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June 29, 1994
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Elemental's Embrace- What species would you like to see...
  |  8 votes
  • Greater Elementals (Lord Nitrogen Eliryos Nahani; Lady Fluorine Senseri Viatora, etc.)
  • Classical Elementals (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Darkness, Light, Void, etc.)
  • Humans (Damis Innoto Heilan, Lyros Cerdens Remelly, Alyssa Ima Heilan, Jason Endras, etc.)
  • Animals (Tiger-prince Divinity, Tiger-princess Clarity, Cmdr. Wehani, Cmdr. Teyval, Master Bear, etc.)
  • Formorians (Balor, Ciocal Gricenchos, Glas Gaibhnenn, etc.)
  • Lesser Gods (Mother Earth, St. Serenity, Mistress Everest, etc.)
  • Greater Gods (Great Lords Eternis and Abyssion, The Temporal Empress, the World Forger, etc.)
  • Dragons (Melyn Unguveh, Terotian Unguveh, Sotorosys Mator, Varnis Inemati, etc.)
  • Others (F.I.R.E.W.A.L.L., A.N.T.I.B.O.D.Y., Hellfire Matrix Spirits, Ghosts, Ephemeral Night Realm, etc.)
When you visit me, what aspect of me are you looking fo...
  |  9 votes
  • You like my Art
  • You like my Stories
  • You like my Poems
  • You come here to learn more about me.
  • You share my affinity with animals.
  • None (In which case, I beg the question of why you are here.)
  • Other (Specify what it is.)
What would you like to see more of?
  |  8 votes
  • Short stories
  • Poems
  • Sonic Art
  • Tyranid Art (And other 40K stuff)
  • Kirby Art
  • Earthbound Art
  • Allow requests.
  • Allow Art trades.
  • Creatures Art
  • Other. (Please specify.)


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GeekboyartsStudent Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch :D Hope you like what I've got installed for you!
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Guardian-of-AnimalsHobbyist General Artist
Installed? I think you mean in store for me? :P
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GeekboyartsStudent Digital Artist
Good enough! XD
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Guardian-of-AnimalsHobbyist General Artist
I'm about to throw the grammarhammer at you! >:3
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GeekboyartsStudent Digital Artist
Oh Geez
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RetroGeekBoyStudent Artist
Thankies for the amazing fave of amazingness!!
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Hey Mitchell it's me. I would like to see back stories about elementals like lord and lady oxygen, lord and lady hydrogen, lady Helios
P.s you know who this is Mitchell do not ignore me