that was for sure. She had jet black hair cascading down her shoulders in neat, almost natural curls that stopped halfway down her back and danced down around her face in cute little spirals.

    She had a back and a brilliant sun peaking in through the corner for a profile picture with her spectacular features pouncing up from the bottom until just shy of her belly button. She was slender with a narrow waist and wide hips. No wonder why she’d accepted a message from her at some point. She remembered taking a moment to scan through the profile of the mystery girl for at least half an hour before she realized she was being messaged by a goddess in human form.

    The girl was bright, friendly and bubbly. Her messages were laced with energy and charisma that the half-drunken girl could never hope to match.

    Somehow, she managed to keep conversation going with the beauty until she asked if she wanted to meet up that weekend. The hungover girl scrambled to say yes but pushed for it to happen on a Sunday to recover. The beauty agreed with a wink and she nearly fainted as she imagined that perfect face creasing into the wink.

    It was now three weeks since that first “date”. Still cautious of calling it a date, Indie didn’t quite know how to handle the situation. Their friendship had burgeoned into an easygoing exchanged of drinks and stories. And now, University had ended for the year and the beautiful bombshell that she learned was Victoria Amalla; a local model and smalltime actress, had invited her to a gathering with her friends for a week.

    Indie Belle didn’t know how to react. So, she said yes out of panic. The pretty brunette didn’t quite match up the image of perfection that was the raven-haired minx. Though, she had her own perks that the beauty didn’t. Indie exercised often, though she didn’t notice the results. However, not noticing them and the results not being there were two separate things. Indie was a naturally buxom and curvy girl. She was never overweight, but she always had thicker thighs and larger boobs than the other girls.

    Earlier in life, during highschool, that was a matter of great anxiety for her, but when she hit university, she learned that thicker was quite in demand. That was also when she realized she saw the appeal to and her sexuality spun on a dime. It wasn’t a magical swap she never saw coming though, she’d experimented in highscool like many others had, but unlike most, she enjoyed the experiments. Stigma kept her from going any further.

    Now, living on her own in a small apartment, she had no one watching over her shoulder as she dreamed of the chance of going the distance with this bombshell.

    Dreams had to wait though, because she was going to Victoria’s beach house today and she was still packing. Packing a bag for a week had also taught her a lot about how much her figure had been refined as most of her clothing had either stretched or shrunk beyond fitting. Her swimsuit was too small around her butt and tits, and her, pants, skirts, tops and dresses that weren’t leather, spandex or made to stretch were no good.

    That left her with a select few clothing items to bring, including the rubber skirt and midriff bearing crop top she had on. Thankfully her shoes were fine. Which brought her tremendous relief when she packed away a dozen pairs of heels.

    Makeup was packed in last even if the buxom beauty didn’t wear much of it.

    She was ready though, so she gave herself one more once over in the mirror. She checked that everything fit like she thought. She was rewarded with the sight of her firm rear pressing tightly against the skirt, her thick and toned thighs stretching the material of it and her lightly detailed abdomen with the simple gem in her bellybutton all on display. She smiled.

    Despite the anxieties of youth, she somehow managed to take pride in her appearance, because she knew she looked good when she put in the effort. Today was one of those days too, so the brunette smiled, and her sky-blue eyes wondered from the mirror to her door and then her phone.

    She was being picked up by the raven-haired beauty and despite her saying she’d be there at noon, Indie had been ready at 11. The busty brunette flopped onto her bed and closed her eyes. Her fake eyelashes made her flutter her eyelids a few times before she was comfortable, but eventually she found a serene peace as she waited and soon enough she heard a knock at her door and a buzz from her phone.

    Indie rocketed upwards and looked down to see it was half-past twelve. She fell off her bed and rushed to the door. A move made infinitely more uncomfortable by her five-inch heels.

    Indie managed to open the door to her apartment a moment later and there stood Victoria. The raven-haired beauty had a pleasant smile on her puckered red lips. Her angular face tilted to the side, either confused or interested in the brunette’s panting. She didn’t press whatever her issue was ad instead shifted her weight onto her right leg.

    The European beauty had come dressed in a tight red skirt with a split down one leg and wore a similarly form fitting black top that left her midriff bare, showing off rack of perfectly maintained muscles. Indie was staring for too long at them too, somehow more drawn to her toned abs and firm thighs than her buoyant bust that rose and fell slowly, perfectly displayed in the cups of her top.

    “Can I come in?” She asked in a mesmerizing British accent.

    Indie stepped aside wordlessly, and the raven-haired girl entered with a sensual stride. Her heels clicked carefully along the tiles of the entrance to the apartment and her eyes wondered aimlessly around the kitchenette they came to. “Cute” Victoria said softly and leaned up against the bench of the kitchen.

    The brunette didn’t know if she did it on purpose, but her butt sat just above the bench, lifting it up ever so slightly and highlighting her firm rear perfectly against the stone tabletop. Once more she caught Indie staring and the brunette scurried off blushing.

    Indie returned with her suitcase and handbag, but Victoria took her handbag from her.

    “Can’t let you carry this down the stairs yourself” she said with a chirping voice.

    Indie tried protesting, but Victoria cut her off with a peck on the nose with her perfectly plump lips. “not taking no as an answer,” sorry she said with a giggle and skipped to the door. Indie found her fluidity of movement mesmerizing as she managed it in a pair of ludicrously high heels.

    When indie faltered, Victoria waved her over, “c’mon, I gave you a kiss on the nose, more if you manage it to the car” she taunted. Indie snapped out of it quickly. It was that assertiveness that drew her in every time. She did it on their first date, kissing her one the cheek then and on the lips on the third date. Now she teased her with pecks all around her face, avoiding her lips unless she did something to earn it. Today it was getting to the car.

    Indie smiled under her blush and followed, collecting her phone and apartment keys. Locking the apartment as she left. 

    The car was as high class as Indie had expected. Victoria wasn’t a stuck-up rich kid, but she had an external source of funds that had kept her going, because she always paid on their dates and the slick black SUV was brand new as of their first date.

    Indie filed into the front passenger seat aster throwing her luggage in the back, whilst Victoria slipped into the front seat. The seats were leather, and Indie broke an awkward smile as her skirt squeaked along the seat as she slid in.

    The car was started up a moment later and they were on the move on a highway out of the city minutes later.

    The drive to the beach house was filled with guessing games, karaoke and intermittent naps from the two. They stopped by a McDonalds on the way twice and filled the car with food when they came through a town large enough to have a supermarket.

    The beach they were going to was a six-hour drive from the city and well removed from the nearest town at a half an hour drive. It was secluded, which was apparently what the owners wanted it to be. Victoria had explained that her parents bought it from Chinese family that thought the beach town would expand much faster, hoping to catch the land whilst it was cheap.

    They were wrong, and the house went for nearly nothing.

    So, Victoria went there every year for a couple weeks to relax after exams. Apparently, they didn’t normally bring people outside their friend circle up, but Victoria explained that there wasn’t anything the others could do about it. “My house” she said.

     Whatever the rules were though. There weren’t any other cars there when they got to the property. There was a hundred-meter-long lane leading up to the place with clean-cut green grass and dozens of native trees lining it. The house itself was fantastic too. Three stories, picturesque white walls of stone and massive glass windows watching over the beach. The back of the house stopped three meters from the edge of a ten-meter drop to the beach below.

    Indie couldn’t hold back her awe at the place, which led to a series of teasing giggles from Victoria as they got their bags out from the car. The two girls entered the massive house and were greeted with a wide-open living space with a depression in the center with a soft carpeted floor and a coffee table, surrounded by a set of small chairs. Across from the depression was a massive flat screen TV mounted on the wall. To the left was a spiral staircase leading up and a long corridor leading to more rooms. To the right was a large kitchen, currently empty and a pantry buried further in, which was also rather empty.

    Further into the house, was a large dining room situated beside the glass walls looking out over the beach. It was a picturesque home and Indie had to pause to ponder just how much money Victoria’s family was sitting on. She didn’t get much time for that though, because quickly a different question flooded her mind.

    “Where are the others?” She asked, searching the halls, but hearing nothing.

    Victoria was searching through her suitcase as Indie spoke. She had Indie’s handbag beside it too, with her phone in it.

    “Oh, they’re coming tonight and tomorrow. They’re giving me some time to get you ready” she said.

    Indie turned slightly with a perked brow, “what are you on about?” she laughed as the beautiful raven-haired girl strode across the room, hands behind her back.

    “Turn around and find out” she said with a smile, grabbing one of Indie’s hands.

    Indie shrugged and did as asked. Her heart was fluttering as she felt the girl’s warm touch soon caress her other hand, now holding both. Behind her back. Then something cold connected with her upper arm. She frowned and tried to turn, but Victoria’s grip tightened and then the cold item surrounded her other arm. There was a ripping sound as plastic skidded against plastic and suddenly her shoulders retracted towards each other and her elbows were hauled together until they touched with a cry of pain from Indie.

    Indie tried to fight out of panic and instinct, but suddenly her wrists were snatched together, and they too were crushed painfully together by the stringent plastic.

    “What are you doing?!” she shouted in a fit, but Victoria was quiet. She was freakishly strong, or maybe it was because Indie’s arms felt like they were breaking, and her shoulders almost were popping from their sockets. The brunette was not flexible by any means and her elbows touching threatened to shatter her body. A sharp shiver rattled through her body as Indie felt a third harsh plastic item snatched around her forearms and then a fourth around her biceps, which forced another squeak from her. Not her arms were caught in a single agonizing bind. The lack of freedom saw Victoria’s grip leave Indie’s arms and move to her shoulders.

    “Vic, please. You’re scaring me!” she cried, but the fit raven-haired girl forced Indie down with one hand and held her tight around the waist with her other arm.

    Indie was taller and bigger than Vic, but she had leverage, as well as not being tied up. Indie ended up on her knees and then her belly. Victoria used two more plastic ties around Indie’s thighs and she then got up.

    “What’s going on!?” Indie cried, now inciting a response from her captor.

    “I’m kidnapping you” she said simply, “Jesus Indie I knew you were dumb, but are you that stupid?” She hissed with a laugh. She came back with her suitcase, which upon opening was revealed to have been filled with miles of rope, dozens of rolls of tape and a handful of leather items. One of the rolls of tape were pulled out first as well as a rather aggressively large yellow ball.

    Indie tried to squirm away, but Victoria caught her by one of her ankles before climbing onto her back. She then wrangled Indie’s hair in one hand and readied the rubber ball in the other. It seemed like a racquetball if anything, but Indie didn’t have enough time to contemplate just what it was before it was in her mouth and forcing her plump lips ajar.

    The brunette tried to fight off the gag, but her lips were soon crammed to the brim by the massive yellow ball, leaving her jaw at near breaking point. She tried to spit it out, but any transgression was punished with a sharp tug on her hair, leaving her to cry out in defeat. Next came the large roll of clear tape that was smeared across Indie’s lips and then wound around and around and around until the entire roll was expended in shutting her up.

    “Good.” Victoria had stood up now, taking her time to retrieve several coils of harsh, coarse, brown rope. “Was worried I’d have to listen to you for even a minute more. Was this close to shooting myself’ she said with a dark laugh. “Only reason I put up with you was because the others seem to have a real taste for fat cows like you” she mused as she wrestled Indie’s ankles together and began expertly lashing them shut in a bone-crushing embrace. She even made sure to loop the rope under Indie’s insoles, pulling the cord up against the heels of her boots to make sure they weren’t coming off any time soon.

    Indie struggled furiously now, panicking massively as her jaw ached and her joints screeched at her from their agonizingly tight bondage. Indie wriggled and bucked and gargled incoherently, but Victoria pressed on at her calves, binding them as unforgivingly as her ankles, making sure the knots were pulled tight and all left over ropes were tucked under the strict loops.

    Indie managed to flick her heels up and nearly catch the raven-haired kidnapper, but she was quick. She caught Indie’s flailing feet and delivered a single, sharp and colossally forceful slap to Indie’s wriggling butt. That one strike was enough to silence the damsel as the resounding echoes chimed through the halls and Indie’s deflated screams died down.

    She had been tricked. In one singular moment, everything dawned on her. Their relationship blossomed quickly, and she never even remembered meeting her. She chalked it up to luck, but the sweetness and caring nature of the girl suddenly all faded from mind as Indie saw the sideways glances and underlying snarls she carried with every motion. Their dates were to groom her, not get to know her.

    Now, here she was, wondering how she didn’t see this trip as a trap whilst her arms were lined with crisscrossing ropes to fortify the already excruciatingly painful ropes around them. Indie whimpered but didn’t struggle as her arms were bent. She squeaked her discomfort around the massive ball in her mouth as her wrists were tied to a belt of rope around her waist. Her arms were then trapped in the ninety-degree angle and she groaned plaintively as she figured out just how strenuous the position had become.

    Indie’s arms and legs had been constricted by painfully thin and coarse ropes which was one problem, but the bigger issue was that she was not a flexible girl. Her elbows touched but it was not a position she had any hope of holding. The stance had only been maintained by the ropes keeping them trapped as such. The moment she made an attempt as separating her arms, her entire body buckled and she screamed a long, hopeless cry out.

    Victoria said nothing and instead rolled her onto her side. She remained silent as she pulled down the cups of Indie’s crop top. She was displeased by the lack of flesh shown as the fabric still covered some of her large tits, as shown by her pulling out a knife and cutting away the item.

    Indie whimpered mutedly as her bra suffered the same fate as she was rendered half-naked. She tried struggling once more, but Victoria had begun working on creating a stringent chest harness with layers of rope going above and below her breasts. The rope was then pulled up against them by a connecting cord running from her elbows, over her shoulders and then down between her breasts before returning to her painfully constricted joints. Indie squirmed viciously through the process, but her bondage was already beyond the point of escape.

    She was not done with Indie’s buoyant melons however. She brought out a thin spool of fish-wire and then began the most painful part of Indie’s imprisonment. She took her time tying a set of nooses around each of her burgeoning breasts that linked up to her existing chest harness to ensure no slack was allowed and then she slapped each of her swelling tits hard twice. Indie ceased her struggles and her legs shot out as she tried to fruitlessly disperse the agony through the rest of her body. It didn’t work of course, and her tits just jiggled uselessly.

    Still, Victoria was not done, and she returned with two more of the same plastic cable-ties that were used on her thighs and her arms. Now, they were pulled viciously around the middle of her tits, further ballooning them up and causing further furious discomfort for the distressed damsel.

    Victoria finally came close to finishing and she rolled Indie onto her belly. She forced Indie’s swelling tits against the cold wooden floor, which elicited cute little moans, but this was just to help her ready Indie for her next step in her bondage.

    This step was precipitated by Victoria dropping to her knees and lifting Indie’s legs up as she wrapped more rope between her already inseparable ankles that were then led to her elbows. Indie tried to further struggle, but she was already dissuaded by her face and tits being planted against the ground. It didn’t help that Victoria had the leverage she needed to loop the rope around her elbows. All she had to do after that was pull and pull on the slack of the rope until she had the heels of Indie’s boots poking into her forearms.

    Indie screamed into her gag in an incoherent gargle, but that didn’t stop Victoria from knotting off the vicious hogtie. “Jesus you’re a struggler for such a beast” she scoffed and wiped her brow.

    “I expected some resistance, most struggle when their elbows get tied, but you were too stupid to do it until I already had you helpless. God you were an idiot” she laughed, hard. “Man, gonna enjoy spanking that peanut brain outta your head” she mused and swatted indie hard on her rubber clad butt.

    “Oh well. Got an hour till the others start showing up. I’ll leave you here, make yourself at home. And if one of the others fucks you, make sure to scream. It’ll really turn them on” she said with the most twisted, evil grin anyone could ever have mustered and with that the vicious raven-haired beauty strode off with a laugh.

    “Dumb broad” she said as she disappeared down the hall. Leaving indie there in her horrific and unforgiving hogtie.


    Three long, tortuous, agonizing and brutal hours passed as Indie fruitlessly wriggled about on the floor of the massive house. She could barely muster more than a squeak from beneath her enormous gag and every slight twitch sent a rippling tremor of searing fire through her body. She could barely think of anything other than the pain that racked her poor, supple frame. And if she did, it was thinking to what else was in store for her and as it turned out. There would be very little for her think about but her pain.

    The only reprieve from the cavernous depths of despair she faced was when the doorbell rang. At first she thought to how her savior had arrived and she muttered a string of gaping cries before her captor emerged from down the hall with messy hair and hands rubbing at her eyes. She glared daggers at Indie in her back-breaking hogtie before she moved to the door and unlocked it without even checking the peephole.

    Her stance lifted, and her arms were thrown up as another girl at the door with golden curls and a mesmerizing smile greeted her. Indie found herself focused on the girl’s large chest, but soon enough he blonde noticed her too and she burst past Victoria with her flowing, white summery dress fluttering around her immaculately toned figure. She skipped down to Indie with surprising grace in her five inch heels and she groped viciously at Indie’s exposed tits with glee.

    “You actually managed it!” she cheered before delivering a sharp strike to the brunette’s tits. “I though she wouldn’t be dumb enough to come” she giggled and tapped Indie lightly on the cheek. Indie wailed uselessly into the egregious number of items crammed into her mouth.

    “I didn’t either” Victoria teased, “thought anyone would have a bit more common sense about them, but apparently not” she said with a wink. “She’s as dumb as she seems though.”

    “Can I play with her while the others arrive?” The blonde asked with glee flooding from her emerald green eyes. Victoria shrugged, and the blonde cheered girlishly. She had a suitcase by the door that Victoria pulled in before closing it.

    “Alright, come on!” the blonde cheered as Victoria disappeared once more. Leaving the newcomer to take Indie by her knees so that she could drag her along the cold wooden floor with her tits scraping along the polished wood. “I’ve got the perfect thing for you” she said as she brought the damsel to landing in the middle of the room.

    Indie fought back with a flurry of cries that fell on deaf ears. The blonde had pulled her down the three small steps for the landing which Indie squeaked out cries of agony as she bounced down each.

    The blonde took a pause to turn on the television hanging away from them on and then went back for her suitcase. There she opened it up and pulled a pair of scissors out. She used the scissors to cut away the connecting ropes of her terrifyingly tight hogtie and then let Indie flop her shins down with a cry.

    The blonde moved fast, she focused her attention on the roof and moved onto the coffee table in the middle of the landing. She was a tall girl and managed to reach the small ring in the roof where she tied a thin rope through it, which she tied to Indie’s elbows. She then used that rope to hoist the painfully bound prisoner up until she was dragged to her shaky feet and her swollen body was made to support itself once more.

    Indie howled frivolously into her intense gagging before she was given a new source of panic in the form of thin black electrical tape. It was first used to reinforce all her bonds lining her body from ankles to shoulders. For the most part her limbs were mummified, and her tits had a tight band of the tape wrapped around their bases to further eek out more screams from her overstuffed mouth.

    Then, her skirt was rolled up and her underwear pulled away. She couldn’t do much in terms of contest the actions, all she could do was writhe like a work on a hook as she felt a long, thick rubber item be pressed against her butt cheeks. She whimpered, quickly understanding just what she was faced with, she cried out, tears forming and screams muffling themselves beneath her gag.

    She pulled one last time against her bonds as the rubber items pushed past her cheeks and inserted itself. She howled as loudly as she could into the ball lodged between her lips, but nothing manifested beyond a meek mewl. Indie continued her gargled mewls as the item retreated and then pushed back in and the blonde cackled wildly. 

    “I’ve always wondered what it was like to be the one doing this!” she cheered as she worked away at Indie’s rear with the strapon. Clearly ecstatic over Indie’s assault.

    The doorbell rang again and between pushes from the strapon, Indie caught glimpses of more of Victoria’s sadistic friends entering, now forming an audience for which Indie was fucked to the pleasure of.

    Thus, began her long weekend away. As they plaything for ten sadistic women, all wanting to try their hand as dominatrixes and sadists. 

Holiday House Hopelesness
Well it took me a bit to finish this, mostly because i had other ideas i wanted to work on, a lot to write about. Especially with my hankering to finish that BNHA fic i started. 

So at the very least, enjoy my new lady i concocted solely to be the thicc damsel to be tied as tight as possible. 
Patreon April 2018 Fan Art (Camilla)
April's Patreon exclusive.

last month i did a fire emblem character and here we have another one.

It was meant to look like a postcard or I just ran out of poses.

And there are variants:

and to see more exclusive content, check out my Patreon:
Alright all. New story is being written. Halfway through. One question though, it's a kidnapping story, captive is all tied up and helpless, what kind of things would you wanna see done to her?
21 deviants said More non-con acts? (groping, rapeish, dildos, buttplugs)
19 deviants said Humiliation? (Left outside, put in a cage, walked along the beach all tied up)
12 deviants said Forced sexual acts? (Oral, sex, sexy dances whatever)
7 deviants said Spankings? (With paddles, hands, canes, branches, books, whatever)
4 deviants said Something else? (Send me a note or comment, i wanna know what you guys wanna read)


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hey thanks! glad you're liking it :)
Zecrus-chan Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
This may be a bit random, but I recently released an Anime Light Novel. If you like raunchy comedy, check out the link here.…

This is a genuine link btw. No spam or anything lol.
HelZART Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2018
Perusing ones gallery whilst in work isn’t the smartest idea I’ve had .. here’s to more bad timed ideas *scrolls back through gallery*
guardian38 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
I eagerly wait to dissapoint
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