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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Just an artist who loves to draw moe and lewd

You can also find me in :

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blue square by Drawn-Mario COMMISSION IS CLOSEDD blue square by Drawn-Mario

I have filled all the available slots. Since all of the commissioners are from FB. I won't be updating the progress here, but I will update it on my fb page 

blue square by Drawn-Mario SLOTS  blue square by Drawn-Mario

Bullet Blue by Drawn-Mario Gregory Britton (FB)
Bullet Blue by Drawn-Mario Phuong David Nguyen (FB)
Bullet Blue by Drawn-Mario Muhd Safar (FB)
Bullet Blue by Drawn-Mario Daniel Kursave (FB)

New Canvas by Guardian-Panda

blue square by Drawn-Mario I DRAW  blue square by Drawn-Mario

Bullet Blue by Drawn-Mario Anime fanart (Preferably) 
Bullet Blue by Drawn-Mario OC
Bullet Blue by Drawn-Mario Moe
Bullet Blue by Drawn-Mario Ecchi 
Bullet Blue by Drawn-Mario Male Trap 
Bullet Blue by Drawn-Mario Lewd / R-15 stuffs

blue square by Drawn-Mario I DON'T DRAW  blue square by Drawn-Mario
Bullet Orange by Drawn-Mario Male
Bullet Orange by Drawn-Mario R-18 Stuffs (Though I can make an exception if it's a fanart of a character that I also like =P (Razz) ) 
Bullet Orange by Drawn-Mario Gore
Bullet Orange by Drawn-Mario Mecha / Complicated armor
Bullet Orange by Drawn-Mario Furry / Anthro
Bullet Orange by Drawn-Mario Pure background
New Canvas by Guardian-Panda

blue square by Drawn-Mario PRICES  blue square by Drawn-Mario

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioAll prices are for 1 character with no background / simple background only
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioAll prices are in USD 
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioAny detailed background will be charged $5 ~ $10
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioCommission for fanart of any character that I like can receive a discount  =P (Razz) 

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Arrow left by Drawn-Mario CHIBI, SKETCH, HEADSHOT - $5

   New Canvas by Guardian-Panda  Oc by Guardian-Panda Astolfo by Guardian-Panda

Scat summer by Guardian-Panda  Drake Color by Guardian-Panda Art raffle by Guardian-Panda Brynd - make the hair balance by Guardian-Panda

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Arrow left by Drawn-Mario BUST UP - $15 ~ $20

Atago x takao  by Guardian-Panda  Sausage and Cheese by Guardian-Panda 

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Arrow left by Drawn-Mario WAIST UP - $20 ~ $25

  Shielder - Fate/Grand Order by Guardian-Panda Request : Noshiro by Guardian-Panda Welcome Home by Guardian-Panda

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Arrow left by Drawn-Mario KNEE UP - $30 - $35

Artoria Pendragon (Lancer) by Guardian-Panda Jeanne Alter by Guardian-Panda Summer Scathach by Guardian-Panda Just another 4.6 km by Guardian-Panda 

blue square by Drawn-Mario RULES  blue square by Drawn-Mario

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario This commission is for private use only. You can use it for whatever you want except for commercial purpose 
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario In case I get too many commission requests. I get to decide which commissions I accept 
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario I get to post the progress (WIP) and the end result on my page
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario The work that I will post on my page is the low quality one
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario You will get the High quality version of the work (You can also ask for the png image of the character without the BG or such) 
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Please be patient. I'm not fast with my work because I'm trying to get the best result possible. 
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario You have 3 chances of making major revision before we agreed on the sketch 
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario After we've agreed on the sketch, you can't make any more major revision
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario You can still make any minor revision even after the sketch is done (such as changing color, changing tiny details, etc) 

blue square by Drawn-Mario  PAYMENT  blue square by Drawn-Mario

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario I only accept payment via paypal or local bank transfer (Bisa transfer Bank Mandiri untuk Indonesia). 
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario After we have agreed on the sketch, You will have to make the full payment. After I have confirmed your payment, I will finish the work and send you the result.
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario For sketch commission, you need to make the full payment before I start working on the sketch.
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario If I were to cancel the commissions. I will give you full refund.
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario If you were to cancel the commissions (after you've made the payment) I will give you half refund.

blue square by Drawn-Mario   FAQs    blue square by Drawn-Mario
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario How do I order a commission?
Send me a note about the details of the commission (I need to know the details of the commission before I can accept it) or PM my facebook page here…. FYI, I'm more active in FB, so just PM my FB if you want to be sure 

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario How long do you take to finish a work? 
 Around 1-2 weeks. Of course I'll try to do it as fast possible, but I wouldn't want to sacrifice quality for speed. it would be very helpful if you already have a clear idea on the pose, theme, BG and such. 

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario How big is the canvas' size? 
 Depends on the work, but usually around 2500 to 4000 pixels 

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Can you make a drawing with someone else's style?
 No I can't. All commissions will be made with my drawing style

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Can you design my OC? 
 No, I only take commissions for a character that already have base reference 
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Do you accept points commission / any other type of payment?
 No, I only take payment via paypal and local bank transfer
Art raffle by Guardian-Panda 

I'm currently opening an art raffle to celebrate 200+ likes on my FB page.
If anyone is interested in joining the raffle, you can simply follow this link 


Cecilia Shania
It's mama Cecilia from Honkai Impact. There are only so few artworks of her. it's such a pity. 

This is my submission for Honkai Impact artwork competition. 
I really appreciate it if you can vote for it here:…
Thanks :) (Smile) 
Mei senpai
Raiden Mei from Honkai Impact 3, in her Crimson Impulse Battlesuit.
I have always thought her battlesuit looks extremely lewd without the armor parts. Seems really practical for battle indeed
Himeko - Working out
Murata Himeko from Honkai Impact/houkai 3rd

Those valkyries from honkai impact are so damn strong but have such a slender body to the point I wonder do they even need to work out or did they get scientifically strong from the stigmata systems. The newest dorm update gives out gym equipment though, pity we can't see them in sports outfit. 
Trying out another new fandom. This time, it's Azur Lane
Interested because concept-wise it looks similar to kancolle, and there are many cute ship girls too. 
Tempted to try out the game too, but I'm not sure if I should add another gacha simulator to my phone 

Also, I tried to use simpler coloring style this time. I'm not sure if it's any better than my usual style though, but it's at least less stressing and and less confusing =P (Razz) 

Raiden Mei
Raiden Mei from Houkai 3rd / Honkai Impact with her wedding outfit
Modified the skirt a bit so it looks a bit more like wedding dress

I've been into this game for quite a while now. It's more addicting than I thought. I probably should focus more on drawing than playing though, lol 

btw I also included some other characters sketches, it can be accessed in my pixiv, because posting multiple sketches in DA is a hassle…


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