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My Bio

Hi, I'm lonely as heck. Because I have OPINIONS about THINGS.

I can speak Norwegian, English, Urken, and some Russian.

I like:

*Learning to draw better. Yes, I know I need practice. If you can help, or have some critiques, I'd be more than happy to accept.

* Dragons. Dragons are cool.

*Basically all reptiles, I can tell you everything about them.

* Hot weather, I am fireproof.

* Death metal of the Scandinavian variety

* Creature design and world building. Ask about Urk.

* Weird fungus, they never fail to fascinate me.

I don't like:

* People with fetishes, eew, stay away from me.

* LGBTQ people, eew, stay away from me. I am not necessarily homophobic, I just think their specific sexual habits are really gross. And all these made up genders and terminology for sexual orientations is just getting ridiculous.

* Role playing and similarly cringey things. Note that I may use role-play format to express conversations. This is never an invitation to role play.

I'm also one of those 'obnoxious' people who believes in not killing innocent creatures.

Meat, leather, and fur are murder.

Milk is rape and theft.

Daily chicken eggs are not gifts, they are the result of selective breeding.

Honey is theft and property damage.

Zoos are prisons.

Hunting is unnecessary violence.

Blood sports are cruel.

Poaching is abhorrent.

Farms are slavery.

Horseback riding and carriage pulling is just another form of slavery.

Pets are just another caged animal that deserves freedom.

No, Humans aren't omnivores just because they can eat highly processed meat. Even cows and deer can eat meat, that doesn't mean its good for them any more than it's good for you. Your plant grinding teeth are not meant for it. Even if you have giant fangs, so do gorillas and the Chinese water deer, pointy teeth still isn't an excuse.

No, people and animals who hunt for survival don't justify you doing it.

No, you don't need cow milk to survive.

No, there is no such thing as humane slaughter, you can't humanely kill something that doesn't want to die.

No, being nice to the animals before killing them doesn't justify it, it just makes you a backstabbing liar.

And no, I'm not closed minded for rejecting society's conditioning that hurting animals is OK.

I once believed it, but was open minded enough to change my mind, and I'm not changing it back.

And no, I'm not with PETA.

Favourite Visual Artist
Don't know
Favourite Movies
Favourite TV Shows
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Fallujah, Moonsorrow, Equilibrium, Arkona, Finntroll, stuff like that.
Favourite Books
Stormlight Archives
Favourite Writers
Favourite Games
Half Life, War robots, Pokémon RPG, War Dragons
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Cell phone
Other Interests
Playing video games, listening to music, and getting into fights. Sometimes all at the same time.
*ahem* Adoptables still untouched.
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How would you all feel if I posted an infinity of plant and animal field drawings.

9 votes
Heck yes! I love fantasy environments! I'd read all about it!
That'd be cool, I'd click on them.
Meh, I'd glance at them.
Please don't clog my feed with bad drawings.
$%&@ you and @#&$ your clichè fantasy %&@#!
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Is anyone accepting free reqests? I'm looking for someone to finish some drawings I started.
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What the heck dude? Cluttering up my profile with all this random junk.
Leave me alone.
Meat Right See Wrong

As every sane person knows watching a footage of something horrible/disturbing happening to someone is worse than being that someone that horrible/disturbing is happening too and seeing a footage of that horrible/disturbing is worse than paying for it

if you see a footage of someone beating slaves or pay someone to beat slaves who has it worse you or the slaves ? YOU OF COURSE!!!

if you see a footage of limbs being torn off of soldiers or pay for someone to torn limbs off of soldiers who has it worse you or the soldiers ? YOU OF COURSE!!!

if you see a footage of bombs landing on places with lots of buildings and people or pay for someone to land bombs on places with lots of buildings and people who has it worse you or those people ? YOU OF COURSE!!!

Because the real victims of animal abuse are the people who hear vegans talking about it.

Thoughts and prayers.
Cannibal shaming has to end !


For anybody that's been shamed for your homo sapien culinary preference, I’m so sorry you had to go through something like that.

It’s real simple though. All you need to do is show your shamers the 10 commandments of proper reasoning for eating something, then they should leave you alone. Let’s go through them:

1) IT’S MY CHOICE - Obviously people can choose to eat humans or choose not to. This, by definition is a choice. Check!

2) I LIKE THE TASTE - Here’s a woman who served human flesh at some of her parties. She didn’t tell the people that it was human flesh, and the party guests loved it. BAM!! If it tastes good, that means its ok to eat it. Foodie Check!…

3) OUR ANCESTORS DID IT - Evidence for Human-Eating by Early Humans. Paleo Check!…

4) PLANTS ARE ALIVE TOO - Hmm….yes….quite……indeed. Hard to deny that plants are also alive. Science Check!

5) HITLER DIDN’T EAT THESE FOODS - As far as I know Hitler never ate humans, which of course, logically means that anybody else who doesn’t eat humans is exactly like Hitler. überprüfen!

6) THE FOOD IS KILLED HAPPY - If you have an ounce of honor and integrity, you would never eat food that didn’t come with a "humane" sticker on the packaging. Checkity Check Check!

7) LIONS DO IT - I think we all know the answer to this one. Lionism check!

8) OVERPOPULATION - 7 Billion strong and not showing any signs of slowing down. Something had to be done. Too God Damn Many Check!

9) PRAYED BEFORE AND AFTER EATING - It's always a good idea to put your palms together and close your eyes. Your prey would be pleased. Give Thanks Check!

10) GOD SAID SO - What the Bible says about Cannibalism. Jesus Approved Check!…

I want everybody to carry this with them at all times for ease of access. This way when you’ve got somebody giving you a hard time about your dietary choices, you’ll be prepared. You’re welcome.