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The Time Has Come Once Again
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TwinRealms Neo - Episode 001: When it Rains
The Ceiling Fan is Clean and Functioning Properly
Loc: Fleet HQ Spaceside, orbiting General Unreality; Communications/Surveillance Annex & Hangar, Neo-Council Complex, General Unreality
Gen Date: February 22, 2014
Gen Time: 10:15 PM – 12 AM, Pacific Standard

Once Carole completed her phase from Unreality, ‘Sci-fi’ made preparations to return to her own quarters.  “Computer, open up comm’s to Spaceside, would’yah?”
The face on the screen that greeted Carole’s avatar of courage was unfamiliar to her, but it mattered not.  “Soldier Cassie reporting in.  Who’s responding?”
“Fleet Tech Xander Duvall at your service, love.”  The contracted civilian performed an elaborate bow before sitting at his own console.  “What’s the story?”
“GC’s gone fer the night, so go ahead an’ initiate passive-scans for glitches.  I’m on watch tonight;
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TF2 RED Engineer Cosplay - Who's Next? by Guardian105 TF2 RED Engineer Cosplay - Who's Next? :iconguardian105:Guardian105 1 0 TF2 RED Engineer Cosplay - I Got Dat Spy by Guardian105 TF2 RED Engineer Cosplay - I Got Dat Spy :iconguardian105:Guardian105 2 0 TF2 RED Engineer Cosplay - Spy Sapped Mah Sentry! by Guardian105 TF2 RED Engineer Cosplay - Spy Sapped Mah Sentry! :iconguardian105:Guardian105 1 0 TF2 RED Engineer Cosplay by Guardian105 TF2 RED Engineer Cosplay :iconguardian105:Guardian105 2 0
Mature content
TwinRealms Neo Episode 001: When It Rains :iconguardian105:Guardian105 0 0
            Strict is not a man who allows his emotions to get the better of him.  Emotions, particularly those that run under the purview of grief, remorse, fear, do not save lives on the battlefield.  The battlefield only allows for rage, pure and unadulterated, a red fire that ignites in the belly and stretches out into the limbs and the brain, granting an adrenaline rush that no iron-man competition could possibly recreate.
            It was not the first time Commander Strict had known fear; it was highly likely it would not be the last, either.  But this fear was different.  He knew something was wrong the moment he turned the corner to head to his office; no light shined into the hallway.  N-G never enjoyed being alone in Strict’s office while the Commander battled against Gray Mann’s robot-army, and it especially hated being
:iconguardian105:Guardian105 6 0
            Commander Strict felt the earth shake under his boots.  His instincts quietly pleaded for him to seek shelter under his desk, as any sane person would do; but the explosions and wailing klaxons that followed seconds after quickly shut that little voice up.  Strict grasped his Team Captain with one hand and bounded out into the courtyard.
            The Research and Development facility was gone.  The explosion ripped the entire building apart: portions of the roof peeled back and folded over the walls.  Pieces of the facility still fell from the sky, burning and shrieking through the air like a guided missile as they once again made contact with the ground.
            Strict dove forward as one such projectile seemed almost to aim directly for him.  He tucked himself into as tight a ba
:iconguardian105:Guardian105 6 5
Duddle Numbah 2 Colored by Guardian105 Duddle Numbah 2 Colored :iconguardian105:Guardian105 0 0 Duddle Numbah 2 by Guardian105 Duddle Numbah 2 :iconguardian105:Guardian105 0 0
Crime Scene Oblooteration
The house sits in the bad part of the city, where the Sergeants’ spend most of their time.  Despite being part of “the force,” the local street thugs and gangs don’t bother Sticky.  He hates them, they hate him, but as long as the two never meet while Sticky’s off duty, there is no reason to fight.  Sergeant Sticky would win any brawl, anyway.
But he doesn’t care about that, now.  Now he just sits in his old, creaking house, chugging whiskey and lamenting the turn Fate has given him.  The System revoked his Damage Rights.  Now his Stickybomb Launcher doesn’t do shit.  And that makes Sergeant Sticky mad.  So mad, he flipped some tables, threw soup cans at higher brass, lost his badge.  Now he has nothing.  Nothing except pain, memories, and painful memories.
A knock on the door yanks Sticky from his melancholy.  With a growl he stomps over to the entrance.  “Go away, Pipes,
:iconguardian105:Guardian105 0 0
Mature content
TwinRealms Neo - Episode 001: When it Rains :iconguardian105:Guardian105 0 0
TwinRealms Neo - Episode 001: When it Rains
In the beginning:
No one knows exactly when or how Unreality spawned from its sister realm Earth.  It is communally accepted that, as man began to dream and think, the wayward thoughts needed a place to go.  And so, Unreality was born.
Take a moment, and bring to mind your favorite television show.  When the credits roll, you see the actors who portray the characters in the story.  The actors have lives of their own, but what of the characters they play?  Where do they go once the episode ends?  Have you ever wanted to enter their world, to interact with these characters as if they were your neighbors, to create your own relationships with them?
Some people think this is silly.  They are not able to comprehend that a fictional entity can truly exist.  They have never experienced Unreality.
Some people think this is mildly amusing, perhaps therapeutic.  They are able to comprehend that a fictional entity can truly exist, but only withi
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Duddle? by Guardian105 Duddle? :iconguardian105:Guardian105 0 0 HRCLexington by Guardian105 HRCLexington :iconguardian105:Guardian105 7 0
Andusian Epic: Bourta Discovers a Spy
Soleph landed at the outskirts of the advancing Torreadean camp.  He had pigment-shifted to his disguise long before, that of a red Torreadean with black wings.
The orange dots of night fires blazed throughout the valley.  Bourta, an orange Torreadean, met with him.  "Hold, warrior," the black-winged warrior commanded, "Where do you come from?"
The Horan spy rumbled deep in his throat and sidestepped Bourta.  "I come from battle, as always.  Let me pass; I wish to bathe this horrid Dieracen blood off my skin."
The orange Torreadean once again blocked Soleph's path and tapped his chest.  "Neruh, you come this way every few nights.  The blood you claim you have shed is old."  Indeed, as Bourta poked Soleph's chest, flakes of dried blood scattered to the floor.
"Aeruh, all the more reason to let me bathe, Bourta," Soleph warned with a low growl.
The orange Torreadean returned in kind, and clenched his fists.  "If you hide that you spy for the o
:iconguardian105:Guardian105 1 0


something something TF2 mayann project by Ryder-Sechrest something something TF2 mayann project :iconryder-sechrest:Ryder-Sechrest 3 0 daft punk - mspaint by Ryder-Sechrest daft punk - mspaint :iconryder-sechrest:Ryder-Sechrest 4 0 Team Fortress 2 RealMistake 3 by Milek988 Team Fortress 2 RealMistake 3 :iconmilek988:Milek988 292 39 Hero Fortress 2 by Sparkytron Hero Fortress 2 :iconsparkytron:Sparkytron 210 32 Pyro by Scyther-X Pyro :iconscyther-x:Scyther-X 1 4 respect the chemistry by KiittKaattTF2 respect the chemistry :iconkiittkaatttf2:KiittKaattTF2 149 10 Angry Birds by AJNazzaro Angry Birds :iconajnazzaro:AJNazzaro 253 79 Medic by Scyther-X Medic :iconscyther-x:Scyther-X 1 0 It's Me by TsaoShin It's Me :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 14,210 2,508 Bax n Blast by Baxstaber Bax n Blast :iconbaxstaber:Baxstaber 1 0 TF2 Southern Hospitality by Haazardous TF2 Southern Hospitality :iconhaazardous:Haazardous 27 12 The Dogs of TF2 by Flying-Foxx The Dogs of TF2 :iconflying-foxx:Flying-Foxx 582 73
How to create an interesting Character
OC (Original Character) is something that sadly has a rare to no appearance in TF2 Fandom. People started to step out of the idea to create something truly original, once SFM gained on its popularity. These days most of the OCs (Which have a more accurate naming: FC – Fanmade Character) are described by a different set of cosmetic items slapped on a canon model. I’m one of the people who do that.
But that doesn’t mean your Character can’t be interesting.

PERSONALITY is what makes your characters interesting, but way too many people either limit themselves to one insignificant aspect, or they’re making a way too big variety of different behaviors.
So Happy, Sad, Serious, Shy, Friendly, Mean etc. are NOT a base for a character’s behavior. They’re merely one of many attributes.
Also known as the very core of every personality. People change over time d
:iconmenaria:Menaria 248 45
What's this? An MvM Parody.
What's this? What's this?
There's teamwork everywhere
What's this?
The dispensers over there
What's this?
I can't believe my eyes
I must be dreaming
Wake up Mann, this isn't fair
What's this?
What's this? What's this?
There's something very wrong
What's this?
There's mercs with upgrades on
What's this?
The path is lined with
Sentries gleefully beeping
Everyone ready so snappy
Have I possibly gone daffy?
What is this?
What's this?
There's Demos laying stickies
Instead of cutting heads
They're busy killing robots
And no one's teleporting bread
There's reload speed on every launcher
Oh, I can't believe my eyes
And in my bones I feel the warmth
That's coming from inside
Oh, look
What's this
They're on to mission two, such bliss
Why that move was so unique, inspired
They're bunching up to kill that Giant Heavy
Roasting him alive with the Pyro
What's this?
What's this?
They've got the sentry here, how queer
And who would ever think
And why?
They're placing it in the bot path
there it'll face
:icondereckc1:dereckc1 5 8
TF2: Shhhh, don't tell anybody... by Bielek TF2: Shhhh, don't tell anybody... :iconbielek:Bielek 94 28 Inktober : Supernatural by DragonsAndBeasties Inktober : Supernatural :icondragonsandbeasties:DragonsAndBeasties 842 39



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Carole Lee
United States
I don't have a very well-developed fine artistic ability; no, my prowess is the written word -- or so I like to tell myself.

I'm currently a member of the Gargoyles Reawakening podcast and project. I've been told that my voice ain't as bad as I thought, and that's nice to hear.

I've also recently ingratiated myself with a group here on DevArt called the Metal Melters. Subsequent literature submissions may be based in that AU.
After realizing the Group :icontf2-drawings: accepted cosplay gear submissions I got on the horn with Josh Haas over on Facebook and suggested he join the group or at least submit images of the Southern Hospitality I commissioned of him.  Anything to get his awesome name out dere, right?

You can visit Haazardous Labs at :iconhaazardous:


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